Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Manga Character Art Requests (CLOSED)

Okay, so since I finished the project I mentioned I was working on, I decided to open up the manga character requests. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE, PLEASE READ THE INFO BELOW…

Requests are currently: CLOSED

Soo… basically, I’m going to limit the spaces of the first lot to three places, I think. Then I’ll close them until I’ve finished those three, and reopen them again. But we’ll come to that later. :P
If you would like a manga character art request, please comment with the answers to what you’d like below…
  • Name, gender (please note that I draw girls better than boys XD)
  • Eye colour (blue, green, brown, grey, violet, scarlet, amber, etc)
  • Eye style (more manga-y, casual, black pupil with white dots for light, etc)
  • With/without make-up (if yes: mascara, lipstick, nail varnish, etc)
  • Hair colour (can be any, even pink or blue)
  • Hair length (pixie, bob, shoulder-length, long, etc)
  • Hair style (free-worn, ponytail, plait, braids, etc)
  • Expression (smiling, grinning, moody, arrogant, etc – please don’t pick crying XD)
  • Complexion (no greens please – I don't think I can draw someone throwing up XD)
  • Top outfit type, colour, design (ideas: star design, floral design, polka-dot design, etc)
  • Below outfit type, colour, design (could be: trousers (that’s pants for you Americans XD), skirt, shorts, etc)
  • Shoe type, colour, design (could be: converse, trainers, slip-on shoes (a.ka. flats), boots, etc)
  • With/without accessories (if yes: glasses, bow in hair, earrings, bracelet, etc)

Anything that has “with/without” in front of it is optional. If you don’t mention what you’d like for one of the other things, I’ll just put something random (except for eye colour, which otherwise would need (sun)glasses/shades over them).

Extra (also important)…

  • Character length (head to shoulder, head to waist, full body, etc)
  • Appearance (either traditional or traditional and digital)
  • With/without background (if yes: type, pattern/landscape, etc – please don’t choose something too complicated! <:D)
  • Pose, if full body (standing, sitting or any other pose I've done for previous characters)
  • View, if head-shoulder (3/4 view or front view)

Okay, that’s it (yeah, it's a lot, sorry XD)! To have a chance of receiving your request earlier, be the first to comment with a description of your OC! :D

Note: Any inappropriate outfits, names or styles won't be accepted in a request. Each character must be requested with full clothing and no inappropriate styles. (Not that any of you are going to do that; this is just in case someone random turns up with something totally random - you never know. XD)


Extra notes...
This is just traditional
(picture will be better quality)
This is traditional and digital
(finished with my drawing tablet)



For backgrounds, I can do something like...

... this for a landscape


... this for an abstract pattern
(uh, no, trust me, it will be way better than this -
this is just an example I made in a few seconds XD
Take a look at the one I made for Fariza, for example :3)

Thanks for reading! Remember that anyone can request for something - even aliens from outer space...
Jk. :P
Final note: It might take me a while to finish your request (depending on your description). I do have a lot of things running irl and online though, including school, so please be patient. Please take into account that I reserve the right to cancel or delay any request.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chinese New Year (Art)

Happy Chinese New Year!

I made two pieces of art recently. The first is a dragon I drew in Krita with my drawing tablet. Yeah, I know there are tons of mistakes, like dragons are supposed to have scales, not fur, and they have four legs, not two. I guess the results were okay though… some new dragon I created. XD


Aand, the second, is, well, you guessed it. I drew Po, and the Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda, Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane and Mantis. I drew each of them in my art book, and then uploaded them to the computer to add transparency to each in Krita. After that, I transferred them to GIMP to put them together in one picture, and then took the picture over to Krita (again) to add a background. Most of it was done with my Wacom Intuos. Yeah, I know there are some mistakes, like Monkey doesn’t look like Monkey very much, and Po… um, yeah. I guess my favourite would be Tigress (as always), and that explains why she’s now in my profile picture. XD I could have coloured them in on the computer, but there wasn't much time, so maybe another day. ^^



Anyway, have a Happy Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)! ^^

(As for the manga character requests, I'm working on the post... maybe I'll publish it tomorrow. :D)


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Random Leaves Doodle

Okay, this is just some random doodle I did on Krita with my drawing tablet ages ago (kind of). I know you must be getting really bored waiting for me to do requests. Okay, so here's a little update: I've nearly finished the project thing I'm working on! :D Once that's out of the way, well, I'll just go ahead and open up the manga character art requests post... in fact I could still do that now if I didn't have to plan it all out...
Okay, here's the doodle... weird, I know... XD