Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Eye drawn with Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

Recently I got a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. It’s brilliant! I’ve been getting used to it so I can draw some complex drawings on an art software.

Today I drew this eye on Krita (an art program) with my Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. It works perfectly. Drawing with the digital pen that comes with the tablet feels just like drawing on a piece of paper, and the best thing is that you’re drawing digitally, not with pencils.

If you’re considering to buy a drawing tablet, then I highly recommend the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. It’s pressure sensitive, feels like drawing realistically, draws perfectly and more. The only issue with this tablet is that (on Krita, at least) it can be difficult to click on a tool without muddling up the pen and mouse and drawing on the digital canvas. But overall, I think this tablet is excellent and definitely worth buying. You don't have to be a professional artist to draw something awesome with it. It works on both Windows 7, Windows 8 and more.

I’d appreciate any comments! :D
I’m going to be drawing some more computer art with my drawing tablet to display on my blog. Furthermore, I’m considering opening up requests for manga characters. :3


Friday, 26 December 2014

Tigress, KFP drawing

Just finished colouring-in my drawing Tigress in a scene in Kung Fu Panda 2, where Po and the Furious Five are on the boat heading to Gongmen City, and Tigress tells Po to punch her paw. :3

This is how I start my WIPS. >:) ...

Aaand, this is how I end my WIPS...

(It says "Apologies. I used to punch the ironwood trees by the palace to train." ~ Tigress)

Yeah, I know there are a few crazy mistakes I made, like with the left eye and that her paw should be closer to her head. O.o

Comments would be appreciated! XD

Thursday, 25 December 2014

☃ Happy Holidays! ☃

These are just some charms I made using my loom + loom bands (and a hook of course, but I don't think I should go into detail XD). Hope you like them. :P And Happy Holidays! :D

I'm also currently drawing a picture of Tigress (no, no, no, I'm still not bored of her yet! >:D). Should be finished tomorrow, hopefully. :D
Seasons greetings and enjoy your day! :3

Monday, 22 December 2014

❦ Glitter Cards ❦

These are some glitter cards and glitter shapes I made yesterday. Please view and comment! :3 The instructions and what you need for making them are below. My favourite would probably be the third one in the list below. :D

What you’ll need:
·         A stencil
·         A paintbrush
·         A glue stick
·         Glitter
·         Something you can apply the glitter to, like a blank cover card or gift tag
·         A sheet of paper



1) Place your card (I’ll use "card" here, but you can choose anything of your choice) on a flat  surface.
2) Stroke your paintbrush over the top of your glue stick until it’s covered in glue. (My glue was sticky, so I’m not entirely sure if it will work with a common glue stick or not. If not, try using a bit of PVA glue.)

3) Once the shape on your stencil has been covered in a light coating of glue, peel off the stencil from your card.

4) Go ahead and sprinkle any colour of glitter on your glue shape. :3

5) Once it’s covered in glitter, shake the card onto a separate piece of paper so any additional, non-stuck glitter will come off. Remember that you can reuse this additional glitter if you need more on your stencil shape.

6) Done! :D
Feel free to go ahead and make your own glitter cards. I'd love to see them! ^^

Friday, 19 December 2014

10 Steps For How to Draw a Manga Girl Character

Since I've been drawing a lot of manga characters lately, I thought, why not make a tutorial for drawing one on my art blog? So I got round to doing it today. :D

Here are just my steps to drawing a manga character. It might not be perfect, but I hope it helps you draw one, anyway. XD

1) This is the basic structure for making your manga character. Today I'm going to do a manga girl. :3 

One of the most important things to drawing the face of a manga character is to use guidelines. In this picture I've drawn in a vertical and horizontal line. Remember, for the horizontal line, that eyes are always drawn in the middle section of the face.                                  
2) The next thing I've drawn here are the eyes. There are many ways to draw eyes in manga, especially differently for different age ranges.

Here I've made it simple with just the eye lashes and an oval shape underneath (hopefully it's simple XD). I've also done two curved lines on opposite side of each eye, one higher than the other. The reason for this is that they will be the white dots in which the light shines on.      

3) Here I've drawn the outlines for the pupil, the curve underneath the eye, eyebrows, nose and mouth. The mouth can be drawn however you like.

In this tutorial, however, I've made it a long, rounded curve (for a smile) with a smaller curve underneath (which indicates the lower lip). 

Don't forget that if you're drawing a character with a 3/4 view, you'll need to draw a long line for the nose (see my other characters).

4) Here's the fun part; drawing the hair. :D In this step I've filled in the pupil with pencil. You can choose to fill it in black pencil at this stage or do it at the end, but personally I'd colour it in with pencil at this point so you know whether or not to correct it. 

I've also drawn a fringe and hair that falls back behind the shoulders. If drawing long hair, try to make it curved, but not too curved for a flow so as to indicate long hair. Remember to draw in the neck and shoulders at this point.

5) Now I've corrected the fringe a bit and added a curl on each side of the hair. The ears are also drawn in (not in detail yet) and I've thinned the jaw a bit.

When drawing hair on a character, make sure that it has a few curves at the bottom to indicate the ends of the hair. If I'd drawn more than one curve on each side of the hair in the picture, it would show that the girl's hair was shorter, because it shows the ends. Here, you can rub out the guidelines.

6) In this step, I've added more detail to the hair. I've added longer lines into the fringe for the curves and I've brought it down a bit.

In addition, there's now more detail to the ears, with three curves in each (you can do yours however you like). The shoulders are a bit more bolder here too.

7) Here's the exciting bit, colouring it in. ^^ This is the last part of drawing your character.

Usually I choose black for the hair (as you might've seen in my previous drawings XD), but here I've decided on a brown so the details are still visible.

When colouring in fringes, I usually leave a white band to show where the light hits the hair. It's often effective. :)

8) Right, so here I've made the brown shade a bit darker, especially on the ends. I've also made the outlines darker everywhere. If you've done a white band on yours, ensure the brown bits closer to it are lighter than the rest of the hair.

Remember when you colour in, it's best to have good quality pencils. Otherwise, you might find that when you colour in, it will be more faded and harder to darken.

9) Here I've coloured in her top. I chose a red, but you can choose any colour of your choice, and maybe even a design, like stripes. I've also chosen a peach for her complexion.

The complexion could be in any colour, white, peach, coffee, brown, dark brown, etc, but try not to press too hard when colouring it in, so it doesn't darken over the other features. :j

10) Woot! Last step. :3 This one's quite straightforward, and optional. In this one, I coloured the eyes green. 

If you decide on colouring the iris, remember it's best not to colour hard, and remember to leave the white dots for the light that shines in them. For the top of the iris, I used a bit of dark green to  indicate the shadow of the eye lashes. For the rest, I used a lighter green. :D

Thanks for viewing, and I hope you survived this tutorial! :P


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Photography Dump - Scratch Project

I couldn't think of a better, imaginative word for this. So I called it Photography Dump. XD Anyway, these photos were taken during the summer, or reasonably recently. Use the spacebar to go to the next page. Enjoy! :3

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

☃ My Manga OCs ☃

I hope you're ready for some more manga again. :3 This time it's Fariza, and well... someone else I haven't mentioned before.

I decided to call her Sapphira, because I was thinking of her blue coat, and then I thought of the colour, sapphire, and the name, Sapphira. I did her in ink here. She might be introduced in my Selina book series, in the Snow Power. :P

And about Fariza... finally some more decent art for once. <:D (Yeah, there are still some mistakes though as always) But she kind of looks like Saiqa here. ._. Oh well, at least she looks kind of how I imagined her. But you don't have to imagine her like that. XD