Friday, 23 October 2015

Prezzie (or present?)

Since I already gave a huge update on my last post, I don't have much news from my side today (lol XD) except for the fact that it's half term for me very soon. Like, YEEAAAH I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! 8DD This is me.
*cough* Anyway...! :D


This prezzie (present, gift, whatever, I'll say prezzie because unfortunately it's not a major gift - ahh I'm so sorry, school has been making me lag! ;-;) is for Captain Nathat (love the name btw <3), i.e. the amazing Nattie, for her birthday! :D (This still isn't enough to repay you for all those amazing art requests you've given me since though. D:) So, it's Spirit from Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron! (which I still need to watch, I mean I'm obsessed with DreamWorks, yet I still haven't watched this one, I mean seriously (!) :O and it looks like a totally awesome movie, and it is of course) because I know you like the film, and horses of course. ;D Obviously I didn't do that great, I mean, you'd probably be able to see all my mistakes on impact, so. XD But it was so fun to draw! ^^

It's not much, but hope you like it anyway! :3 Happy birthday! (for yesterday! :D)

Btw, Nattie has a blog, and it's SO cool! It's really worth checking out. If you're interested, please do take a look and leave a nice comment (click here). :D (the gifs crack me up X'D)

(PS I know there are lots of things I should be replying to, but I have limited time right now so I'm afraid I can't. If I haven't replied to some of you, please don't be impatient - I promise I'll try to get there in the end when I can! :D)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Inktober Drawings

Okay, so I am back (kind of) and I've come to post some stuff that's been collecting up since I last posted.

I know I haven't replied to some comments and commented on posts (apologies! D:), but I thought I might as well at least post something, since the last time I posted here was (wow) a whopping 43 days and sure, that was like, a really long time ago... :O

So I've been doing the (awesome) Inktober challenge (or part of it anyway) and I thought I'd post what I made (tbh, not much XD). For anyone who doesn't know, Inktober is a drawing challenge in which you make an ink drawing (of anything at all) for every day of October (or as much as you can do).

Oh yeah, I got a Tumblr. It's (to no one's surprise).

Okay enough of my super long news report and onto the art...

Elsa was the first idea that came to me, so! ;D I really enjoyed doing this
one (even though I utterly failed on the shading -.-). The one on the
left is from Frozen Fever (the Frozen short I really badly want to watch >.<)
and the one on the right is from the ice palace scene (like, that scene when
Anna sees the ice palace for the first time :3). The right one
(as you can tell) didn't turn out great. O.O
Oh yeah, and signatures, because why not?

I spent ages deciding what to do for Tigress and then I was like, omg
I know that bit where Po tells Tigress the truth in KFP 2 (lol I always do things
from the sequel XD) and, well, yeah I did this. :P Okie, so the one on the
left is okay, but the one on the right I think I could've done
better on. :3 (#IAmObsessedWithTigressButIHaveToDrawHer

edit: the one on the right is awful. Don't look at it. Please. Heck, the right eye is too big

This is supposed to be Fariza, like, my OC, a character from
the story I'm writing and narrator of the SN short I wrote for last year's
NaNoWriMo. Hm, okay, so first off, this looks bad even though
I did somehow did capture her appearance. I accidentally made her
look too young and lots of it is off, so. XD (I always critique my artwork.)

Hiccup and Astrid (in HTTYD2) because these two dorks are awesome.
(they're my otp for httyd) I had a lot of fun with this! :D Even though it took
a really long time to finish. There are some mistakes (which I
won't mention since I don't want to ruin the overall effect XD) and stuff,
but I think I'm happy with it. ;D

edit: might as well say now that it was Hiccup's mouth I ruined when doing it in ink (it's too obvious not to notice)

Thanks for viewing! Feedback is always appreciated. :D

(I may be listening to Kung Fu Fighting. My excuse is that the Gummy Bear Song was stuck in my head.)