Saturday, 23 July 2016

le sam and le captain rance (no. just no.)

I'm actually wondering if I should post these at all because wow, look at that, I ruined their (supposed-to-be-lovely) designs. Man, these are so embarrassing. xD 
So here's some fanart for Rance (super harr guy btw) and Samantha, the lovely OCs that belong to the wonderfully talented +Captain Nathat! *-* (such beautiful characters... if only they were mine... ha no jk I'd never be able to come up with chars as golden as these two dorks xD)
I mean no omigosh I'm SO sorry I mucked them up terribly ugh. ;-; To take your mind of these terrible pictures I drew, I HIGHLY recommend reading her beautiful excerpts y'all!! Like this one. They're SO good and really beautifully written! ;-;
*takes a deep breath* (lol nattie ur gonna kill me for butchering your chars like this)
okie without bg first...
um her dress turned out too gothic whoops x'D
And also the plume things on the shoulders of the dress (or whatever they're called lol) are usually on the dresses of maids right? Dang. xD Also the hands are drawn so flawed I could die. x_x And I'll bet that doesn't even look anything like Sam what. (how is nattie so good at drawing her how ;-;)
Oh yeah almost forgot! xD I used a heck of a lot of references for this one (mainly 18th century dresses... gosh I hope I got that right xD) and I noticed that they always seem to have their hands placed on top of the dress like that (well not like that above of course... I couldn't even draw it well xD).
I must say I had loooads of fun with the hair! ;-; And just about everything until that moment where I realised I'd drawn the anatomy wrong and had to re-do it... whoops. :0
sorry ;-;
With bg... ugh this is too girly why. xD
And this is the part where we all die. holy cow this is awful xD
Well, here goes. *gulp* I ruined it horribly. Wow I mean, look he's too tiny! xD The heck, Rance is like, 6 foot and I drew him 4 foot or something. ;-;  I think I drew the belt too high lol. Ughhh the hands don't even look right (how do you draw hands how??? O.o). And his face doesn't look Rancey enough... something went wrong there. I think the practise drawing looks way better than this. x'D
I mean omigosh I am SO sorry I need to re-do this mess! >.<
lol "squidward explosion gif" is going to appear in your stats now xD

Added some shiny sparkles because this dude is amazing and his uniform is probably really shiny and must smell of lovely Ranciodo and- nope nope nope x'D
Well I did a close-up for Sam just because the dress and anatomy and everything is off. xD

howdy 8')
close-up for ranciodo too because otherwise he looks like a shortbread

I might ship these two cuties. B) Nooo nope I shouldn't be shipping them nooope. xD (Rance is way older than Sam. ;-;) But ugghhh why do you make him so harr Hana? He's irresistible. ;-; But dang I love the argument they had in that excerpt! So cute. ;-; Speaking of which, I should go and read it again.
Ooh and please do read the excerpt +Captain Nathat wrote where Rance meets my OCs Shams and Fariza! It's SO, SO good and totally worth the read... I read it like a dozen times I'm not even kidding. :0 here

Also going to draw more of these two cuties. 8)


    This is me right now:
    The first thing I wanted to say when I commented was.. darn you made Rance look so.. in my mind it was, like, SUPER harr. Like, I literally smiled so wide and had almost blushed for a second. (okay okay i know it's stupid... sorry! You just drew him SO GOOD! but now where's the strike option.. xD I must sound like an idiot right now, but I'm so stinking happy!) That was the first thing that came to mind, and oh my gosh.
    and OHOHOHO let's not get started on Sam--

    this is me:


    1. Well I did so there. u_u I mean omg why all this kindness? Your kindness power is better than any form of kindness I inserted into these pictures! I mean heck, I didn't even do them justice. xD Omg stop flattering me please! ;-;
      Lol omg well if that's you then this is me:
      no sorry this is me: u_u
      Noooo I didn't you make him waayyyy more harr than I can! ;-; But omigosh thank you senpaiiii!!! <3 oh gosh x'D don't you worry I'm the idiot for messing it up so there! u_u
      Omg the last gif!!! x'D

  2. These drawings are amazing! I love the detail on the hair where the light is shining! Your art style in these drawings is great! :)

    LOOK AT THESE MASTERPIECES (btw I'm writing up a reply. I wanted to finish it yesterday, but had to get off because it was late. xD I'll post it today though! and gosh, CAN'T tell you how awesome these are!!

    1. that gif has me gesturing towards these drawings ok.

    2. Omg I laughed in real!! x'D Oh gosh you're a master at finding the right gifs. 8'D (only that is what the gif would be if it were your art u_u) why did you comment so much on this trash I drew? xD Omg you're too nice stahhhhpppp!!! <333

  4. Looking at these two makes me wanna ship them even more. x'D nooo
    now I feel so bad for making Ranciodo so old (well he had to be old to fit with the plot, but in his head he still thinks he's young. ;-; idk if it counts, but it counts to ME) mentally crying ;-;
    you drew them so perfect, it's just so super tempting to ship them. And sorry for the billions of comments, I'll give you an official one soon and you don't have to reply to anything obviously. <3

    1. Well you should. u_u (omg no jk xD) Yes you should. u_u (lol jk xD) Well duh of course it counts because Rance will always be Rance no matter the age! u_u (lol omg xD) Maybe ranciodo still thinks he's twenty lol. xD
      You're welcome. 8) I'm replying no matter what! D:<

  5. Okay, first of all, I'm writing this on a notepad
    so I can scroll down and look at the pictures as
    I'm writing, that way I don't have to scroll up.
    In all honesty I was hoping for you to draw a picture
    of Shams so I'd finally have a perfect ref, but
    then you went and did THIS and oh my gosh. ;-;
    I have no idea how to thank you. At all.
    (except maybe by drawing more Shams ehehe >8D it still
    wouldn't be enough though.)

    noo my characters aren't as good as yours! I mean, I'm
    not the one with the cool chauffeur and the sassy
    gals. xD YOU are!

    But anyways, gosh, thank you SO SO much!! ;-; I don't
    even know what to say honestly, I just don't. eeep!
    NO, YOU DID NOT BUTCHER THEM. You drew them much better
    than I ever could! REALLY. no I'm not going to kill you,
    but I might as well be so stinking happy and THANK you
    for the rest of my career. ;-; or life.

    Okay, her dress is PERFECT. You got it SPOT ON and it's
    exactly what I had in mind for the dress Rancey buys her
    later in the comic (xD he took her shopping and bought
    her a dress despite her protests -- this is it! It's cool
    and stylish and and it has those detailed strings (KENZA HOW??!)
    and gosh, everything about this is downright perfect and so
    accurate! I think I'll draw her with this design soon. >8D
    so good. And don't worry about it being gothic, it's PERFECT.
    :'D gosh. SO perfect. And I love all those details -- those
    colors and the shading and the strings and how the fabric
    lays. KENZA THIS IS AMAZING, OKAY?? You are SUCH an amazing
    artist, I don't even know how to tell you. Like, you can
    even draw hands really well, (xD they do hold that same pose,
    don't they? LOL. You got the hands perfect too. I can never
    draw hands, but you just ACED it.)
    Okay, and your anatomy is SO good! Like, the neck is very accurate
    and her collar bones. gosh. Kenza, you're just like, a queen at
    drawing did I ever tell you that? Because you are. ;-;
    AND NO the anatomy is amazing! yes, the hair. you got it so super duper accurate, even I couldn't have even if I tried. Kenza you draw my characters much better than me, I'm serious. ;-;

    omg that spongebob gif!! you're so funny! x'D

    and ooh no girl, there is no such thing as too girly! u_u it's perfect!

    O_O OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! noo don't worry about it, he does look tall!
    xD It's his legs that give him most his height anyway! No, you did wonderful! ;-; LOOK AT THE DETAILS and the uniform! Oh my gossssh!The colors are perfect and the stripes and the pattern -- SO ACCURATE OH MY GOSH. I'm serious. This is the best Kenza, okay? I have no idea how I can tell you how good this is. It just is amazing, okay? I literally can't stop staring at it. And his hands! You got them so
    perfect and your anatomy is so good. ;-; I can't do anything half
    that good. And his face-- Nope, it looks Rancey alright! x'D That smirk!
    SO him. And hooo his hair! Okay, I just love the shading and the shine
    you put on Rance and Sam's hair. They're just so stylish and realistic!
    your shading. is. tops.
    and your anatomy.
    and our clothes drawing skills. <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL.
    this is just, the BEST, okay?
    Yeah that's right you'd better be sorry! O:< for making these so darn

    1. (ugggh Blogger, WHY the limit?? D:<)

      okay, anyways:

      and ehehe I love this to death. xD (spoiler: he steals all his uniforms
      from his boss, who buys them oversize cause he knows ranciodo will steal
      them and he's prepared. LOL. they are stylish and yes, ranciodo keeps
      them shiny. ;-; AHH I love this drawing so much!!
      and omg I never thought about the smell... but now that you mention it,
      heck YES! >8D He'd smell good. x'D omg i'm so in love with this drawing!!
      i'm drawing a mini picture because you inspired me now. x'D

      OOH those details in the hair though. :O AMAZING. And I love how
      you did the eyes and face! Her lips are so pretty and you got
      her hair spot on. ;-; AUGH KENZA I SWEAR THIS IS THE BEST!! I
      ran out of words to say now. but i stinking love this.

      harr harr harrrr ;-; gosh look at that though. look at that
      smirk. (i also love how you drew his nose differently than sam's,
      it's fab! And accurate. lol no, he looks like shortbread all the
      time tbh! x'D cause he's a dork! But you made him look so good
      for once in his life (cause i never do him justice, even for me)
      but you NAILED it. why can't I draw like you?
      such talent! ;-;

      And omg I'm so honored you liked that post! xD It was my favorite
      piece of writing yet! (of course, because it has Shams in it! >:D
      though I also didn't do him justice. LOL.)
      but omg thank you!!

      And I literally can't thank you enough for this, this post is so wonderful
      and I love it so much. ;-; You're such an amazing artist!
      Okay, thank you SO SO stinking much, this made my YEAR! <3 :'D
      THANK YOU.
      I must sound like an idiot right now, but I don't care! This deserves a better comment actually. ;-;

    2. Omg I'm gonna die. This comment is so long and it's packed to the brim with kindness. I can't-.
      Why did you have to waste your time commenting on this whyyyy??? ;-; omg xD I will seee about Shams~ but only if you promise not to draw anymore of him bc you've already drawn so much for me and I just can't!! ;-; Nooope wrong, I'm not the one with the grumpy captain, the lovely ranciodo and the sassy ladies and the dude who eats triple-layered cakes in one bite. NO! Thank YOU so so so much!!! This comment is too much to take in!! :'D For the rest of your career... or LIFE? Dude this is nothing. This is dirt compared to all the gazillions of amazing pictures you drew me!! >:(

      Omg yes the dress Rance gives Sam!! xD (uuughhh that excerpt was so cute) Gosh I'm so honoured!! ;-; Thank yoooouuuuuu!!! *-* You can take the whole design if you want. But I bet your designs'd be waayyy better than this. Well I just used my magic tablet pen and ta-da. xD omg no. too much kindness. *dies* Please. You draw hands a million times better than me girl. Admit it. Noooo you're the queen at drawing!!! ;-; staahhhhpppp!!! *chokes* too nice!

      yeah xD

      why. ;-;

      Ikr? "This is the part where we all die", fitting captain, no? xD

      Look, girl. I'm going to die if you keep giving me all these SUPER kind comments on my work. I can't express myself now okay?? Do you understand?? ;-; I lost all the words from my tongue. Nyet. ;-; this is me okay:

      You're being too kind, you post these really long, detailed comments that must've taken up all your time for the pieces of garbage I drew in return and you've melted me with your kindness and I just-

      Yippee Squidward ftw! x'D

      OMG! A spoiler! Omigosh this spoiler is too good! He does? xD Oh gosh this is HILARIOUS!! 8'D omg can I draw fanart for that? Aye, poor ol' Cap'n Darvan. Omg okay. So if I draw you more fanart will you give me more spoilers? :O sounds like a good deal to me.

    3. <3!! Omg yes the mini picture! x'D I love that one too much ahhh. Yes Rancey would smell good and he would have sparkles and it'd be all really cool, so. You ran out of words? How? You wrote literally everything you could!! ;-; I myself don't even know how to reply.

      Omg. Shortbread Rance yes! xD Let me draw that. *-* Huh? Your drawings of Rance are wayyy more harr please!! I even saved some drawings that you drew of him as refs and I couldn't capture the harr-ness as much as you did! D':

      YES omg that post was SOO good! C':> In fact I need to mention it in one of my new posts... (augh why didn't I do that already?? D:) Nope!! You wrote Shams better in yours than I ever do. u_u It made your year? O.o What, this? xD This is garbage please listen to meeeee!!

      Oh my God please I forgot how to speak English

  6. brilliant work. oh my god. are you a real artist?

    1. Why thank you!! I'm honoured! :D I wouldn't consider myself the best artist, but I'm striving to be better than I am now. :) Thank you!

  7. Replies
    1. I've been considering the idea! Thanks again! :D

    2. Cartoons and are fun - that's a great idea! ^^

  8. so cute *makes little stupid cooing noises*
    and if rance is a cucumber, those watermelons remind me of him so much. x'D
    they're just missing the ponytail.

    ok but back on topic, i still love these so stinking much. ;-;
    look at dem kids <3
    so perfect

    1. omg dude can't you just chill a sec plz? xD (lol jk) OMG YOU ARE AMAZING! I MEAN OMIGOSH YES YOU'RE PERFECTLY RIGHT THANK YOU!! 8D Omg you gave me a brilliant idea! Can I draw watermelon/cucumber Rance? Please? pRetty please?? (omg with the ponytail that'd be the best thing ever oh gosh)

      You're... welcome? I mean thank you? I mean auuuughhhhhh gosh you're being too kind help. ;-;

  9. omg gosh I still LOVE this. so good. (btw omg your reply comments!! ;-; I'll get back to that I promise! <3 oh, and you need to embed a flag counter thingy on your blog! >:D ehehe of course if you want, but it will help greatly in stalking *that* person. coughs russian coughs. ok anyway, this is a perfect post and I die. bye. good night)