Monday, 29 August 2016

DIY Tutorial - Stone Painting (and Spirited Away!)

DIY tutorials came second in the poll I conducted a while back, so I'm glad to mention I have a couple of these tutorials to share! In this particular one I'll show you guys some stones I painted and how I made them. I really enjoyed this task because it was so simple yet had some super cool results. ^_^ (Please note that this is only my way of stone painting - there are many others!) I collected a sample of stones from one of my recent trips to the beach where I spent a fun evening. :D (My brother and I had a competition where we had to knock a stone with another one from a distance, in which I found a couple of satisfactory stones I could use for this and decided to keep them. xD)  


The best option, if available to you, is to collect a good batch of stones from the beach. I'm lucky enough to visit the coast often, so I can easily bring back some whenever I like! However, if you don't live near/aren't visiting the beach, I believe you can find them in countryside hills (they'll need washing I'm sure!) or even in DIY stores (buying them might not be worthwhile though). Bear in mind that you'll need a couple in case you decide at home to re-do one or make a couple more! Preferably, they should be rounded or flat so you can paint on them easily - rigid ones won't come out nicely! xD

Pick out the stones you'd like to use and try to think about what you'd like to paint on them. I chose a kawaii/anime theme and made some Spirited Away inspired stones. Do try and use references! They help out SO much!
You'll need some scrap paper/newspaper/an old magazine to place underneath so you don't make your surface messy. You'll also need some paintbrushes, a palette, water and tissue paper (for obvious reasons!) and a pencil to draw on what you'd want to paint. Try to use a range of paintbrushes - big ones for backgrounds and fine ones for details!

The most obvious thing is to have paints! I personally used poster paints (and would highly recommend using them). I haven't tried using acrylics or gel paints (despite having them in the box here) so I wouldn't know how they'd work. I did use gold paint, however, and that worked fine.

And here are the poster paints I chose to use! I didn't use yellow but you can use it of course. As for other colours, I mixed them all on a palette.
Shake your paint bottle (if you have one) and then apply a small blob onto a palette (or whichever medium you wish to mix your paints on). Avoid wasting any paint! My paint ended up squeezing out too quickly and I ended up wasting a lot, which I regret.
(Here I'm doing No-Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, inspired by a stone-painting I saw of No-Face on Pinterest. I used this reference here. Alternatively, you could use a more kawaii version like this one here.)
Using a reference, draw on your stone what you'd like to paint with a pencil. I noticed that the lead of mine kept going blunt against the grainy surface of the stone so I recommend using a sharpener to sharpen it - using a blunt pencil would be no good! I would advise not doing anything too detailed at this stage because you might end up having to paint over it.

I painted the back of the stone in black first, which I'd personally recommend. Allow the side of the stone you painted first to dry! (While I waited I started painting the others - which you guys can see below!)

I differed the black background from the black on No-Face and the spiders (what are they called again? xD) by painting a white line around them... I didn't use a fine brush for this, however, so I ended up having to wait for it to dry and re-do it after.
I was so absorbed painting that I forgot to continue photographing each step! xD Anyway, I painted No-Face in the black region first and then the white. After that, I chose a very fine brush to add in the black eyes & mouth and the grey details (for grey I mixed up black and white paint until I was satisfied with the right shade). Once everything was done I outlined him in gold paint for effect. (I did make the mistake of using a thicker brush for the details! It went so wrong I had to paint it all over in white again to re-do it all! xD Fortunately, some of the pencil lines still showed faintly through the white.)
While I waited for No-Face to dry, I painted this kawaii panda using this reference. Kawaii pandas are adorable and reasonably simple to paint. :3

For the background, I decided on a cute, pastel-like pink and mixed it up using red and a lot of white. (The white came out too quickly there! The red is a good example of how much paint you should ideally squeeze out.)
I'm guessing you guys get the point now! xD Just to clarify, I painted the background first in light pink, painted the ears in black and the face white. Once I'd reached that stage I realised I'd have to re-draw on the details onto the white paint so I could do the eyes, catchlight, mouth and blush. I'm not sure I used the fine brush here but whatever the case I think I could've done better on the catchlight! xD In addition, I used my gold paint (which I'll be using in another DIY tutorial) to paint some small hearts in the background (with a fine brush this time!). The cool thing with this stone is that on the back it has a crystal (some stones at the beach do).
I also painted a kawaii watermelon on another round stone using this reference. Mainly because the current theme on my blog is kawaii watermelons! ^^'
Once again, I unfortunately don't have any step-by-step pictures for this one but it was pretty straightforward! I painted the background first using a light blue - for kawaii-themed stones I'd recommend only adding light, pastel-coloured backgrounds for that extra cuteness! I used green paint for the outer shell of the watermelon and light green (mixed with a lot of white) for the inner ring, a rosy pink for the centre and a much lighter pink for the top. Then, of course, I painted on the details (eyes, mouth, blush, seeds) using a fine brush. If I'd gone back on this, I would definitely have only painted small kawaii hearts for the background rather than random blobs, because it turned out rather distracting.
(Ignore the exam question. xD) Here I picked a big, flat stone since I wanted to paint something slightly more complicated here.

I really wanted to have a Spirited Away collection so I chose Haku! For this one, I used this reference (indeed the same one I used for the birthday card). This is where my pencil kept going blunt (clearly scratched against the surface) so I had to keep sharpening it. I know it's tempting, but I highly recommend not doing a background for this kind of complicated design, because not only would it take up more time and paint, it would also act as an unpleasing distraction and would take away the natural surface of the stone. 
I managed to draw this in just about 5 minutes and the stone was just the perfect shape! xD
Since this one turned out more detailed than the others I went over it with a 0.05 Graphik ink pen before painting, which I personally recommend doing.

Well, here's the Spirited Away collection! Overall, I think I enjoyed painting Haku best! (Also since I had no problems when painting him and was satisfied with the result. :D)

With my left-over paint and stones, I painted these marble-style ones using my big paintbrush and swirling the wet paint around each stone. I applied a lot of layers of different-coloured paint for this effect and I think it turned out pretty cool! My mum personally liked these best because the pattern is a lot like the marble-patterned paper you can find in Florence, Italy - a quick search in Google, "marble coloured paper Florence Italy" will come up with some good results . ^^ I highly recommend doing this with left-over paint because it's super simple yet effective and uses up the paint that could otherwise go to waste. (These actually look a lot better in real than in the photograph! xD)

Here are the results! I think the kawaii ones turned out super cute and I'm sure you guys could do even better! :D
Close-up on Haku. (The white dots should be more visible here.)

To bring out extra shine on your painted stones you can go over them with clear varnish. It works!! c:
That's all! I hope this either motivates you guys to make your own or inspires you to create something with a similar theme.^^ I'd love to see your own results if you decide to make some, so feel free to leave a comment below with a link if you do! Also, if you have any questions or suggestions for future DIY tutorials/art projects please do leave a comment below! Furthermore, you can find the Spirited Away inspired stones on my Instagram here if you're interested. Thanks for viewing! <3 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Going digital like...

(I know, I know I still have loads of comments to make - will get to that soon!)

Yeah I finally got my Wacom working again after almost a year! (I didn't get the chance while school was still around.) And now I'm addicted to using it again. xD So I've had some fun doodling around and making real drawings in Krita...

Please do not copy/use/trace/repost my artwork without my permission/credit to me. Thanks!

Just a five minute quick thing without a reference. Yeah, I was too lazy to draw all Tigress's facial features, so. xD Besides, I kind of wanted to make the main focus the eyes here (which I coloured). All in one layer bc I was lazy.
So here's another one done without a reference (yes! I can draw her from memory including every detail on her markings and the shape of her face xD). I had an urge to include that heart design again... I must've seen it on a chocolate box or something... idk.
This took a short amount of time after I finished drawing a bigger piece one day. Well there's a lazy attempt at shading. And wow I did her eyes better in the first two sketchier ones than here. xD This is currently my icon on DeviantART (here) but I might change it soon. :0
Marinette! This is based on the one I also did in aquamarkers (here) which in turn was based on a doodle in my art book. I used several refs for this. I feel like I could've done better on the hair lol. xD And there are mistakes with her facial features here too. >.<
bc I couldn't decide if it looked better with a bg or not... xD
(yes I'm obsessed with using the sparkle brush)

I love Elena of Avalor SO much! She's the new Latina Disney Princess (not official however) in the new TV series. I watched First Day of Rule and I really liked it, so. ^^ (I love Sister Time... it has a really catchy beat. xD) I also kind of like how Disney contrasted Elena and her sister (Isabel) with Elsa and Anna? Like Elena always wants to spend time with her sister and is always protecting her whereas in Frozen it's kinda the opposite until the end lol. xD The two sides of sisterly relationships - I feel like we need more of this in animation. *-*
And back to the picture - I based this on a ref of Elena (I didn't save the link, whoops ;-;). I kind of like how this turned out. But there are a few faults.

Without the white glowy thing. It's a powdery-looking brush in Krita. xD
(I think this one focuses on Elena more.)

It looked kind of magical without the colour. xD
And now I ask you guys: which is your favourite out of the three? ^^
(For better quality on this one, click here.)
I said I was going to do some digital KFP3 fanart so I did. This took, like... centuries. I thought it'd just be a 5 hour/2 day long thing but in fact I think it took me more than two weeks. I'm that slow, yes. It looks like I can't spend 5 minutes away from these two dorks. *-* (why is DreamWorks so amazing ;-;)
Here's the story: simple as that, I got art block. I scoured all through dA, Tumblr, even checked out Pinterest and surfed the internet for any inspiration and then I found myself looking up kung fu poses in Google Images and found this for Po. And I based Tigress's pose on one she makes in SotM here and also this beautiful art on dA. I was kind of lazy with Tigress's outfit so I based it on the classic Chinese robe (alternatively, it's much like Mulan's if you like - there, there, much more self-explanatory xD) and her shoes are the ones she wears in SotS. Back to Po~ dang his new outfit is quite possibly the most complicated thing I have ever drawn. The spirit dragon on his robe (sharing later probably bc why not) took ageeesss. ;-; I was also thinking of drawing his dragon in the bg but... (psshh Po ought to give his dragon a name or I'll end up calling him Steve. x'D) I was pretty dang lucky I had the art of KFP3 to help me with that. o.o The background is also inspired by the (outrageously beautiful) opening sequence to Secrets of the Masters (which can be seen here). In a nutshell, this is kind of a Kung Fu Panda 3/Secrets of the Masters crossover.
Wow, that description got longer than I thought it would. O.O

hm Po looked better in just lineart form ;-; (maybe I'll share that soon as well then)
(used this and this as a good ref - I found these pictures when I was so hungry for KFP images that I Googled 阿宝 悍娇虎 功夫熊猫3 ... don't ask x'D) 

And close-up for Sassgress. ;-; (lol omg no xD)

Yeah anyway sorry this post got so long. xD Soo what was your favourite? I allow constructive criticism on my work (if you can point out any improvements I could make, if possible)! :D Thanks for viewing! ^^
Should be posting some traditional artwork and photography soon! I'm also going to fix up Jasmine and colour in Moana for the Disney Princess collab. Will be answering asks on my art blog on Tumblr too (I'm planning on drawing stuff for each one)! Not only that, I have a DIY tutorial on the way - I finished it finally! xD On another note, I have some excerpts to share on my writing blog too in case anyone's interested. Stay tuned! C: