Friday, 18 August 2017

The Digital Post

As I promised, here's my digital post! All of these are very recent except for one which I did last year (and actually reminds me of another digital picture I drew about two years ago but never got round to uploading). Some of these have quotes I added on Instagram. xD

I'll be sharing some posts on my writing blog for those interested too (I have several excerpts I've already written and also two reviews I'm about to write). :)

"D.Va: one; bad guys: zero!"
If you've seen my previous post you would have noticed I started off with a traditional sketch. I think I like how this turned out, especially D.Va's hair! <3

I worked on it like this as a small image and then expanded it later on. I've come to realise that I need to increase the dpi for my digital drawings (it's usually 100dpi) unless the drawing is big because when I get round to detailing the character's eyes (usually at the end) I find that I'm working with only a few, pretty visible pixels, so it's really hard to add any decent detail.

"Araignée du soir, Cauchemar."
Ahh I absolutely loved the newest Overwatch comic, Masquerade! It has a fantastic insight into Talon and I was practically glued the whole way through. I had to draw Widowmaker in her outfit shortly afterwards. C:

This was literally a 15-minute sketch with a ref of Genji and I drew it because I finally have my own Overwatch account ahh! It's super cool but also super annoying because for every legendary skin and achievement I got on my brother's account, I have to get them again on my new one. ;-; (The reason I drew this was because my brother has the Genji Sparrow skin (recolour of young!Genji) but I'm stuck with a classic recolour all over again haha.)

"Mizu no yō ni nagare."
Now this piece is probably my most complicated yet! (I spent way too much time on it whoops...) I'll have a process tutorial up in one of my next posts for this one. I actually really like how it turned out! I accidentally forgot Genji's wakizashi until pretty late so that was a pain to add in and had to be done on a separate layer with several other details I missed. xD

I had to save a separate piece with just the background because this is really what took the longest! For anyone wondering, this is Osaka Castle in Japan. (I'm going to have to practise drawing architecture though. xD)
"I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new."
Really liked The Last Samurai! It was full of beautiful wisdom, visuals and great fighting montages and I specifically loved Katsumoto's character! I drew this study using one of the screen caps as a reference whilst listening to the soundtrack (which is also thrilling as I've already mentioned)... also, it's Nathan Algren, the main character. (I really enjoyed his character development throughout the movie!)

The version without the golden tint around his silhouette.
I drew this a while back when I decided I'd test some of Krita's many brushes. The picture is inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. :)

I know I already posted this before about a year ago (it was something Kung Fu Panda related) but I still really like the background! It also kind of fits with the theme from the one above.

Here we have +Captain Nathat's wonderful, handsome, amazing OC, Rance, who I ruined terribly. ;-; Welp, I'm super sorry, I tried for a manga style but augh I did really badly on his hair and, well, everything. >.<" I really need to practise him more honestly. (he's actually honestly super fun to draw omg)

I couldn't choose between grey or green hm. I can easily do you a white background too if you like! C: (Or any colour, really.)

Rance and the Sparkles™
(i love him, he's a tol cinnamon roll baby and cucumber)
From now on I've decided to start aiming for a weekly or at least fortnightly post scheduling, especially since I have a lot to share! Next post will most likely be either a photography post or a process insight for the Genji and D.Va digital drawings... stay tuned and thanks for looking! :D
I promise I'll get to the comments soon and thanks so much for the lovely messages!! <3

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Art Extravaganza

Hey I'm back! After not posting on here since February... welp, looks like I didn't stick to my new year's resolution in the end. There's always time to catch up though! xD

I'd say this post is a pretty big dump of all sorts of genres of art I did ranging from around February onwards (and a few bits and pieces before that I think). Enjoy! ^^

Something I drew quickly when the Overwatch Lunar New Year was around in January/February. Yes it's D.Va in her cute hanbok. <3 I love the colours in the design of Palanquin (her event skin) - it was super fun to colour with Prismacolor pencils. :D

Here's the original sketch where I had initially been planning to draw Mei along with D.Va! (Yup I failed on Mei's smile please ignore that. xD) I decided not to draw them together because they looked too squished on the same page... therefore, I decided on giving them individual pages but still haven't got round to drawing Mei since!

Second original sketch.

Inked version.

Old doodles of young!Ana and huntress!Widowmaker (aka my favourite skins for both of them). Those are their voice lines too; in case you can't read my handwriting, "العدالة نازلة من فوق" and "à la vie, à la mort". (excuse my poor Arabic handwriting ;-;)

I think this was around when Efi Oladele was teased? Anyway, she's so cool, I love her! <3
(I've been thinking of turning this into a quick-ish digital drawing too.)

The reason I'm adding this is because I preferred Fariza's facial features here more than in the final digital drawing. ;-; (Not that this one is amazing itself though haha.)

(Su Wu) I think this was done before all the above pictures but I didn't want to draw attention to it by placing it at the top hm...

The new Lovelyz comeback in March, "WoW!" was so awesome! I loved everything about it, including the super cute retro/kawaii theme so naturally I had to draw Kei in one of her outfits for the MV. C:

The original sketch.

Some quick Kei sketches for Kei Day (her birthday) back on March 20th. These were actually really fun! They're loosely based on her looks for two different fan signings I think. (I'm sure everyone knows by now that Kei is my kpop bias haha. xD)

chibi young!Shimada bros *-*

a car doodle of everyone's favourite carrot boy and his kawaii pachimari
(wait he looks like an ice cream xD)

the phase in which I forget to draw eye pupils

very manga much wow

(I don't like the top one but I don't like it cropped either. :P) This is a sketch for a digital drawing I've been working on of Genji! I think this was drawn during my Sunday sketch break where I was reading manga and listening to the soundtracks from The Last Samurai and Memoirs of a Geisha. I haven't watched Memoirs of a Geisha yet but I just recently watched The Last Samurai (it was great!). Both soundtracks are really worth listening to!

And, at last, I finally coloured Elena! I'd say her hair was the most fun to blend and yes I did indeed spend a long time on it. I like the glossy effect I created if I do say so myself. xD
(If I were re-doing this, I'd definitely change the look of her fringe there.)  

(The update I posted on Instagram where I was half-way there.) I'd done the light colour at this stage - before I began layering the blending stage (above). I have to admit I did put this off a great number of days, but better late than never!

Here's a Mulan sketch I did a while back when I had some inspiration. I can't remember what inspired me exactly, whether it was a cool soundtrack or just some pictures on Pinterest, but whatever the case I've missed drawing her! For this picture I've planned to do myself a challenge where I re-draw it digitally and also colour it traditionally with Prismacolor pencils and then compare both of them! The reason I've decided on doing this for once is because I'd like to see which medium I'm quicker at, the version I have more fun with and the perks/disadvantages for both mediums. Any thoughts? C:

 These are some plant studies I did randomly during term time I think. I remember revising Computer Science and looking at the plants, thinking it would be a fun idea to sketch them. It's funny how I'm more inspired to draw when I'm studying rather than when I'm on holiday... kind of wish it was reversed haha. From top to bottom: geraniums, cherry blossom, lemon flowers/leaves.

A quick Mercy from the Overwatch Uprising event back in April... it was a super fun game mode and I still miss it ahh. (I don't miss 76's yelling though >8( lol jk)
Another one of my weekend sketch sessions™ where I was using references from the Miraculous Ladybug magazine I bought in France and also the manga I was reading back then, Arbos Anima 2 (amazing manga series btw). I decided to quickly doodle Marinette and also D.Va! I used French fashion as inspiration for Mari and Korean fashion (K-Fashion) for D.Va (all on Pinterest). 

the close-up in which I don't show off my layout lol

During my GCSE hardcore part of the year I pretty much didn't get a single day off, not even weekends or end-of-term/half-term gosh (it was hard man but GCSEs are tough aren't they) so my mum let me have this one awesome day off from revision and I drew this! (It was like being allowed water after running a long sports marathon lol...) This is meant to be D.Va in her new skin (Cruiser) for the Overwatch Anniversary event in May and also a classic skin D.Va with the Twice "TT" theme! (okay but she actually canonically does have a "TT" emote in Heroes of the Storm I found out and it's crazy how one of my favourite OW characters has combined with one of my favourite kpop bands? I guess it's not the most amazing surprise though as she already does have a lot of kpop references. xD)  

A little something I did after seeing the trailer for the new Frozen short being released later this year, Olaf's Frozen Adventure... Anna's new outfit looks so chic!

For a while now I've been planning on some Twice "Cheer Up" digital fanart! I have a picture of what it would look like in my head but we'll have to see how well that goes. So here are some quick practise sketches I shared on Instagram. C: From top to bottom: Tzuyu, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Mina

The initial sketch of a drawing I re-did digitally which I'll share in a separate post! I think this was a doodle on the ferry? I'll be sharing process steps for this one and the one of Genji in one of my later posts hopefully!

Me wondering what Fariza would look like in a manga style... now I know that might sound weird to my Blogger readers because there actually was a phase where I drew manga all the time and did my OCs in that style including Fariza. Only that was back when the style didn't look like it would classify as manga. xD (and *cough* it's old art *cough*) If you're interested, you can find those pieces under my old Blogger tag, Manga! (Okay but slight warning because my old art was pretty bad and heck the way I used to write my posts? Don't even mention it.)
Here's a little something I gave to my friend irl of her Sonic OC, Nightshade, whom I believe most people have seen me draw before! It was a gift I gave her irl since we hadn't met in a very long time. As I've mentioned before she's also on dA as nightshadexxhedgehog. Anyone else a Sonic the Hedgehog fan? ^^

Original sketch.

 Inked sketch.

These are very recent ferry doodles of Sombra! I had a sudden urge to draw her but unfortunately didn't have any references (I couldn't connect to the wifi this time) so I had to compromise by using the other picture I drew of her in the past. As Sombra would say, "You're just a glitch in the system". 8)  
lol what am I doing
At the beginning of the ferry journey I did these quick sketches of the other boats at the dock, the cliffs and lighthouse.

These were done on a different previous ferry ride. (I'm always drawing on the ferry can you tell.) It's yes, you guessed it, young!Genji and D.Va. 

excuse my brother's doodles in the corner

super shimada bros™

(actually I drew the top one after seeing the Hanamura Showdown cinematic with Genji and D.Va but I haven't got round to doing any fanart of that yet lol... but they make a great duo anyway ;-;)

I think human!Viper (KFP) would be super sassy tbh...
(I will get round to this sometime!)

This is no one in particular haha but it was from a long time ago when I was practising drawing guys (more specifically, East Asian guys)... hm looks like someone from Dynasty Warriors xD

I also did my own take on Li Shang (Mulan)! (I'd like to actually do some proper fanart of Shang with Mulan sometime though.)

Me unsuccessfully attempting to draw Fariza without a reference. (But surely I could tell back then that her ears were in the wrong positions? ;-;)

I know I said I'd stop spamming with my KFP draft sketches/doodles (I haven't actually been drawing anything KFP related lately though x'D) but I kind of still like this sketch of Tigress?

This is actually the second version - in the first she looked a bit too much like a samurai rather than a kung fu warrior so I kind of changed it.

he's supposed to be holding a cane that's barely visible

 I'm not totally sure why wrote those Japanese characters there (probably just as a reference) but apparently lots of manga books have sound effects written in Japanese and I think that's one of them but I can't remember what exactly. ^^;

My youngest brother and I had this random challenge where we each drew an Overwatch character (in this case here, Junkrat) and we'd compare our results although I really don't remember why we did it haha. I wouldn't judge his OW skills from his drawings though because he's a grandmaster-like Torbjorn main and pro Hanzo. xD (*cough* also his aim is 10 times better than mine *cough*)

his version of Tracer

Here's mine!
(I haven't drawn Tracer at all apart from this even though she's virtually OW's mascot whoops...) I think this was an interesting challenge tbh! My drawings might have a lot more details and proportion than my brother's but just about 2-3 years ago I wasn't able to draw like this. What I mean by this is that I don't have a talent that's already there; I only keep practising. :)

Thanks for viewing! :D (If you comment, please don't comment on all of these because most of them are scraps! And I don't even know myself what can be said about a lot of these anyway haha.)

My next post will most likely contain my recent digital art. After that, I'm thinking of making a 2016 post (several things I meant to post last year), a DIY post (it's a box decoration tutorial xD), photography (yes, I still haven't organised the many photos I took in Morocco ;-;), an art tutorial (I've started collecting notes for a certain tutorial and also a step-by-step of two of my digital pieces) and of course the Disney Princess Collab. Stay tuned! :)