Monday, 28 December 2015

'Tis the season to do some drawings

KENZA HAS RETURNED. (i may have copied kai's dramatic entrance because i couldn't find a good way to start this and too hyped for KFP3 whoops.)

Happy holidays! ;D

Um ya, so I was on Tumblr. And I've already posted some of these on there along with my long list of spam. XD Whoops again. But somehow the posts I make myself get so many notes on them (likes/reblogs) and speaking of which, I made another random post which got *drumroll* 150+ notes. HOW? Yeah so basically I was searching for Kung Fu Panda 3 transparency images (*cough* for Dragon_Warrior_Po on Scratch *cough*) and I came across this image of Po and Tigress (omg she actually has nunchucks i died) and the fandom hadn't seen it, so I posted it and it went viral. O.o I felt like I'd been run over by notes. Ahaha, I'm so fabulous everyone likes me. (...nAH, just kidding)

Oh it looks like I mostly only did fanart again. WHOOPS. It was unintentional.
(Actually tbh, I kind of had art block since I hadn't drawn in ages so I just decided to draw fanart because it's easy. :P)
I drew Olaf as well, but forgot to photograph the picture and now it's the evening so there's no light. Whoops again.

Lei Lei is SO adorable. I couldn't resist.
Stripy babyyyyyy.
Can't draw the Tigress action figurine. >.<
Note to self: never shade with an ink pen with
a tip of 0.05 or higher. 'Cause it doesn't work out.
(OH and if you need something cute from this
little cutie just look at this. ^^')

I made this Olaf plate. Some people are worth melting
for is probably my favourite Olaf quote. :3 

(SORRY NOT SORRY.) Hm I was going to fit in the rest of
the Furious Five, Mr. Ping and Shifu, but eh there wasn't
much space and I was too lazy. XD So I just did
these two nerds (asajsdjhbaybklmdu Tigress's winter
feast outfit is SO cool).

Just been practising for this KFP3 prompt thing
on Tumblr (draw yourself as a KFP character).
Eh this one doesn't resemble me much apart
from the fur coat and fingerless gloves. :P
I've done lots of pictures of this fursona... this
one is probably my favourite. :3 I was going
to re-draw this digitally but my Wacom isn't
working as it should, so I have to download
the whole driver thing again until I can use the
desktop. -_- I based this a bit off Su Wu, Mei Ling
and Tigress (KFP felines ;D).
(Bad photo, I know) Ta-da, my KFP fursona again
because I'm actually happy with how this one
turned out. Oh and nunchucks. The markings are
different on this one because I changed them
so they'd look more like a leopard/snow leopard. :3
I like this character so much now idek. XD

(Another bad photo) I crossed out the top one
because the left eye totally failed and I
couldn't correct it. >.< Soo this is meant to
be Fariza. Still can't get her 100% accurate. ;-;
I used Anna as a reference to help me with the top
right one. I'm still debating with myself over
Fariza's design. :o Still can't draw people well.
(I drew this back in September and forgot to
share it, so naturally it's lost it's "shine". XD)

Feedback is very much appreciated! Also, on another note, I was thinking of drawing either a tiger, one of my OCs again, or Jasmine (Aladdin) ... any preferences? :D