Thursday, 30 July 2015

Randomness - Sketches and Drawings

Wew, I finally got round to sharing these. These are just a couple of random sketches and drawings I made from around May to July this year. Some of them are okay, while others aren't. XD

I've always had a fondness over big cats... but before drawing
this, I hadn't drawn any for a very long time (probably because
I was preoccupied drawing fanart and manga... LOL). I guess
this is okay, just maybe not my best. XD I used a reference from
the WWF.

Okay so this was done more recently. I just totally screwed
up on this. I was kind of getting a bit impatient with how
long the markings were taking to draw. XD The fourth leg is
behind the one on the right, but I didn't draw that well. :/
I like how the tail turned out though. :P
Just some doodles. This page was initially
going to be a rose (you can see part of it
above the hibiscus) but I totally failed, so
I rubbed most of it out. Then I practised
a hibiscus and a daffodil using two other
references. I didn't want to waste a page,
so. XD

This was the collared dove in the picture that
I took with my camera. I decided to draw it
as well. But this didn't turn out too good (the
way I drew the head is wrong).

Some doodles... just inspired by something. XD The pictures
I copied aren't mine and belong to their respective owners.

Okay, so this doodle page took forever. Drawing all
those flowers and colouring all with glitter pens. >.<
But the overall effect is cool.
I drew this during an art workshop I attended. It was awesome!
This is a lily I sketched outside first with a 0.1 pen and later
coloured with watercolours. I don't think this is my best. :/

I like how this turned out. It's some fuchsias I copied outside.
I did the same thing as for the lily, only here I gave it
a very light yellow background afterwards. To be honest,
this didn't take very long, despite the fact that the leaves
made me think it would. And it was fun. :3

If you can, please leave a comment with feedback and your favourite! :D If there's anything in particular you'd like me to draw, I'm always open for suggestions! (Although there's no 100% guarantee I'll draw it.) Thanks for viewing! ^_^

I just shared a sneak peek of what I'm working on, on my Instagram. >:D

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Animallover662 requested me to draw her OC from Kung Fu Panda, Meilin! :D I loved the idea, so immediately got to work and started off with some concept sketches using some Tigress references and the official concept art. It took a couple of days, but it was totally worth it; I really enjoyed working on her, and for once I'm happy with how a drawing of mine had turned out. :3 (Apart from the mouth of course... it's off. :/) This picture and these really helped me out, along with the pictures of Tigress as a cub and the concept sketches. X3
You can see this picture on my DeviantART by clicking here.
Meilin belongs to Animallover662. You may only use this piece of artwork under my or her permission.
Art © Me
Kung Fu Panda © DreamWorks Animation 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

✎ How I Draw Elsa and Anna ✎

I shared a speed drawing of this on Scratch, but I also thought it would be a good idea to post a tutorial of it too on my blog to show how I made it (like I did with the previous one of Po). :3
This is a card I made for my BFF irl (she loves Frozen). ^^
Hope this helps!
Reference belongs to Disney's Frozen. I do not take any credit for it.
Text font from

As usual, I start with the eyes because it helps get the proportions
right. You might want to make sure your pencils are sharp for this
and preferably use an HB-2H pencil. (Whatever you do, just don't
get Anna's eye wrong like I did. XD)

(Whoops! Skipped ahead here, sorry! Couldn't help myself. XD).
So after doing the facial features, you draw the head shape of
Elsa and Anna (try not to press hard - you might make mistakes).
Don't draw the whole face though - just the bits that aren't
covered by hair.  Then of course, you can draw the hair. (Elsa's hair is
SO fun to draw. :P)

Before you advance any further, I recommend you check you've
got your proportions right (I usually don't XD). Then of course,
shoulders and bodies. Then braids, which are fairly complicated
(I recommend you keep looking at the reference whilst doing each
section of the braids because you can easily make mistakes here.)

Then I finished off their outfits. Not too hard core. :3

Then I did the pupils - you can do this from the beginning, but
I personally don't think it matters as long as the eye shape
isn't off (*whistles whilst trying to take the attention off

Yay, shading! :D Shading usually takes a while, but it's definitely
worth doing (if you don't), I tell you. XD Okay, you see those
shaded shapes on Anna's cape by her braid on the left? If you look
closely at the reference, you might notice I did them wrong (I
corrected them after), so don't make this mistake.

Yus, my personal favourite. I love shading hair, it's so fun. >:D
(Especially Anna's fringe.) Make sure to leave the spaces where the
light reflects on Anna's hair blank - it creates a good effect). Now
Elsa's hair can be a struggle to colour in with colouring pencils,
so if you have it, try shading VERY lightly with a coffee-coloured
pencil. Otherwise, a white pencil might work (if you add shading),
but I wouldn't know for sure, because I haven't tried it, sorry! D:

More colour. :D If you look carefully, I also added the crocus design
on Anna's dress, but only after I'd coloured it in black first.  

At this point, I coloured in the lips. I'd say I found both Elsa's and Anna's
lips hard to draw in this picture, because they were really close together.
I also failed on Elsa's, so try not to do that if you can. XD I also
had to practise the shape a little before drawing it. Alsooo, I
did Elsa's dress (which is a REAL hassle). I don't think I succeeded
very well on it either. :P For this, you need to do lots of shades of blue
for those little-square-bits or whatever they're called. 8D

This bit is optional, but I highly recommend you do it if you can.
I went really carefully around the edges of Elsa's and Anna's eyes
with a fine tip. You can use an XS calligraphy pen or a pen from
around the ranges of 0.05 to 0.1. However, if you're not careful,
you could make an accidental mark that ruins the picture. So please
try to be really careful if you can here! <:D (You could even do this at
the very beginning, but I prefer to do it at the end, so I don't get
muddled up with pencils and pens, etc..)

(Sorry it's a bit dark - I took this later when the sun was about to set XD)
At the end, I usually add a quote or caption of some sort.
Here I did "Best Friends Forever", because... well, yeah
it's for my BFF. :D


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! ^^ If you were inspired by this to draw your own, then don't be afraid to link me the picture below - I'd love to see it! :D

Have any ideas? Please do suggest them below! Next up is a speed-drawing/tutorial on Tigress. Afterwards, I'll hopefully be doing Jasmine and Nala.

For the speed paint of this picture shared on Scratch, click here.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

✎ How I Draw Po ✎

I draw so much KFP fanart that I decided I might as well try and make a drawing tutorial. Initially, it was going to be for both Tigress and Po, but I couldn't fit Tigress in without ruining the picture. Anyway, better to focus on just one of the characters for a tutorial. :P
So this tutorial is pretty simple. You don't have to copy the reference I did - you can chose any of your choice. This is just a demonstration on how I do it and which parts I start first and finish last. Enjoy! ;3
Reference belongs to DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda. I do not take any credit for it.
Text font from
I always start with the eyes when I draw.
It helps get the proportions right.

So now it's already started to look like Po. >:D

Mouth and nose. Yup. :P

The head comes next.
I recommend checking you got the proportions of the
other features right first before doing this bit though. :3

After heads comes shoulders. >:)

Next I drew the line of the wall.

And then coloured the darker parts in (still using pencils).

Afterwards came the wall.
It helps to smudge in the darker areas
(a 4B-6B pencil works best for this).

Then I used an XS calligraphy pen for the darker areas of fur.
Now this bit is optional, but I recommend doing it, because
it creates a better effect and stand out more. Fine liners may
work too.

I leave the eyes last. This is where you need to be extremely
careful - one mistake and you could ruin the picture. I highly
recommend using an XS or pen with a very fine tip.

Yo Po. :P

I usually add quotes that reflect the image of the picture. ^_^

Done! :D
I hope this tutorial helped! If you have any ideas for future drawing tutorials, please do suggest them below! :D
I'm going to share a Speed Paint of this tutorial on Scratch, so stay tuned! ^^