Saturday, 19 March 2016

I'm trying to be creative

Cue the dramatic entrance. *kicks door open* Kenza has returned. (now that's a dramatic entrance... nah not really). Just dumping some more art. I didn't do much (because I'm hopelessly busy ;-;) so I decided I would post my doodles too. *-*

So I kind of finished it? This could do with colour, but idk if I have time. xD I fixed the dragon, but now it's not visible. >.< Gaahhhh I need to watch KFP3 a second time at the cinema now, I'm not even kidding. It's too gooood. <3

Birthday card for one of my best friends irl! :D I drew her Sonic OC, because she's totally awesome (Nightshade). I want to draw her again. If you have time, do check out my friend's dA! Her art is amazing! :D Click here.


I finished the TigressxAstrid crossover! :D I'm happy with how the colouring turned out! :3 (Tigress should wear fur coats now.) Okay, if any of you were actually interested in where I got the inspiration, check out this video on DreamWorksTV. Hiccup looks AMAZING in Jack's outfit help me. LOL, the crossover with North and Oh cracked me up. And ROTFL, Shrek in Jack's outfit. XD Lol I'm not focusing but oh well haha.
Now DWA had better cross over Tigress and Astrid (the sass xD).
 lol Eret what are you doing here dude

Guess whooo I'm drawing. I tried anyway.


no no no, just no xD 
Use your imaginaaaation.

edit: that's Mei Mei in the corner not Po
and whoa Tigress's arms look really chunky there xD 


And a really bad drawing of Mei Mei underneath. xD

her puppy eyes help ♡

Doodles of my friend's Sonic OC, Nightshade. ;D
I totally failed here. ;-;
edit: her arms aren't the same length xD


Thursday, 3 March 2016

Life is a box of art (or not)

Oooomg... nevermind. Inner-- inner-- inner peace...

Okay so I did some art (and atm I'm trying to contain my excitement for something, but I'm not going to bother saying what because I'm sure everyone knoowwsss XD jjjjjjjj so excited ahhhhh ,mmmmm lllllllllll)


Okay, Miraculous Ladybug has now become my favourite TV series. :D
I've watched most of the episodes now and they're all SO awesome!
(Lol and m'lady... good pun, Adrien. XD)
But Hawkmoth is the best villain in a TV series ever, like, seriously. how.
Even if he just stays in his lair the whole time and gets others to do his bidding for him. :P
Oh yeah, about the picture (XD) I'm actually happy with how it turned out! :D

I pretty much mentioned everything last time, but I've finished Tip now! :D
I'm also wondering if I should colour her in?
The afro was super hard, but totally fun. XD
I think it could do with some inking. Hm.
And yeah as I mentioned before, I can't stress how good dwa animated her hair. It's so life-like. :O

You bet I'm excited for Zootopia. But I probably won't be able
to see it until the DVD release. D: But omg, this film is going to be SO
So I drew Judy! She's so cool! :D I wanted to draw Nick (I can't get over him gosh xD)
but I didn't have time. >.< (yeah okay I ship them but it's reeeaal)
I know, this picture has loads of mistakes.

So I was practising Fariza! I used Anna, Astrid and some other
references for this. Most of these didn't turn out great though. :P
I'm practising drawing her so I can do this animation thing.
In fact, I made 2 gifs, but they're trash. I might post
them on the Moonlight Tribe blog. Oh yeah, I have two
writing things I did in English about Fariza... I'll share those soon. :3

WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN! I didn't just mash-up my
two favourite DreamWorks girls just like that...
it's for the KFP3 prompt I'm still hopelessly behind on,
cross over kfp and another fandom of your choosing.
So yeah, I chose Tigress and Astrid because they're both so awesome
and what better than to cross over two DWA fandoms?
This isn't finished yet... when I'm done I'll tell y'all where I got the inspiration from. 
It's funny. XD

edit: that picture that once belonged here totally is going down in flames. o.o'

I apologise for fangirling too much. I'm too hyper rn. Sorry! This is a waste of your time - you do not have to comment on this. :P Oh yeah gtg sorry. :(

*laughs nervously*