Friday, 29 January 2016

He can only be defeated by a master of chi

I was going to do other stuff today, but... GUESS WHAT RELEASED IN CINEMAS TODAY! :D I have been waiting millenia for this day gosh. 8D I don't know if I should be screaming or crying... because March is too long away for me in the UK, but... whatever the case, the fandom is exploding like a volcano on Tumblr, I can't even... XD

I looked back at my artwork this week and... all I could find was Tigress. Some of this is art I didn't get round to posting though. So I guess this is a Tigress post? Cue the title... I watched the behind the scenes for Kung Fu Panda 3 and that quote has been echoing in my mind since. XD Tigress what have you done to me. 

Once again, I can't actually do as much as I would like to today, but I'll try over the weekend! (I'll post about the Disney Princess collab next! :D)

Today I'm not in a fangirling mood for some reason. Haha, the irony. 

So I watched KFP Secrets of the Scroll and OH MY GOODNESS.
It was SO much better than I could have imagined. The humour, emotion
and awesomeness were blended together perfectly! I could ramble for
ages about how good this DreamWorks short is, but... it basically
revolves around Po and Tigress as teens and how the Furious Five came
together for the first time (what the heck, it was Po who did it XD)
Tigress is just a cutie in this omg. And so is Po. And Crane is a redhead
oh gosh. XD And Po has this super cute tuft. And Po falls in love with kung fu
because of Tigress (when you realise Po's fanboy crush is the fandom)
(twist your hips, recoil and exteeennnddd) And the emotion and depth
and Oogway and Shifu (oh boy, Shifu XD) and... okay nevermind,
y'all have to watch this if you get the chance! ;3

Tigress is melting me and I haven't even watched the movie yet.
I had a super difficult time finding good pictures of her... gee
she needs to smile a bit more. X'D And then after I did this
shortly afterwards I found DreamWorks had released
REALLY good pictures of her. why.
OH but her relationship with Lei Lei is the cutest thing
in animation I've seen (hm their connection seems SO much
like that of Maleficent and Aurora in Maleficent... like what if
because Angelina Jolie voices them both? OKAY that
theory is SO cool... maybe I should draw something about it...
or wait maybe not because exam preparations are bombing me.)
Lol I should have coloured this, but... meh idk, maybe tomorrow. XD

Well... this is a DIY Tigress-inspired notebook
I made, like inspired by the lily patterns on Tigress's new
outfit. I just wanted to do a KFP DIY thing so bad...
I took this in steps but I don't have any time right now
to write that all up...
I also have another DIY tutorial planned, like,

Monday, 18 January 2016

I forgot the entrée

Right. I'm back. My previous post was trash, besides and it was only the starter. And I didn't finish, because I had to go before I could, so that's what I'm writing this for. XD

I'm SO sorry if I haven't replied to any of you! D: I promise I'll do that as soon as I get the chance! I've been so busy with school. >.< I thought I might as well share this just so everything doesn't get out of date. 

Anyway, if you have suggestions for anything I could draw/make, I would ABSOLUTELY appreciate it, honestly! :D Suggestions make my day. I'm going to draw a couple of Disney princesses (thanks, Megan! :D) when I have some time left over. ^^ Then I'll also be doing a DIY tutorial (because that scored the second most votes in the poll) when I get more time. XD All ideas are most welcome!


I promised I'd share this, so now eventually, I have! Even though I was meant to
share this back in the holidays. XD So yeah, it's Olaf!  This didn't take very long.
But the snowflakes... GOSH, they were complicated. :O I had fun with it!
I was intending to post this on the Winter Solstice, just because that's
supposed to be Elsa's birthday. Okay it's Olaf, not Elsa, but oh well. XD
I've been longing to draw Olaf for ages.
OH speaking of Frozen, Disney are doing Frozen 2. And it's probably
going to release the same year as HTTYD3 (2018). :O I hope some of the
ideas "they have for the movie" are scrapped or just rumours though
(gosh Disney wouldn't kill off Elsa would they??! :O)

Get ready to dance... with danger... because I drew Mei Mei! :3
Lately I've just been getting obsessed with her... which totally
contrasts with a year ago when DreamWorks released footage/info
of her and lots of people in the KFP fandom (I may have been one
of those people oops) kinda... disliked her. Because she used to
*cough* be a "threat to TiPo" *cough*. But she's not and she's
SO cool! And cute. And fabulous. Watching Mei Mei's
vlogs on DreamWorksTV has increased my love her even more.
(Gosh especially this one. X'D) So, yeah, I drew her.
Watch me whip, now watch me Mei Mei.
Because you never know what Mei Mei happen.
Very punny.
*screams hysterically* 11 DAYS LEFT!... or more than double that for UK people ;-;
(whyyy can't I just go to the US for the day? *cries* D':) It could be worse though...
if I couldn't go to the cinema. Omg. XD
The soundtrack for this movie is SO beautiful...

This is a card I made for one of my friends irl.
I chose kawaii cupcakes because they look so cute! :3
I love kawaii so much.^^

Sorry if it bores anyone that I keep drawing fanart... <:D I'd love to draw lots of other things, but fanart is the only easiest option atm because I have lots of schoolwork and little time... >.< I'll try though! Please do keep sending in suggestions! :D (Maybe I'll make a huge collection of art once exams are over. XD) As for writing, I have LOTS to share (since I do a lot of it during school time of course XD). I might also make another photography post? My two photography posts (I posted before) are highest in the stats and I've shared next to nothing of all the thousands of photographs I took in Morocco. :P

Thanks for viewing! <3

Thursday, 14 January 2016

When you get obsessed with your fursona

I keep drawing this fursona, because... I don't know.

Oh and while I was away I got REALLY bombed by KFP3 spoilers. *headdesk* whyyyy did I read all that stuff ;-; Gosh I couldn't resist. But Tigress has a tea party with Lei Lei. I'm actually glad I read that. (But I didn't sign up for Po doing the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself. I seriously don't know what DreamWorks are up to these days.) So on one hand, Kung Fu Panda 3 gets released in 15 days and I'm excited but then on the other hand I'm not because it doesn't get released until March in the UK so I'm bracing myself for the spoiler bombs. #UnpreparedForTheRageOfWar

I also (YES AT LONG LAST!) finally watched Mulan, Ice Age 4, Home and Rise of the Guardians and they are all SO cool. Mulan is just... too good for words omg. Disney just nailed it with the Chinese elements. I think Mulan has become my favourite Disney princess (besides Jasmine and Anna). :3 And Ice Age 4 just had all the amazing characters and awesome humour. Shira is so cool as I predicted and she's a female feline AND tiger omg... so naturally I like her too much. *wink* *wink* 
And Home... okay, one of my favourite DreamWorks films now... I mean, Tip is AWESOME.
And Rise of the Guardians... another one of my favourite DreamWorks films now. It's just epic... all those awesome animation details and the characters (oh gosh, Jack, he's perfect).
I also watched Kung Fu Panda again, because I hadn't watched it for an eternity (even though I've watched the sequel a dozen times no kidding).
Wow I watched too many films over the holidays. XD

Good. I filled the gap well. Onto the pictures now...

Hello, here's a very bad picture I drew of my fursona.
Maybe this would be okay if I hadn't
failed on drawing the arm again.
Just an extra picture of the one I posted before.
Yeah now everyone knows I failed on this one.

I actually like these. XD Apart from that
the one on the right doesn't really look
like a sitting pose... I actually copied a
pose from the concept art of the Wu sisters
because I was out of ideas for that one. XD

(in which i decided to do a 5 minute drawing of Tigress in Paint)
I'm so proud of this. <3
No of course I'm not. This is trash, don't believe
I seriously put this in here because I liked it.

Omg I last came on here before my birthday. That was ages ago. XD

WOAH I need to go. I didn't do nearly anything. Sorry guys! ;-;