Monday, 28 December 2015

'Tis the season to do some drawings

KENZA HAS RETURNED. (i may have copied kai's dramatic entrance because i couldn't find a good way to start this and too hyped for KFP3 whoops.)

Happy holidays! ;D

Um ya, so I was on Tumblr. And I've already posted some of these on there along with my long list of spam. XD Whoops again. But somehow the posts I make myself get so many notes on them (likes/reblogs) and speaking of which, I made another random post which got *drumroll* 150+ notes. HOW? Yeah so basically I was searching for Kung Fu Panda 3 transparency images (*cough* for Dragon_Warrior_Po on Scratch *cough*) and I came across this image of Po and Tigress (omg she actually has nunchucks i died) and the fandom hadn't seen it, so I posted it and it went viral. O.o I felt like I'd been run over by notes. Ahaha, I'm so fabulous everyone likes me. (...nAH, just kidding)

Oh it looks like I mostly only did fanart again. WHOOPS. It was unintentional.
(Actually tbh, I kind of had art block since I hadn't drawn in ages so I just decided to draw fanart because it's easy. :P)
I drew Olaf as well, but forgot to photograph the picture and now it's the evening so there's no light. Whoops again.

Lei Lei is SO adorable. I couldn't resist.
Stripy babyyyyyy.
Can't draw the Tigress action figurine. >.<
Note to self: never shade with an ink pen with
a tip of 0.05 or higher. 'Cause it doesn't work out.
(OH and if you need something cute from this
little cutie just look at this. ^^')

I made this Olaf plate. Some people are worth melting
for is probably my favourite Olaf quote. :3 

(SORRY NOT SORRY.) Hm I was going to fit in the rest of
the Furious Five, Mr. Ping and Shifu, but eh there wasn't
much space and I was too lazy. XD So I just did
these two nerds (asajsdjhbaybklmdu Tigress's winter
feast outfit is SO cool).

Just been practising for this KFP3 prompt thing
on Tumblr (draw yourself as a KFP character).
Eh this one doesn't resemble me much apart
from the fur coat and fingerless gloves. :P
I've done lots of pictures of this fursona... this
one is probably my favourite. :3 I was going
to re-draw this digitally but my Wacom isn't
working as it should, so I have to download
the whole driver thing again until I can use the
desktop. -_- I based this a bit off Su Wu, Mei Ling
and Tigress (KFP felines ;D).
(Bad photo, I know) Ta-da, my KFP fursona again
because I'm actually happy with how this one
turned out. Oh and nunchucks. The markings are
different on this one because I changed them
so they'd look more like a leopard/snow leopard. :3
I like this character so much now idek. XD

(Another bad photo) I crossed out the top one
because the left eye totally failed and I
couldn't correct it. >.< Soo this is meant to
be Fariza. Still can't get her 100% accurate. ;-;
I used Anna as a reference to help me with the top
right one. I'm still debating with myself over
Fariza's design. :o Still can't draw people well.
(I drew this back in September and forgot to
share it, so naturally it's lost it's "shine". XD)

Feedback is very much appreciated! Also, on another note, I was thinking of drawing either a tiger, one of my OCs again, or Jasmine (Aladdin) ... any preferences? :D


  1. These are so amazing! I love them all so much!!! The first one is so adorable! I checked out that link too. Did you use it as a reference? The Olaf plate looks so lovely - it's an awesome quote too! Did you use glass paints and\ or permanent markers on it?
    The way you've drawn yourself as a KFP Character as Tigress looks brilliant. And her fur coat is soo cute! And Fariza looks so stunningly pretty! Her top picture looks amazing. It must have been tricky to draw her in that pose. I was wondering, how long does it usually take to draw her or any other character, traditionally?
    Overall, they're all very good. And it's so nice to see you back! XD Keep posting!!! :D

    1. Gosh thank you SO much, Fatima! You made my day!! :D I didn't exactly use the gifs (in the link) as the references - in fact I just copied a picture of Lei Lei I'd taken as a screenshot from the same video source the gifs were from (the top-left and bottom ones - they're both in the gifs though). XD As for the Olaf plate, I think I used both glass paints and permanent markers. :D
      Thanks again! I chose the fur coat because I love wearing them. ;D
      Thanks - about Fariza! :D I still can't draw her well though. :P For the top one, I used Anna (Frozen) as a reference for the pose. To draw Fariza? Hm... these ones didn't take very long... probably 10-30mins max. If I'd done her in detail (like for the first fursona picture in this post), it may have taken an hour? (I'm actually quite slow, so don't get put off by this!)
      Thank you so much! I love reading your comments! :D It's great to talk to you too!

  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh Jasmine would be awesome! Or how about several disney princesses? That would be awesome (you're so good at disney fanart)! I really need to get back into drawing in the new year! Your drawings have been inspiring me to practice more often! Are you thinking of doing the second most voted for post (DIY tutorials) soon? It would be really cool to see you do those! :D

    1. Haha yeah I thought you might say that! :D Omg you just gave me a REALLY good idea! Several Disney princesses? Oh gosh YES, why hadn't I thought about that before? I've added it to my to-do list! Thanks for the suggestion! :D (are there any of the princesses you'd like me to do in particular including Jasmine... like Anna, Mulan, Belle, Moana and so on?) Thank you!! I'm sure you are too! :D
      Aw, thanks, I'm so glad to hear that!
      Yeah, I've been thinking of doing a DIY tutorial! Still brainstorming ideas. XD
      Thanks again Megan!

    2. Hehe! :D Yes that would totally awesome! How about you make it a collab with several artists? It could be done by just you but that might take a while for you. I love Rapunzel from Tangeled, Aurora used to be my fave princess and Tiana is awesome but any disney princesses would be really cool! You're very welcome! :D Great! I can help you with ideas anytime if you want! :D How about a plushie of one of your fave characters like KFP or Olaf? I don't know if you can sew but it's just an idea! :D

    3. :D!! That's an awesome idea! So you mean I could do it with you, for example?
      Yeah, great!! :D I'll do Rapunzel! And Aurora and Tiana would be epic! Aw, thank you! ;D I really appreciate your suggestions! That's a cool idea! I'll think about that! In fact you gave me an idea by mentioning KFP!... well, the idea is not KFP but a kawaii panda would look cute, wouldn't it? :3 Thanks again! I really appreciate it when you give me ideas! :DD

    4. Sure! That would be aweosme! But you could do it with anyone you want. :D Cool!You're very welcome! Yes that would be SO cute!!! No problem! It's fun to come up with ideas! :D

    5. Sure! That would be aweosme! But you could do it with anyone you want. :D Cool!You're very welcome! Yes that would be SO cute!!! No problem! It's fun to come up with ideas! :D

    6. Okie! :D I'll think about the kawaii panda idea! Thanks you!! <3 Yeah it is! :D

    7. Whoops, I meant "thank" you. XD

  3. Ahh I meant to comment earlier but I'm such a procrastinator! D: Anyway Kenza, these are amazing! I LOVE how much your art is improving lately, like, it's a MASSIVE amount of improvement! xD I've been stalking your tumblr long enough to know who Lei Lei is (geez, all those posts, you're on a fangirl roll! xD I don't blame you though!) and you drew her perfectly here! Such a cute little nut. ;-; And ahh I love your new fursona! I could have guessed she'd be a feline. xD AND KFP style too. You're amazing at those! Anddd did I tell you how good you've become at poses and expressions lately?? Because you're TOO good. And omg it's Fariza! I feel so bad now because last time I drew her, I totally sucked. I didn't do her half justice. :C But you put her down amazingly here! Like, I love how you can just tell her personality just by looking at her face! Oh and her hair is really pretty too, I love the style! :D Also love how you put that flower-tie thing (forgot what they're called) in her hair, you make it seem so realistic! and omg if you're going to be asking for preferences, I'd say ALL OF THEM. >:D if you can, that is. But I'd love to see Jasmine in your style too... Or just any character really, just like Megan suggested up there! ;D Anyway, I'm out of things to say, these are super amazing Kenza, keep up the outstanding work! :D <3

    1. Pffft, no need! (I mean, I hardly ever do anything for you in return ;-;) OH besides, I was going to comment on your blog first today! You beat me to it! :O
      GPOSH! Thank you SO much! Ahhh I don't know how to reply, I never do, your comments are just so sweet. :'D Thank youuu! <3
      Holy-... oh gosh no you haven't have you? X'D I thought you'd long since left it... gosh I spam SO much on there... *slams head through wall* WHY I SHOULD'VE KNOWN.xD (I knoowww I aaam. ;-; FEEL FREE, PLEAAASE spam me back, I'll love it so much, I swear) Gosh thanks!! ;D Your kindness melts me. <3 (Gosh ikr? she's too adorable!^^)
      Haha yeah I just... idk, I love felines too much. XD Thankssss!^^'
      Omg thank you!! I'm honoured! :DD Haha I'm no way near as good as you at that though. You should know that! u.u wHAT? NO WAY! XD Those pictures above I did of Fariza are so old. They need re-doing. Yours is WAY perfect!... mine are trash, you can see that just by glancing at them. XD You did, don't say that!! u.u But thanks anyway! X3 (the drawings I did still don't look like how I imagined Fariza though D: why are you so good at drawing my characters? how.) <3!
      LOL I should've figured out you'd say that. 8D Yeah, I'll try! (When examination preparations stop bombing me. ;-;) Aw thanks buddy! ;D
      Gosh thank you SO much! I love your comments to bits!
      *cough* I was a bit like this when I read your comment:

    2. Omg at your reply! xD You're most welcome!! :'D for everything! And haha we'll see! C:< and LOL that GIF!! xD OH GOSH!! That's exactly how I feel whenever YOU reply! but omg seriously! xD Speaking of which, I guess I'm excited for Zootopia! :D OH and before I forget, I drew these two things for you this morning because I wanted to draw Ali for your birthday, but I'm sure I'm super late for that, but better late than never I guess ;-; and sorry for butchering his design too! for some reason I'm really bad at drawing people. and he looks more like an adult now, even though I know he isn't, so sorry about that too! xD I just hope it's okay! C:> here ya go!: and one is a redrawing and the other is inspired by Ali's do's and don'ts! xD (ps: i wanted to send them to you via dA but i'm not sure how often you check it, so. :D <3 anyway!)

    3. ... he looks so old omg.
      *faceplams* >_<

    4. I'll reply below, because... AAAAAAHHHHH WHAT DID YOU DO NATTIE. OMG! HE LOOKS PERFECT!! Ggghhhhgbjnbbbbbkkkkklllljjjj I DEMAND HOW YOU DID IT! That pose omigosh. And you just capture him PERFECTLY. Please, he does not look old in your picture... that's exactly the age I imagined him. How. Why are you so good at drawing my chars it's unfair. Gosh that cape is just... wow. And his expression omg. I love it okay?! D'you hear me? :O Thank you SO much, you made my day. :'D <3
      LOL oh gosh the second cracked me up! X'D You just totally nailed it! And you even based it on Ali's do's and don'ts! Ahhh how can I ever thank you? Even if I draw you 100 art requests I'll never be able to pay you back properly. XD Awww thank you so much, you're so kind! You didn't have to!
      gosh. Going to treasure these forever. <3

    5. Well about dA, I haven't officially been on it since the summer... even if I check in occasionally. XD Since the school term started back in September I just couldn't get round to it (as with Scratch). Dang I really do need to get on there asap... I promised my friend irl I would go on there soon. XD So yeah, I'll try my best! Sorry for not being on there! D: (There's so much to do on there haha.)

      (Replying to your comment as I said I would...) Yeah that gif! Flash. X'D LOL me too! (Nick is just... I love him too much already. XD)
      1) You did not butcher Ali's design, you got it perfect. 2) You're not late, my birthday wasn't very long ago and besides, you made my day, and that's the important thing.