Monday, 20 April 2015

Heroes of Olympus Fanart - Piper

I promised since November that I'd do some Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fanart. And I finally got round to doing some!

I decided to draw Piper, just because the references looked good... and also because she's my second favourite character after Leo Valdez. XD

Hm, okay, that just doesn't look like her, does it? The hair is actually meant to be free-worn with two thin, braided strands. And I failed when drawing the chin. The orange t-shirt is meant to be her Camp Half-Blood one, but I thought that I might mess it up if I showed the letters as well. :P

Actually, I happened to do this fanfic of her at the beginning of the Lost Hero, told from her perspective. I wonder if I should share it on my writing blog. Any thoughts? XD

Anyway, hope it looks okay-ish! <:)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sweet Treat Girl

(omg, the title X'D) Yay! I've got loads of art to share. XD I keep forgetting to post though. :/

Well for starters, here's the food character I made for the awesome Food Character Tag started by The_Icecream_Girl on Scratch. I shared it on there, but the quality blurred, when I imported it to the project, so I decided to post it here too. :P

The first is the real picture, and then the second is the picture with labels for which parts show the food. (Hm, forgot to add chocolate sauce nails.) Also, the hands look really weird. I think the background is supposed to be strawberry milkshake sprayed everywhere. XD

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fashion (request)

Hm, I was meant to post it yesterday, but obviously I was busy (again). So I decided to post it now. Well, I think I finished this on the fourth or fifth, even. (At least you got it earlier Zainab! XD)

Soo, the first is the real thing. I worked hard drawing the detail on the frilled top, but it doesn't really look like one, does it? >.< Also just realised I didn't draw a window sill for the window, but hope it looks okay anyway! <:D

The last two are just close-ups, just because... well, you can't really see all the detail in the first unless you actually click on the picture, I think. (Hmm, in the last one, you can see I drew a big thick line that separates the carpet and the wall... I don't think that's meant to be there. D: Hope it still looks alright!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed working on her! :D

Fashion (c) Zainab. No one else may use it without her permission.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Manga Birthday Card

This is a card I made for someone irl (it was their b'day 2 days ago). ^^

Basically, I copied the manga-style animals from the Massive Manga tutorial book I have. After that, I coloured them in and outlined them with calligraphy pens. I added the text, shading the letters with an XS calligraphy pen. Finally, for a special touch, I added the golden star sequins. If you look carefully, you can also see small red star sequins on top of the big golden star sequins (this got REALLY fiddly when adding the glue, but it was worth doing XD). I also added dots under the letters with gold and silver glitter pens for another effect.

Feedback is always appreciated! <3 You're welcome to copy the style and design with your own animals on. :)

Photography Explosion ~ Scratch Project

Wow, I forgot to post on all three of my blogs in ages. And now, on here, I have tons to share. :O So, I'll post the photography dump I shared on Scratch, and a card I made, today, then Fashion tomorrow (I finished it four or five days ago I think XD). And I've got some other stuff, like those really bad sketches of the characters in my story I did (actually, I think I'll post that on the Moonlight Tribe blog), and the Food Character Tag thing. :3

Anyway, here's the Photography Dump I shared on Scratch. 15 recent photos I took with my camera. Some of these I've already posted in a different post, but there are some others that I couldn't all put in a single post. To see the original project (with the notes, etc) click hereUse the arrow keys (right/left to go next/back). Which is your favourite(s)?