Monday, 29 June 2015


Okay, so where was I? Right, I haven't posted here for over two weeks.

I just finished working on one of the best fictional characters! To be precise, (awesome ;-;) Tanya from Nattie's story, Horror Gaze. <3 Even though I don't think I succeeded on this one, Tanya is a really cool character, and you should totally read chapter one of Horror Gaze now! :D

So now's the time for me to criticise my artwork. :O Okay, for starters, the hand on the left looks terrible (ahh, I'm so sorry, Nattie, I always get them wrong! >.<) Also, I don't think the background would fit the real setting on an island (...of which country? <:D) Otherwise, I guess the rest is okay (that's not the majority though XD) if I got the appearance right? :/

Tanya Kenner © belongs to
(the awesome and talented) Natural-Horses.
I only own the art. Only Natural-Horses may
use this picture (unless you are given the
permission from her).

Well, at least it's not as bad as my part of our AT a while ago where I messed up Ladonne. O.O' Hopefully it still looks alright-ish... XD (But nowhere near as good as how you did Ali, not even close. ;-;)

LOL, I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not to actually put it on my DeviantART profile rather than dA's stash. Maybe I will just so I can cover that old, sucky art request I did a while ago... XD

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Beautiful Braids

(Lol, that title.) This is a card I made for my cousin! :D I decided I wanted to share it step-by-step from when it wasn't coloured to when it was to when I added the lines with my calligraphy pens. So here it is! Tell me what you think of the results! ^^ (Okay, I didn't do Elsa very well in the second picture. O.O)
Top to bottom - Elsa (Frozen), Anna (Frozen), Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon (2))

Monday, 8 June 2015

Fanart Round-up

So I finally got round to posting this. XD I thought I'd collected more art, but it looks like I didn't. D: I'm not actually going to write down everything for each, because I know I'll explain for ages. All I'm going to say is, that 1) I accidentally made Astrid look younger by drawing the nose in the wrong place. XD 2) I couldn't decide whether or not to colour-in the Astrid sketch, so please vote yes/no (whether you think it could do with some colour or you think it already looks fine). 3) Yes, I did the picture of Po while I was on holiday in Fez, Morocco.

I'm going to keep the poll open a bit longer so that those who didn't get a chance to vote can still vote. Please do, if you haven't already! It helps to know people's opinions! :D (Basically, I also suck at making decisions.)

Btw, you can click on the pictures if you want to see them in more detail.

Awkward. XD

I almost forgot to add this! XD It's a WIP of Tigress.
I was working on it in Krita, and believe me or not, it
took me THREE hours to get to this stage, even using
a reference. And there are still a couple of things
that need to be done. I'm that slow in digital! :P