Saturday, 9 April 2016

~An extra bundle of doodles~

Edit: these doodles are so bad. ;-; I need to top this post. >.<

Wow so much happened since I last posted. And this might be my last post for a while because my exams are coming way too soon. (In a month *gulp* O.O). Wish me luck~DreamWorksMy holiday is almost over unfortunately. But it was so fun!
I uh purchased a DreamWorks magazine. I think it's a new DWA magazine, issue 1? (And now I have a kfp3 keyring yusss). There's this really good KFP comic in it (with Tigress being a dork dragging Po down the stairs lol yesss cuties). I also learned that Tigress can't slice cabbages. XD And a really good picture of Astrid and Stormfly on the back that I need to keep <3

And omigosh, yes +Captain Nathat I watched Spirit and it was SO amazing!! I have another favourite DreamWorks movie now. :0 No I'm not kidding, it was such a beautiful movie (omg the soundtrack was just wow I'm totally going to listen to that again). I want to watch it again! (and oh gosh the feels ;-;) We need to talk about this please.

Also, we're still doing the colouring pages, right Megan? :D And I need to get Moana finished for the Disney Princess collab! ^^ I could just leave it as it is without ink or colour - I'll show you on G+ soon if that's okay! :)

I was basically inspired by this picture of Mulan here and I really wanted to draw Tigress in that pose, so. I drew her eyes too small whoops. xD I also drew her a new outfit because of this theory in the KFP fandom on Tumblr (that the lily on her new outfit is blossoming from her previous outfit, reflecting her character development... really good theory ;D) so I thought, hey why not draw more lillies? :3 And a cape because why not. Also I know her leg is out of proportion - I was supposed to correct that but I forgot. ^^' Hopefully I can do something like this in detail with my Wacom in the summer holidays. :D (i need to pass my exams though O.o)
edit: there's already this other picture of Po here that I could've used... whoops xD

So I found this The Lion King book I must've had when I was younger, called Simba and Nala help Bomo. And some other Disney books. I know y'all might be wondering why a teen like me is still looking at books like that but the artwork looks like it's come straight from the movie and it's pretty good for a book for younger kids! :D I wanted to do quick drawings of Nala, but she looks a lot like Simba here. xD



I added a new one.
lol now it looks like he's looking at himself in the top right one.

Stripy babyyyy. So as you can see I'm up to something here.
OH wait, her paws are wrongly drawn in the one on the left, just realised that. XD
Anyway, there are these two pictures in The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3 here and here (the book I'm still waiting to buy) where Tigress has a blue dress (from Mei Mei?) nooo that shouldn't have been scrapped from the movie. ;-; and rotfl Po xD Also used these as references(the Tigress concept art from the art of KFP) for expressions. In addition, I used references from this really cool Tumblr blog, here for some of the pictures I drew. ^^ And also Mulan to help with the dress.
(now I need to do a digital drawing when I'm finally free :P)
edit: yo I drew her arms wrong there xD

Edit: just deleted a few because I don't like them anymore. xD

lol I'm listening to the KFP3 soundtrack suite rn and it's just sooo good and Kai's theme tune... and I just... amaazing O.O

I'd reply to messages now, but I really have to go and do some chemistry revision on the halogens and alkali metals so adiĆ³s amigos.

i really like that fan mei mei

Friday, 8 April 2016

Elsa and Astrid (oil pastel drawings)

So I've been watching a lot of speedpaints on YouTube lately and I've noticed most people don't use colouring pencils, but other art materials like oil pastels, promarkers, copics, etc.. And I found a set of oil pastels I hadn't used in ages so I decided to use them to draw Elsa and Astrid. ^^ (And I'm on holiday atm, so I found some time to do these. Took several days though. :3)
Note: I made a new Tumblr blog just for my art! :D In case you're interested, it's ToffeeTiger. You can send asks too if you like (anonymously if you prefer^^) - I love receiving them! (lol this blog is already really popular and I've only made 2 posts xD)
And also yasyasyas I'm SO excited for How To Train Your Dragon 3 in 2018. (I can't wait until DW release the pictures! ;D Oomigosh I wonder what Astrid looks like this time.) And Frozen 2 comes out the same year so bonus! :3 (Elsa and Anna are getting new hairstyles/dresses from what I heard. :0) And speaking of Frozen I saw this new picture of Elsa and Anna that no one's seen yet. :O It's not from Frozen 2, but it looks cute and I want it really badly. (I should've taken a photo whyyy ;-;). (No seriously, I might be one of the only people who've seen it? Yay I feel special. XD)
(And then I'll wait another year or two after that for Kung Fu Panda 4. What a looooong time oh dear. xD)
And without further ado, let's get back to the art. ^_^


For Elsa I started off like this... yup, pretty simple. (I started with her eyes as always - I find it easier to capture the proportions more accurately that way. *-*)

Then I just... idk completed it? XD Elsa's hair is super fun to draw.

Then I played with my oil pastels. I discovered that it's not a good idea to draw on several layers of oil pastel colours... it kind of gets lumpy? I had to scrub it off and start over because of that. Blending works. For the streaks in her hair I used a pencil (it's a lot easier).

Voila. Finished. (Which is obvious since I put my signature down there.) But whoa, her dress is SO complicated! I kept having to re-do bits again and again. xD Just a tip: if you want to add the layer of shine, you're going to need something other than a white oil pastel (I realised that in someone's speedpaint on YouTube). I think you can get special white pens? Not sure. Anyway, I just stuck to the white oil pastel - and went through a lot of pain doing that. XD 



As you can tell, I forgot to do the photo process thing and raced ahead. ._. Lol I think I somehow mastered Astrid's braid. It's really weird but really cool (I did my hair like her recently and it ended up in lots of knots but it was worth it! :3). (I'm interested in knowing how DreamWorks came up with that hairstyle. XD).


I had to stop at this point one day so I just photographed it. Idk maybe this helps?


And lol finished already. Let me tell you something: all the details on Astrid are super hard! I had a tough time trying to get the proportions right. But it's fun when it's challenging (lol Shifu's quote fits in well here, if you only do what you can do you will never be more than you are now, see what I mean? xD). Also I really like how this turned out.


I felt like admiring the results.

Any feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated! <3 (Don't feel obliged to of course, but I love receiving comments - I don't bite! :D) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

(I'd reply to messages now but I don't have much time, so maybe tomorrow! ^^)