Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fariza ~ Valentines Day for SN

This is a submission for Scratch News, an awesome newspaper on Scratch run by cartooncreator. :D

It's Fariza (one of the characters in my story). I drew the original in my art book (see this post), but for this, I uploaded it to the computer and re-did it in Krita with my drawing tablet especially for SN. ^^  

I finished it earlier in January but decided to keep it a surprise. Aand, about the manga character requests, yes, I should be opening them up soon in February, hopefully. I'm currently finishing this dragon drawing project thing that needs to be done soon, and I also need to finish two more things irl that are in the way at the moment. <:D

Hope you like it! Feedback/comments are appreciated! ;D

Fariza OC

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Po, KFP drawing

Ookay, sorrry, not requests this time... Although I'm still promising them. I just need to plan them out and stuff... and I still have one or two things to finish as well.

So in the meantime, I drew this piece of fan art of Po, in Kung Fu Panda 2. The bit where he masters Inner Peace (for the second time), and when he (somehow) manages to throw back the cannon balls at Lord Shen, his hand catches on fire (and he doesn't realise)... yeah, that part, just before he sticks it in his mouth, although he's surrounded by water. XD

The quote ("My fist hungers for justice") is just a phrase he says at the beginning of the movie, in the Musicians' Village; I didn't know what other quote to add, apart from "Skadoosh". :3

The fur took FOREVER. And so did the shading. Oh, and his paw. AGES. Yup, the smile looks kinda creepy and mischievous, but awesome-ish (or maybe better in the real thing XD).

Comments and feedback would be appreciated! :D

(I'm wondering if I should upload it to the computer and make it look better with my drawing tablet... or maybe that would take a long time and I'm feeling too lazy anyway xP)

Oh yeah! You should totally check out my KFP account on Scratch, Dragon_Warrior_Po! :D

Monday, 12 January 2015

Winter in the Mountains ~ AT with LiFaytheGoblin

This is a drawing I made for +LiFaythe Goblin as part of the AT we did. :D Hope you like it!
I drew it in an art book first, traditionally, and uploaded it to the computer, so I could go over it and add effects in Krita with my Wacom Intuos, digitally. It was fun!
My next post will probably be about opening art requests, so stay tuned! :D
(Winter in the Mountains is just the title I chose for the picture ^^)

Friday, 9 January 2015

❀ Indigo ❀

Recently I finished making a manga OC request for my friend irl. ^^ The character's name is Indigo. :D

I've drawn two pictures (both in traditional) of her awesome OC, Indigo, shown below. Personally, I think the second one is best (the skirt didn't turn out well in the first for one thing). Even though I didn't draw it on heavyweight paper, which meant the colours didn't turn out sharp... guess it's okay though. :P

Okay, so I promise I'll open up requests soon. I've just got a few things to finish, and I'll be there. :D

Which is your favourite? :3 

Friday, 2 January 2015

~~ Beach Scene ~~

I made this beach picture below with my Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. :3 Any feedback/comments would be appreciated! :D

(ugh, X-large is the best, but if I do it the picture runs off the post. >.< Oh well, hope it still looks okay... XD)