Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Illustrated Fandom Quotes

It's another bunch of fanart! XD Well, tbh, these were all done before or during the summer holidays and I (sort of) forgot to share them. Actually, I've been dying to just put these here on my blog. XD The ones of Tigress and the first one of Elsa are already on my DeviantART, but the rest aren't.

Also, an extra notice! :D I recently did an awesome guest post collab with Megan who runs the fantastic blog, Megan's Mega Blog! If you have the time, please do check out her part of the collab, What's in my Sketchbook, just by clicking here! You can find mine, My Terrific Ten Art Tips, over at her blog by clicking here. We worked really hard on this collab and we'd be glad if you could check out our posts and leave a nice comment! <3

I think I did this at the beginning of August. It took SO
long, all the details and everything, and probably
because I'd never done the Wolf Boss before. In case
you don't know, he's Shen's second in command in
Kung Fu Panda 2. :3 (I still laugh so hard at that part when
Shen says "the Year of the Peacock begins now!" and the
Wolf Boss tells him it's the middle of the year. Then Shen
threatens him and he's like "and this is the year, of course,  
of the Peacock. Happy New Year, sir." 
Someone help, I'm going to crack up again. X'D)

YES I drew Shen. >:D This was in the scene
in the fireworks factory when Shen and the
Soothsayer were discussing Shen's parents. :3
(It was somewhere after the part where Po and the
Furious Five escaped the falling tower
(by jumping onto the roof and flying XD))

This is my favourite. X3 I've already done this one before, nearly a
year ago (maybe you remember I posted the uncoloured
version and then the coloured version), but I wanted to
redo it, because there are so many mistakes in the old one
and besides, this is from one of my favourite scenes in
KFP 2 (the boat scene with Tigress and Po about their
discussions about the hardcore and so on ;3) I did this
one in watercolours.

Tigress again! :D This was something I started way before
 the summer holidays but never got round to finishing it. Then
during the holidays, I decided to finish and edit it, because the
colouring was off. "That... was pretty hardcore" is  something
she says to Po after the cannon ball scene (one of the best
moments in Kung Fu Panda 2). I could've done better on
the shading of her outfit. XD

edit: this is so uggglllyyyy xD

So, Elsa! (For once) I'm happy with how this turned
out. :D I had so much fun with the hair. For the lighting,
I coloured it in lightly in those areas and rubbed it out slightly
with the sharp end of a rubber (that trick works SO well! :O)
Oh yeah, I know the snowflakes are off, but nvm. XD

I did this ages ago - I think it was in June. I found a reference
and my immediate reaction was Imma draw this right now. :O
 It was fun! I'm wondering whether it would've looked better with
"Here I stand in the light of day" rather than "Let the storm
rage on" though. :P

Any feedback or constructive criticism would be appreciated as always! :D

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What's in my Sketchbook ~ Guest Post with Megan's Mega Blog

Hi guys! My name is Megan and I'm the author of Megans Mega Blog. I run a creative lifestyle blog featuring everything from fashion design and art, to baking and celebrating. Today I'm putting my own twist on the 'What's in my Backpack' post and I'll be showing you 'What's in my Sketchbook'! You'll be getting a sneak peek of some of my trial runs, finished pieces and technique pages of artwork.

The first page is full of different sorts of flowers as well as some leaves and bits of greenery. This is one of the pages in my sketchbook where I practice a particular technique or draw a specific subject. I recommend doing this every now and then to help you to learn new styles. Once you've practiced it several times, you can start to involve it in your art. A great starting point for this method is to use references to inspire your drawings. At first I copied out some elements from my colouring books then had a go at creating my own flowers, based on them.

Recently I have been trying out the kawaii style so here is a kawaii panda drew. Instead of following a tutorial, I decided to look up images of kawaii pandas before putting pen to paper. I often look at the best illustrations I can find and mix them up whilst drawing until I am happy with my version of the picture.This way I'm not copying the original artists but I am being inspired by their work and creating a unique piece. I thought I would add a few cute touches to my panda by drawing a heart shaped patch patch on it's chest and putting light pink blush on it's cheeks. I needed to practice kawaii faces so I looked up kawaii features and used them to decorate a heart-shaped balloon.

I felt like I still needed to practice the kawaii style, so I turned the page and began work on a pastel pink animal. This wasn't an original drawing of mine, this time I copied someone else's picture. It's OK to copy images off of the internet sometimes, as long as it is just for practice. You cannot sell a copied piece of work but sometimes , when I am drawing something for the first time , I will copy an image to get me used to the subject. This can be useful but you should aim to create new art most of the time. I didn't realise when I was drawing this that it was an alpaca *face palm* so I wrote llama in fancy writing above. You can see that there are strange pen marks on this picture, this is because ink bled through onto it. To avoid this happening, you should put a piece of scrap paper under your work as you draw, the ink will collect on that instead of the next page.

For my next piece of art, I was inspired by a YouTube video. YouTube is a great platform for inspiration. I watched a DIY school supplies video which showed you how to decorate boring notebooks with simple things. I saw an amazing zentangle style notebook that I thought I could make. However I didn't have a plain notebook. To solve the problem, I just drew my design on paper. It was really fun to create my unique corner page doodle. Zentangle patterns and shapes come from your mind so every design turns out different. I used black fineliners to create this.

My 5th drawing was drawn without looking at any references. It is a pencil sketch of a very elegant cupcake. I drew the icing in layers of sausage shapes that got smaller as they got higher. The last layer was a cute swirl. To add a pretty touch, I drew two types of delicate sprinkles evenly over the cake. I drew a saucer after the cupcake which was a big mistake, as the cake is not central. For a finishing touch I created a swirly typography and used it to write out 'cupcakes..' above the picture. To help fill the space, I made it in a slight curve over the roundish cake shape. I think it may have looked better with pastel colours on it. It needs to stand out more so maybe colour would help?  

I was inspired by some of Kenza's newest posts for this next coloured piece. At the moment I've been noticing that she has been drawing lots of fanart, so I did some of my own. however, unlike Kenza's, mine is fanart for a book! There aren't many pictures in the book I chose, so most of this is from my imagination. Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy is the book this piece was for. The first thing I did was to draw out the main character as I imagined her, in the centre of the page. I used descriptions from the book to create her outfit. I aren't happy with the way her face turned out. Also, the page kept flaking away as I coloured so the skinny jeans had white gaps all over. If I drew this again, I would use pens all over it. To fill the space, I drew little pictures that were part of the story and wrote related words all over the page with my fineliner. To create the border, I used kawaii washi tape to line the edges.


If you liked this post or are curious for more, please check out my blog MegansMega Blog. There's always something going on! There's lots of inspiration for all of your creative projects! Thanks to Kenza for letting me write for her amazing blog! If you would like to see what she wrote for my blog click the link here! Thanks for reading! Bye!

Kenza: Megan's style of art is really inspiring and creative and I think she's shared some really interesting tips here! I really enjoyed working on this collab with her and hope to do another some time in future. :D

Also, please do check out and enter the awesome giveaway contest Megan has on her blog! The prizes you can win are epic!! :D The deadline is 30th September and more details are on the original post.