Thursday, 18 February 2016


Since it's half term, I got to do some more artwork. And finally ended my 6-months-away hiatus on dA. ;D

Note: the Disney Princess collab is still open! Click here for details!
(Please don't feel obliged to do this if you don't have time though! This is only for fun - we just wanted to let everyone join in! :D)

This is a card I made for my bff (irl). I like the result... except for the
anatomy which is off... XD I think the gold ribbon sparked
some colour in it. :3

I meant to share this on the 8th February for the
start of the Lunar New Year. It's the Year of the
Monkey! ;D But if I'm right, it's still being celebrated?
So happy lunar new year!! :D
I used a couple of references for this picture. The
symbol in red in the middle means "good fortune"
in Chinese I think, and the letters at the bottom
are "happy new year" in Chinese. (Excuse my poor
Chinese writing skill!^^' At least I have calligraphy pens XD).
Last year I promised I'd make another project
(like the one that got featured on Scratch last year)
for this year, but exam preparations stopped me. D:
So maybe next year!

I watched the first episode of Miraculous Ladybug
and I LOVED IT! I've yet to watch all the other
episodes. :D (okay I ship Marinette and Adrien now) Marinette
is so cool, so I decided to draw her. :3 These
are just a couple of doodles though, they're
not great. XD I'm working on another picture
which I might share soon.

I love Home so much! And Tip is my favourite
character of course. ;3 So I decided to draw her!
This is just a WIP... I know the arms aren't right
yet. And I haven't finished her afro yet either.
I loooovvvve how DreamWorks animated her hair
though! (Like in these gifs.) So I was inspired. ;D

So one day when I had no WiFi recently I drew Tigress in FreshPaint... it was just for practise and I'm not so happy with the results (I think I could do better than this if I'd had more time... I screwed up on the eyes ;-;).The drawing process is below...

(it started off okay)

(it was still okay here I think?)

(so here I changed the eye on the left... congrats kenza you
ruined it)

(yeah I could've done better on the outfit...
but I live on layers when I do digital art...
FreshPaint and Paint don't have layers ;-;)
(I still haven't been able to watch KFP3 because I live in the UK, of course, so this is only the beginning. XD)


  1. The card looks so dazzling with it's typography, the silhoutte effect and the gold ribbon!
    And Tigress isn't that bad either!

    1. Thanks so much Zainab!! :D I always love your comments! ♡
      The eye on the left is totally wrong though. XD But thanks!

  2. xD Goodness those chemistry things! I learned those too, honestly Avogadro's and the mole weren't that hard! xD Much better than your average math! or to me that is. xD Annywaay I love that silhouette! :D and omg did you actually write that? :O Whoa it looks so hard to do! I don't think I can ever write anything in Chinese. Ever. xD Wow this is amazing! And hm I just did a search on Miraculous Ladybug and it looks amazing! :O I've got to watch that! The characters seem to be so cute and whoa. ;-; You drew (I'm guessing that's the main character right?) You drew her amazingly! She's so adorable in your style omg! eeeepp omg I'm so excited right now!! And gosh you drew Tip really spot on too! xD I doubt I could ever have the patience for an afro! Speaking of which, I've still got to watch that movie. ._. way behind. School is killing me as of late. but oh well, excuses will be over soon! u_u And you drew Tigress again! She's ALWAYS amazing in our style, I love it! Every time you draw her, it's always accurate.
    Keep up the amazing work (and posts! ;-; buddy!)