Wednesday, 26 August 2015

✎ How I Draw Nala ✎

I promised I'd share the tutorial for how I draw Nala (The Lion King), so I did. :D Well, the rest says it. XD

Also, just an update... I have a new poll! :D The question is "What types of art would you like to see more of?". Please do vote if you can! As for the previous poll, it looks like Frozen got the most with 6 votes (so, I'll have to take that into consideration XD), then Spirited Away and Heroes of Olympus got 4 (wow) and Kung Fu Panda got 1 (*cries*)... omg wut? No one voted for HTTYD? Okay, I suppose it was multi-choice, so you could only pick one. :P Anyway, to conclude, if you can, please give some suggestions for fanart if you have any! It's not 100% likely I'll do what you suggest, but I'll try (if I know the fandom). :)

Hope you guys like this tutorial! 8D

Reference belongs to Disney's The Lion King. I don't take any credit for it.
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As always, I start with the eyes. Don't do the eyebrows or
anything, just the outline of the eyes!

Then the iris and eyebrows. Also, the section outside the
outline of the eyes that joins the eyebrows and eyes together
- whatever you want to call it.

Then the nose. (Getting to this point, I just realised
how many features Nala and Tigress share. O.O)

Then, the smile. :)

The picture speaks for itself haha get it. (no idk)

Next, start to draw on the outline of the face. (Make
sure there aren't any mistakes or you'll regret it

Okie, so, I started the ear in this one. I made it too short
here but corrected it later. Don't make that mistake! XD

Finished the outline of the head.

The other ear...

Aha! Now, the body. We're getting somewhere.

The white patch in the middle (lol, whatever its called) and
the beginning of the paw.

More of the paw (lol wut? XD)

Finished the paw. Try your best to get it right. You can
do that by checking it in relation to the other features
(say, in the reference, is the end of the paw on the same
line as the nose, yes it is). Some people use gridlines
but I can't be bothered. XD

The next paw... soo, I'd say you use the reference to
help you get it in the right place. Nala is resting her paw on-...
wait, they're in the Elephant Graveyard here, so she'd
be resting her paw on... uh... ahem, never mind. XD

I corrected the ear here. Then, *cough* that thing she's
got her paws on.
(*gasp*... :O)

Then the shading! :D I think I did that with a 2B pencil
(the rest as with a 2H). There isn't much to shade because
The Lion King is a 2D film. :3

Okay, so I decided to colour mine with my
Winsor & Newton Cotman WaterColours Sketchers' Pocket Box
but you guys (whoever's reading this idk XD) probably
prefer colouring pencils. I used ditto (lol) here because
they're not ordinary watercolours. :D (for the picture of
Tigress I was going to do a tutorial of, I did use ordinary
watercolours and totally messed up ._.).

For "whatever that bit in the middle is", I mixed together a
VERY pale yellow ochre (that coffee-coloured colour) using
a lot of white.

Then, the shading! I might've used yellow ochre for this.
Actually, yes, I'm pretty sure I did, because the fur colour
was a yellow ochre mixed with some white.

I did the outline (I recommend you do too) in yellow
ochre and the eyebrows. 

Then the nose. In pink. Wait, no, I used that reddish-brown
colour with lots of white, I think.

The irises! :3

And then, I coloured that thing with the reddish-brown.
Wow, that did actually take forever just for a detail. XD
But it was worth it, because otherwise the picture didn't
work out.

Then, GET YOUR INK PENS. Mwa-ha-ha, yes, that's an
order. >:D Like I said before, ink pens make things stand
out. (Ha, well I'm pretty sure I did say so.)

Haha woohoo! YES, we're done. Well, I'm done.
Oh yeah, I added a quote Nala says there in the
Elephant Graveyard. The art of effectiveness. >:D
(Wait, wut? What happened to the 'W'?)

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! ^^ If you were inspired by this to draw your own, then don't be afraid to link me the picture below - I'd love to see it! :D

Have any ideas? Please do suggest them below! I’m also hoping to do Jasmine (Aladdin) and Tigress (Kung Fu Panda).

For the speed paint of this picture shared on Scratch, click here.