Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fatima (request)

Recently I finished working on Fatima's request, Fatima! :D
The first is the real thing. I prefer this one much more than the draft (well, obviously :P). Ah, it was SO much fun!! (Especially the bg. Lol, the bg is always the fun bit... it's just so simple and stands out all the time. XD Haha, only kidding, the face and hair were the best bits, of course! :D) Ahh, I'm sorry if this isn't like you! I did my best though. B) Hope you like it!
The last is just a close-up.
The request (final) was... well, I'm sure you already get the point that I always use Krita (and my Wacom Intuos!). XD Buut I'm still thinking of downloading FireAlpaca and MyPaint (thanks for this one, Nattie! :D). In fact, I tried MyPaint out (but not on the computer I use), ahh, I just love it, I need to download it now! XD Oh, yeah, I use GIMP too, but not very often - it doesn't work with my Wacom Intuos.

Hm, how many smileys did I use in this post? Ahh, it's a habit, I can never post anything with out any! XD Anyway, constructive criticism/feedback is always appreciated! <3

Working on Zainab's request now, Fashion! :)

Fatima (request)

Fatima (close-up)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Everybody's Kung Fu Training (Tigress fanart)

Omg! Everybody's Kung Fu Training! (Messing with the title, lol, if you've watched KFP you'll get it! X'D)

Oh, yeah, I forgot I had this. XD Yeah, I know, you're thinking, Ugh, she keeps drawing Tigress! Wellll... *grins* I'm aiming to draw her again and again and again so that I can draw her without a reference... oh, and she's so awesome! B) (okay, lol, I'm ranting)

I think I started working on this, just after I published the manga art post thing...

Yeah, anyway... I didn't actually use a proper reference. I was using the Tigress concept idea thing, and a couple of real references for extra detail. That's probably why the picture didn't turn out that brilliant. XD Anyway, the character concept thing looks like a cool idea... I think I'll do another. But once I've finished drawing Fatima and Fashion. :)
Omg, the trailer for KFP 3 is coming out when Home is released (in a week)! Can't waaaait!! I'm so excited, I don't even know-... 8D

Monday, 16 March 2015

Ladonne ~ AT with Nattie

Yay! My part of the AT with Nattie! It's Ladonne... I already miss working on her!! :O

I had to hide the hands behind her back, because I suck at drawing them. Also, the hair doesn't look like a ponytail, ugh! Sorry!! >.< Otherwise, I'm glad the eyes worked in the end. XD (Even though they aren't as perfect as yours, Nattie!)

Yeah... anyway, hope she looks good enough, even if the bg looks kind of girly! XD
I had fun working on her!! :D

Next up is Fatima's request. I've already started drafting yours. Can't wait!! ^^

Sunday, 15 March 2015

♥ Happy Mother's Day! ♥

Happy Mother's Day! I gave my mum a card I'd made (see below) and some homemade bookmarks. :P Btw, if you're in the US, don't get confused; I think we celebrate it earlier in the UK, so you'll be celebrating it on 10th May this year, I believe. XD

Have a great day, to all the mothers in the world! <3

(Btw, I've finished Ladonne (Nattie's request), so that should be my next post, hopefully. Working on Fatima's request now. ^^)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Red Nose Day!

Happy Red Nose Day!! ;D

[Apologies for not posting much lately. I have a lot to finish (most irl, some online). Nearly, really nearly, finished Ladonne (Nattie's request). Should be done at least by the end of this weekend, hopefully. ;D I'm SO sorry for being so slow! I'm not usually this slow (well, I guess sometimes I am XD) ... it's kind of because March seems to be the busiest month of the year... :O okay, I know, excuses, but what else can I say? Srry!! >.<

Edit: I also completely forgot that it was the anniversary of my book series on the 12th February, lol. I was going to draw this picture and post it on the blog, but I thought it was the 12th March. Nvm, no big deal. XD]

Anyway, if you don't know what Red Nose Day is, it's a celebration that's celebrated every other year in the UK by Comic Relief to support people in need in the UK and across Africa. In the years that Red Nose Day isn't celebrated - that would be in 2016, for example - it's Sports Relief. Apparently, the event is going to come to the USA in May this year (read more here). If you'd like to find out more, check out the official website!

I bought a Red Nose this year (as I always do when it comes to Red Nose Day), and got exactly what I wanted, Snortel (the snorkeler nose). X'D In fact, I bought three. Here's selfie picture I took of them all. (Rofl X'D!) (Left to right) Karate Konk, Nosebot, Snortel. (I LOVE those names, I don't know why! XD)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

~ Recent Photography ~

I've been taking a lot of photographs with my Canon camera, so I thought about posting them here too. When I come to think of it, all were taken during the holidays. XD
I just got a DeviantART! It's MistressFariza. So far I've only shared 4 things. If you don't have a dA, you should totally get one! It's an amazing site, for art and creations of all kinds! :D (Note: I've known dA for a while before I got an account, so if you do get one now, please don't try searching up random things on dA by people you don't know, though, as a lot of it isn't moderated thoroughly. Otherwise, it's still a great website if you want to share art among your friends!)
About the manga requests, don't worry, I'm working on them! (I'm as slow as a slug XD) Currently working on Nattie's request, Ladonne (omg, I love that character! :O).
Okay, yeah, enjoy looking at these (srry, they're not the best!). What's your favourite? B)
Frozen Sunset
Taken at dusk during the December holidays.

Cute Cat
Cute pic I took during December holidays. ;D

Silhouetted in the Gold
December holidays. I tried focusing on the ivy. :P

Bright in hiding
December holidays (again). I was trying to take a pic of
the moon behind the branches.

Glittery Reflect Effect
This was taken during the February half term. One of my faves. :)

Sapphire Sea
Another pic I took on the same day during the February half term.

On The Shore
This is my favourite. I took it on the same day.

Wood VS Water
Another taken on the same day. :)

Swan in the Lake
This was taken the day after. Went to a pond for a picnic.

Lol, these ducks made me laugh. Apparently, they were
"trespassing" on this other ducks land, so they got chased away
into the pond. XD

Taking Charge
Here's that bossy duck that chased away the other
two ducks (above). Looks like he wants to boss the swan
too. XD