Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chinese New Year (Art)

Happy Chinese New Year!

I made two pieces of art recently. The first is a dragon I drew in Krita with my drawing tablet. Yeah, I know there are tons of mistakes, like dragons are supposed to have scales, not fur, and they have four legs, not two. I guess the results were okay though… some new dragon I created. XD


Aand, the second, is, well, you guessed it. I drew Po, and the Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda, Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane and Mantis. I drew each of them in my art book, and then uploaded them to the computer to add transparency to each in Krita. After that, I transferred them to GIMP to put them together in one picture, and then took the picture over to Krita (again) to add a background. Most of it was done with my Wacom Intuos. Yeah, I know there are some mistakes, like Monkey doesn’t look like Monkey very much, and Po… um, yeah. I guess my favourite would be Tigress (as always), and that explains why she’s now in my profile picture. XD I could have coloured them in on the computer, but there wasn't much time, so maybe another day. ^^



Anyway, have a Happy Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)! ^^

(As for the manga character requests, I'm working on the post... maybe I'll publish it tomorrow. :D)



  1. Omg I knew you drew those when I looked at the project! It's awesome! xD I totally LOVE how you did Tigress and Po! Those poses rock so much omg you keep amazing me ;-; you're awesome!

    1. Omg, thanks sooo much, Nattie! ;D That's exactly what my friend's friend said (irl). XD Still prefer Tigress though! XD Thanks so much! <3 But I just loovvveee your drawings... :O