Sunday, 1 March 2015

~ Recent Photography ~

I've been taking a lot of photographs with my Canon camera, so I thought about posting them here too. When I come to think of it, all were taken during the holidays. XD
I just got a DeviantART! It's MistressFariza. So far I've only shared 4 things. If you don't have a dA, you should totally get one! It's an amazing site, for art and creations of all kinds! :D (Note: I've known dA for a while before I got an account, so if you do get one now, please don't try searching up random things on dA by people you don't know, though, as a lot of it isn't moderated thoroughly. Otherwise, it's still a great website if you want to share art among your friends!)
About the manga requests, don't worry, I'm working on them! (I'm as slow as a slug XD) Currently working on Nattie's request, Ladonne (omg, I love that character! :O).
Okay, yeah, enjoy looking at these (srry, they're not the best!). What's your favourite? B)
Frozen Sunset
Taken at dusk during the December holidays.

Cute Cat
Cute pic I took during December holidays. ;D

Silhouetted in the Gold
December holidays. I tried focusing on the ivy. :P

Bright in hiding
December holidays (again). I was trying to take a pic of
the moon behind the branches.

Glittery Reflect Effect
This was taken during the February half term. One of my faves. :)

Sapphire Sea
Another pic I took on the same day during the February half term.

On The Shore
This is my favourite. I took it on the same day.

Wood VS Water
Another taken on the same day. :)

Swan in the Lake
This was taken the day after. Went to a pond for a picnic.

Lol, these ducks made me laugh. Apparently, they were
"trespassing" on this other ducks land, so they got chased away
into the pond. XD

Taking Charge
Here's that bossy duck that chased away the other
two ducks (above). Looks like he wants to boss the swan
too. XD


  1. Cool!!! "Silhouetted in the gold" and "Bright in hiding" are Really,really, awesome. And the duck pictures are so cute! You've snapped the photos in the angle that they look just perfect! Keep photographing! XD!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Zainab!! You've really made my day! ;D <3 Do you enjoy photography? If so, I'd love to see some of your pics! (You don't have to - I'm just wondering). Lol, thanks! XD!

    2. Oh! Yeah, I do,-sometimes- I enjoy it, too, but I am not so good at it. Maybe I'll share them if I snap some really good stuff!

    3. Awesome!! I'm sure you are! I mean, you're so great at art, so why wouldn't you be? :) Ah, that would be so cool! Looking forward to it, if you do!

  2. They're very pretty! Keep snapping more pics - you've got a gift! And btw, I visited your DeviantART page. I tried to comment, but couldn't as you need an account for it! I'll make an account on it soon, and then comment! :) The pictures are really beautiful.

    1. Aw, thanks, Fatima!! <3! Oh, cool, did you? Thanks! Yeah, I think you need an account to comment. Awesome! When you do, please let me know, and I'll add you to my watch list. :) Thanks again!!

  3. Ahh omg I'm LOVING that scenery! It's so relaxing. Whoa, the UK is so beautiful! And aww, those ducks! xD I can understand the aggressive one though! We have one guy just like that, he's always attacking toes if you wear slippers, but he's no match for shoes lol. xD Anyway! Swans are so beautiful! We don't have them in my state, sadly. I love that plumage! <3

    1. Thanks SO much, Nattie!! :D <3 Haha, and so is the US!!
      Omg! They're just so funny, Idk why. X'D
      Really?? I hadn't thought of that! Omg, I must take them for granted then. :O But I bet you have a lot of animals that we don't!