Saturday, 23 July 2016

le sam and le captain rance (no. just no.)

I'm actually wondering if I should post these at all because wow, look at that, I ruined their (supposed-to-be-lovely) designs. Man, these are so embarrassing. xD 
So here's some fanart for Rance (super harr guy btw) and Samantha, the lovely OCs that belong to the wonderfully talented +Captain Nathat! *-* (such beautiful characters... if only they were mine... ha no jk I'd never be able to come up with chars as golden as these two dorks xD)
I mean no omigosh I'm SO sorry I mucked them up terribly ugh. ;-; To take your mind of these terrible pictures I drew, I HIGHLY recommend reading her beautiful excerpts y'all!! Like this one. They're SO good and really beautifully written! ;-;
*takes a deep breath* (lol nattie ur gonna kill me for butchering your chars like this)
okie without bg first...
um her dress turned out too gothic whoops x'D
And also the plume things on the shoulders of the dress (or whatever they're called lol) are usually on the dresses of maids right? Dang. xD Also the hands are drawn so flawed I could die. x_x And I'll bet that doesn't even look anything like Sam what. (how is nattie so good at drawing her how ;-;)
Oh yeah almost forgot! xD I used a heck of a lot of references for this one (mainly 18th century dresses... gosh I hope I got that right xD) and I noticed that they always seem to have their hands placed on top of the dress like that (well not like that above of course... I couldn't even draw it well xD).
I must say I had loooads of fun with the hair! ;-; And just about everything until that moment where I realised I'd drawn the anatomy wrong and had to re-do it... whoops. :0
sorry ;-;
With bg... ugh this is too girly why. xD
And this is the part where we all die. holy cow this is awful xD
Well, here goes. *gulp* I ruined it horribly. Wow I mean, look he's too tiny! xD The heck, Rance is like, 6 foot and I drew him 4 foot or something. ;-;  I think I drew the belt too high lol. Ughhh the hands don't even look right (how do you draw hands how??? O.o). And his face doesn't look Rancey enough... something went wrong there. I think the practise drawing looks way better than this. x'D
I mean omigosh I am SO sorry I need to re-do this mess! >.<
lol "squidward explosion gif" is going to appear in your stats now xD

Added some shiny sparkles because this dude is amazing and his uniform is probably really shiny and must smell of lovely Ranciodo and- nope nope nope x'D
Well I did a close-up for Sam just because the dress and anatomy and everything is off. xD

howdy 8')
close-up for ranciodo too because otherwise he looks like a shortbread

I might ship these two cuties. B) Nooo nope I shouldn't be shipping them nooope. xD (Rance is way older than Sam. ;-;) But ugghhh why do you make him so harr Hana? He's irresistible. ;-; But dang I love the argument they had in that excerpt! So cute. ;-; Speaking of which, I should go and read it again.
Ooh and please do read the excerpt +Captain Nathat wrote where Rance meets my OCs Shams and Fariza! It's SO, SO good and totally worth the read... I read it like a dozen times I'm not even kidding. :0 here

Also going to draw more of these two cuties. 8)

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tigress and Lei Lei

Just wanted to post this one quickly because it's actually super late now (despite the fact that I already posted this on Tumblr on the right day xD). So, yeah, since it was Angie's b'day recently I thought it'd be a nice excuse to draw Tigress (since she's Tigress's amazing VA *-* <3) and Lei Lei too because reasons. I was hoping I'd be able to do a mash-up with Maleficent (Maleficent xD) and Lola (Shark Tale) included but unfortunately I didn't have time since back then I was stuck in my long exam journey haha. ^^' You can find the Tumblr post here. C:

I didn't share the step-by-step version on Tumblr because I wanted to do that here instead, so here goes... :D

This part is the lineart done in ink. So yeah, no colour yet. xD

Here I went really light with the colour using an orange Derwent Academy artist pencil... I don't recommend starting off by colouring hard all over with colouring pencils (I've done that before xD) because it just... doesn't look very nice afterwards? So yeah, just lightly at first!

Here I did her markings lightly with a dark umber (dark brown) Derwent Academy artist pencil. As y'all can see it's super light. xD

Next I brightened up the colour using Derwent Academy watercolour pencils for both the fur and markings. Once again, lightly, and then I gradually built it up using slightly different shades (dark umber for the markings and terracotta/deep orange/yellow ochre for the fur). Also Tigress's eyes of course (that would be deep orange and cadmium yellow). So many colours! 8'D

(Somewhere in between the picture above and this one, I added some cadmium yellow highlights for a gold touch on the lighter areas of Tigress's fur.)
Then I kind of just raced ahead (I didn't have time to photograph it all xD). So here's just a close-up of Tigress I guess? I also did her lining with a calligraphy pen (B, because B covers an area quicker). ^^ Furthermore, if you look closely, you'd be able to see that I tapped in lots of gold dots from my gold glitter pen. The reason for that is because Tigress's outfit is more complicated up close. She has a whole net of patterns in the yellow areas of her robe (more in detail here). But it would take me centuries to draw on those beautiful details, so I went for dots instead. xD

Close-up of Lei Lei! xD As you can see, I did her arms with XS and S calligraphy pens (that would be the equivalent of a 0.1 ink pen - my ink pens ran out unfortunately ;-;) and also her eyes. Moreover, I added some pink dots to the flower next to her ear for more detail (using an indigo glitter pen). Little cutie. *o* She's a total cinnamon roll. <3

Here we have a picture without the effects I added on my tablet afterwards (ignore the paperclip xD). I shaded Tigress's trousers/pants/whatever-you-want-to-call-them with a XS for the lighter areas and a B for some of the much darker areas (I must've alternated, using a S/F/M for some areas however). Yup, Lei Lei is holding a balloon despite the fact that I don't think they had balloons in ancient China? Haha oh well. xD Gosh Tigress's new outfit is so hard to draw with all those detailed tiger lillies. ;-; (Ha, it was worth it though!)

Here I added the effects on my tablet. This is the one I shared on Tumblr. c:

Will reply to messages soon! (I have a lot to reply to. xD)

she is so cute <3

Friday, 1 July 2016

Using My Promarker / Aquamarkers

I bought a pack of Aquamarkers and a Promarker in Hobbycraft fairly recently and decided to try them out. ^^ For this first page, I was initially just going to doodle Tigress (this was drawn on an ordinary A4 sheet of paper) but then I decided I wanted to try out Astrid and Tip too (all three with the help of references from my DreamWorks magazines). :3

Yeah have Astrid Hofferson! x'D (why am I doing the surname thing lol)
Basically because I started off with Tigress first but unfortunately I don't have an image of her, so. xD

I coloured Astrid's hair with the one yellow Promarker I have (that's the only Promarker I have atm xD). For her eyes I used a dark blue Aquamarker and a light blue one. As for her band, I must've used the darker shade of the blush colour (it's sort of pink). I've noticed that the Promarkers leak through an ordinary sheet of paper (I haven't tried this yet on a heavyweight page in an art book ^_^)
This is currently my icon on my Tumblr blog (here). :3

Now y'all can see Tigress. Tbh, I don't especially like how Tigress turned out since I made a lot of mistakes in comparison to the other two - bear in mind this whole page was only meant to be a quick, effortless doodle of Tigress herself done in Promarker/Aquamarkers. xD Also started Tip here! Her curls are SO hard to draw! But I love them so much and they're fun so it was totally worth it.

Here I coloured Tip. For her complexion (and everything else) I used an Aquamarker (the blush one I think, or whatever it's called xD) and it kind of created layers over it - similarly to when you set the opacity down on a colour when you're drawing digitally and go over some areas (it gets a bit messy). For this reason, I think I really need to buy a brown Promarker, because they don't do that. Then for the curls (after doing them in brown of course) I drew over lightly with a brown glitter pen from a really good pack of glitter pens I bought in Poundland - they're really worth buying; I found out about them in an art haul video on YouTube and I discovered they were really worth buying. ^^
As for Astrid and Tip in this picture, I tried a different style to the ones from the references I used (their mouths are drawn differently for instance). :3 As for all three of them, I drew them all in pencil first and shaded them, then their eyes were all done with an ink pen. The lining on Tigress's outfit was also done in ink. For Tigress I used this, for Astrid I used this and for Tip I used this (for references) - all pictures in my DreamWorks magazines. C: I was hoping to draw Gia as well (Madagascar 3) but unfortunately there are no pictures of her in either of my DW magazines. That doesn't make sense. xD
These pictures below were done on another day before the ones above when I wanted to try out Marinette (Miraculous Ladybug). :D I also have another picture of Marinette that I drew with Aquamarkers on an ordinary sheet of A4 but I forgot to take a picture of it. :/ (I'll probably add that one in later.)
This was done in my art book this time. Here everything started off pretty well (except for her mouth xD)... I don't even think I used a reference. :0 Haha I'd avoid doing that unless you're experienced - it's not a good idea, trust me, and you'd only be able to draw from memory which isn't so easy. xD (I've also done a digital version of this which I'll share sooner or later. ^_^)

Then I re-drew Marinette (in my art book again) and totally failed. x'D The right eye is totally off (well, both really ^^') and the hair isn't correct on the left side (I reflected this picture in a mirror and all the mistakes showed up immediately - for that reason I drew it more accurately in pencil as y'all can see). Anyhow I coloured this all in with the Aquamarkers (which was rather dumb indeed xD). As I mentioned above, I doodled a different picture of Marinette before and coloured it... I think that one looks a lot better haha. 8D
I'm also hoping I can buy some copic markers soon... they'd be fun to try out. :D
I have too many posts I want to share but I feel like I've posted enough for a day anyway? xD More art coming soon! C:

An Insight Into Drawings/Sketches?

Yoohoo I'm back! My exams are all out of the way finally. I managed to snatch some time for a couple of drawings (also sharing some pictures I didn't get a chance to post before). I think I noticed some improvement while I was away? I managed to draw a bit every day, so... but mainly only some scruffy fanart because I'm faster at that I think. xD (I was also more active on Tumblr than I should have been. :0)

On another note, I got The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3! :D Like, yes, the big book with all the concept art and extra arty behind the scenes from the movie. It's SO beautiful, every single thing in it! For one thing, the Spirit Realm had so much more depth than it did in the final cut and there's so much more about it that I would've loved to see explored in the movie (alas, there's only so much time to tell anything in a movie xD). On top of that, the Chinese-themed artwork in there is the best thing I've ever seen. Some artists at DreamWorks need to get their works presented in an art museum. *-* Lei Lei's concept art is so stinking adorable. <3 I have so much inspiration after looking at that book now. C:

Also I finally watched The Lion King 2! (TLK was my childhood move and I still hadn't watched the sequel? :0) I loved it SO much! ... Only it didn't quite catch me as much as the first one did (I feel like if you hadn't watched the first you might not have understood the second very well xD). Nevertheless, the movie was so beautiful and I love the Kiara and Kovu ship so, so much. Also Simba was really good in this one (too overprotective for Kiara! xD). But omigosh Nala still remains my favourite. <3 Has anyone else watched it?

Anyway, without further ado, here are some drawings/sketches I came up with... xD ~

**This is terrible! >.<** My friends and I were doing this anime thing where we used some step-by-step instructions to draw our own anime character (I came up with this myself though xD). I honestly don't really like how this turned out, but they liked it for some reason. :\ Heck, one eye is way too high up! xD And the shading on the hair is rather elementary - the strands of hair would certainly not reflect the light like that and the second line of lighting on the fringe shouldn't be like that either. xD Sharing anyway? c:
Okay, surprise, surprise, this is something I sketched back in the summer holidays last year lol. It's a Japanese Anemone. These flowers are pretty common here I believe? :3

Now, I'm going to criticise this because this is what happens when you draw with a blunt, 5B pencil. Tigress's arms don't look right here at all and neither do her eyes... I think I've improved since this. xD I used one of the Wu Sister's/Su Wu's poses in the concept art for KFP for a reference (not the third book; the first, which I don't have unfortunately xD). You can find the reference here. ^^

I present you, Su Wu, queen of sass. xD Still don't understand how DreamWorks decided to scrap this wonderful gal from the first KFP (we shall never know why). Maybe because Tai Lung would've been overly unstoppable if he had the Wu sisters, an army of wolves and another whole gang of numerous different animals (I forgot which ones whoops). xD Anyway, yeah, long story short: Su Wu and her sisters, Wing and Wan were originally going to team up with Tai Lung in the first movie but then they ended up getting thrown into Secrets of the Masters and several other places (every appearance they make is wonderful though <3). And I've always been obsessed with the Wu sisters from the very day I heard about them. xD Su is still one of my favourite DreamWorks ladies... although very underrated. ;-; (whoa that was long xD)

Oh lookie, more of this sass queen. xD As for the bottom one I corrected it a little more - it's still the same as in the previous picture. ^^


Also forgot to mention that these are taken from references of Su Wu in the new KFP3 game, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, which I really want btw because not only can you play Su buuuut...

THIS ;-;

I have no pictures of Tigress in my room, but I do have a picture of Su Wu. *-*
(Drawn from this.)

why are his eyes so hard to draw why why why why >.<

*laughs nervously* 8)
(will probably remove this one later lol)

Please please please ignore the top right one; I was supposed to cross that out but I forgot. ;-; Anyway, this was done on a day when I had art block and decided just to copy some pictures of Po to give me inspiration? (That life hack actually works.) Top left is copied from a scene in the movie and the bottom one is copied from some concept art in The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3 here - next to that amazing one mine doesn't look very good at all. xD

Okay just for a laugh... I was originally just drawing Po (I mashed up two references so this more original?) and then there was an empty space so I thought that'd be a great excuse to dump Tigress and then I scaled her wrong and gave up. xD But now I don't want to rub her out because I actually managed to start her well... why does this always happen ;-;

These aren't particularly great but have some Mei Mei! xD I love this nunchuck princess; she's a cute dork. ;-; I'm beginning to think that these aren't Mei-Mei-ish enough. ^^' (Her fan above all things is so hard to draw for some reason.) Anyway I'm hoping to make a digital drawing of this girl soon. :3

Annnd have some Gratuity Tucci (or Tip)! Or just headshot of her because I failed on the anatomy and had to rub it out. xD I love this DW girl so much. <3 (I forgot to draw in the pupils - why do I always do that? xD)

And also have some Marinette Dupain-Cheng. This was supposed to be a five-minute quick sketch thing (I didn't even try lol xD) and I did the whole body but for some reason I don't have a picture of that? :/

Just wanted to practise crossed arms... the hair doesn't look very good. ;-;
(ignore the hand ignore the hand I was supposed to rub that out and I forgot ahhh xD)

more practise

Last but by no means least (just intended to give this one a surprise appearance xD) ...
+Captain Nathat I tried practising Ranciodo! ;-; Hopefully doing the real thing tomorrow (digitally that is, because wooo I got my Wacom working again! xD) Does this even look like him? Gosh I'm so sorry if I ruined his design - this is only practise btw! c:> Ugghhhh this dork is amazing... why do you do this to meeee. ;-; 
Also I've finished the digital drawing of Sam! Just need a new post to share that. (Gosh she was SO fun to draw! ;-;)
Rance belongs to +Captain Nathat (<3)
i need more ranciodo please
yeah 8')

In conclusion, most of this post consists of pictures not even worth looking at. xD Anyhow, I'm hoping to post a lot this summer... (I'll try for the most part anyway xD)

  • DIY projects (since DIY is the second-highest in the poll I conducted a while ago)
  • I might draw my OCs (Fariza and Shams ;-;) and fanart for other characters <3
  • Hoping to do some quick digital icons/drawings of Tigress/Mei Mei/Su Wu... or probably some digital KFP3 fanart (bc I'm bursting with ideas)
  • Photography posts (I still haven't shared those photos from Morocco, gosh xD)
  • And of course the Disney Princess collab! :D (So excited for this one!! ^^)

I'll probably end up deleting a lot of these pictures. And burning some. 8'D 
okay quick I need to top this post