Sunday, 11 September 2016

Realism, OCs, Fanart and more (Traditional Artwork!)

(Hooray for back to school! ;-;) Here's some more traditional artwork!~

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This is a heron card I made my mum way back in the summer!
She asked me if I could re-draw the heron on the plate in a Country Living magazine so I did. C:
Flawed cliff drawing I sketched from on a ferry. xD I only had a few minutes to sketch it because it soon shrunk as we sailed further and it disappeared from sight~

Remember the digital art of Po and Tigress? Here's how I started Tigress! Yes, a sketch in my art book. xD Also paw practise - I developed a way of managing to draw paws in KFP after seeing this piece of art in The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3.
Sometimes I draw a sketch on paper before doing the digital piece, but other times I just do a sketch on the computer~

I wanted to try a realism attempt! :D I was using a photographed person as a ref - which I found on a Chinese blog on Tumblr here. Unfortunately I didn't save the link to the picture, but it's on there somewhere! (If you do happen to find it, please let me know!)

(Once again if you find the links to the references I used for these please let me know!)
These were super fun realism attempts! I think I like how they turned out too. :D
(The references I used are actual photographs of real people, btw - I didn't trace any artwork or anything. xD)

This is exactly what you think it is! x'D I had this crazy, crazy idea that if Tigress were a Miraculous heroine she'd be called Stripy Baby or something. So basically in Miraculous Ladybug there is a Chinese legend and all the Miraculous holders date back centuries or something and there's this Chinese book with the older, Chinese versions of Ladybug, Chat Noir, Volpina etc. and I was heavily inspired by Ladybug's and Volpina's designs the most for this (click here and here). (Not to mention, Tigress is Chinese of course, so.)
Back to the drawing, yeah she'd be human of course? xD I mean, I've seen thousands of drawings of human!Tigress but never really attempted it myself before, even though I'd been meaning to. I acknowledge the ears aren't my best and the hair doesn't weigh down accurately in the second. ;-;
Wow. This looks like teen!Tigress more than adult!Tigress. xD
(Ear fail once again. ;-;)
Just some blue pencil sketches of Tigress that I did copying her official movie concept art (click here). These don't of course look as good as the originals, but this was mainly just to fire up my inspiration. ^^' 

(Please ignore the eye drawings in the corner - I was using an older art book!)
I was just checking I could draw her exactly as she is in a ref still because I haven't done so in ages! o.o The middle one is so off - I can do a lot better than that but I was being lazy. xD I wanted to try different perspectives too. I would personally advise doing studies of a character like this every so often (copying an actual image of them) because it helps to define and emphasise the character's personality in your original artwork pieces of them.
(KFP2 gives me so much nostalgia. ;-;)
refs I used: x, x, x (please excuse dork Po)
This is really old. xD

Just practise for my KFP fursona. These were drawn a really long time ago, way before the digital piece. I hadn't drawn her for a long time, so I needed practise again. I also used Su Wu (Secrets of the Masters style) as refs for these, but tbh I think they're all absolutely nothing like me except for the top right one (*cough* also the middle left one when I'm fangirling *cough*).
These are the sketches I drew of Su Wu before I made the digital icon...
tbh I think the result here was better than the final piece, but I couldn't make the digital one look as good as this unfortunately. D: (Now I realise it's because I didn't curve the horizontal guideline (for the eyes) enough.)
okay but DreamWorks have actually made a new anime, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and I love it so much okay? (it's based off the real Voltron of course xD) Augghh it's SO good. I love everything about it. So naturally I had to draw some of the crew - Princess Allura, Keith and Shiro respectively. Tbh I think Allura is my favourite and then Shiro. But Keith is cool too and I wanted to draw him. (I haven't watched enough episodes yet but I'm already obsessed.)
If you haven't watched it yet you totally should if you get the chance - the episodes are really worth the watch! (In case you're interested, you can find the official trailer here. ^^)
*coughs loudly* I tried to draw Shams.
Like I said, I can't draw guys very well, let alone dear Shamsey.
The top one is the most accurate representation of him out of these two. But as for the second, I made him look like a teen rather than a chauffeur in his twenties... in fact that one looks more like Ali. xD
(*cough* yes Nomad/Arabian hairstyle... I'm not even sorry *cough*)
Trust me, +Captain Nathat's versions are a zillion times better and more accurate than this though. C': (Gosh how do you draw my OCs better than me? ;-;)
Fariza practise.
I didn't show the other two because the top one is too cartoony for my liking and the bottom one was symmetrically inaccurate.
(okay... this is very smudgy? xD)

While I was searching for a Chinese fur coat ref for my fursona I stumbled upon this other outfit in leather and I thought it'd suit Fariza well since she wears expensive outfits (she's the rich, British princess; daddy's precious girl). I started sketching it in red first bc it's good to sketch first in red/blue for many reasons and I didn't want to smudge my hands the typical artist's way. I also used a hair ref for this.

Then I outlined it in pencil.

And once I'd done that I began the nightmare: going over all of it in ink! Golly gosh those details made me feel like I'd never see the light at the end of the tunnel. xD I think I like how the fluff on the fur turned out best tbh. But the sunglasses didn't turn out the way I wanted them to sadly. ;-;
(There's also a mistake with something to do with the anatomy that I'm only mentioning it in case you spot it - yes I know. xD)

Here I decided to draw Kei (aka Kim Jiyeon) from Lovelyz, because she's a total cinnamon roll and she's amazing. *-* <3 I've actually been obsessed with Lovelyz for a long time now but never admitted it.
(And as y'all know I'm obsessed with anything related to Asia haha. xD)
(and here's a cute Kei gif if you need to add some extra cute dorkiness to your day: here <3)
After the red sketch I outlined it in pencil of course~
And then did the ink! :D (I really want that same outfit soooo baaaad. xD)
Here's the ref I used: x 
(I didn't quite get some things right, like her eyes, but I tried! ^^)
I drew a chibi girl! I've been meaning to draw one for a long time. If you don't know what a chibi is, a quick search in Google will tell you. :D I haven't yet gone over this in pencil/ink.
Thanks for viewing! <3 You're welcome to give constructive criticism if you wish. ^^

Friday, 2 September 2016

Digital Craze~

Okay more digital art! xD I've also got some traditional art (including some Shams and Fariza... eep! C:), more DIY tutorials, a colouring post and lots of photography. Aah, I'm hoping I can organise it all soon! Perhaps I should make another poll to see what you guys would like to see first...

KFP 3 was released seven months ago but I'm still doing the kfp30day prompt thing on Tumblr which I started in October? Anyway, this is for the prompt, "A headcanon for a character". I accidentally did two characters, Po and Tigress. The lineart was actually really lazy here but I think I like how the overall art turned out? (Especially for a picture that only took 2 days. xD) The headcanon I chose is just "Po and Tigress talk by the peach tree"... pretty simple but I forgot most of my really good KFP headcanons.
And I love it every time Tigress teases Po about his latest antics bc it's gold. 8')
Here's the dragon I was talking about that I had to draw on Po's outfit. Ugghhh so complicated, so complicated. ;-;

And I also said I'd post the lineart too, mainly because of Po.
Yup he looked way better here than in the coloured version. xD
But he still looks so much better in the ref I used. I can never get his eyes right, they're so hard. ;-;

I adopted a Sonic female fox OC from my friend IRL, who's on dA! :D (You can find all of the adoptables here.) Actually, tbh, she gave me her for free because I don't have points on dA atm. But I really like her design! My friend draws Sonic characters 1527461842 times better than I do though. xD You can see some of her beautiful designs on her dA here. (Warning! There may be some occasional swearing/inappropriateness here and there, since there is a lot of it on DeviantART unfortunately, so if you're sensitive to that kind of thing/don't know DeviantART then don't risk it please!)  

I said I would draw this girl again didn't I? xD Yup, this is Su Wu. For this, I used an image of her from Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters (here), but using her look in the official concept art for the first movie (here). For something that only took a few hours, I think I like how this turned out! Only I made a doodle of this before I drew it digitally (which I'll share later hopefully) and that looked a lot better. xD

I stuck to a colour palette (on the right)... I think it's a thing artists do for effect so they don't have too many different, distracting colours? C:
I was re-watching the 2D opening sequence for the first KFP (here) and had so much inspiration, specifically by the DreamWorks logo variant for Kung Fu Panda. It has one of the Wu sisters in it (not sure which one, Su/Wing/Wan) so technically the first character that makes an appearance in KFP is one of the sisters. I also do happen to know that the Wu sister that tries to swing an axe at Po is Wan Wu - I have a drawing but it's stuck in one of the layers of this picture so I'll have to get it out and finish it. x'D 
I really have a thing for 2D animation though?
For the kfp30day Tumblr prompt, "draw yourself as you would look like in kfp".
Yup, here's my KFP fursona again! xD I know I prepared for this prompt months in advance, back in November I think, and already designed a picture, but it was so old and I wanted to update her design. I think I'd be a leopard who wields nunchucks and ends up accidentally whipping them in my face like Mei Mei because I'm the awkward type. C: I used a Kung Fu uniform ref, fur coat ref and also the canon KFP felines (Tigress, Su Wu and Mei Ling) as refs but actually managed the pose and anatomy entirely by myself. ^^' 

I have this OC called Tamara which nobody will know about because I've never shared any of my excerpts with her in (I'm so mean xD). She has the same power as Fariza (Love and Beauty). I really like her too, so I wanted to draw her. Afros are actually super fun to draw. I used a couple of refs, including real life ones for this. Surprisingly this didn't take very long at all. No more than two hours I think.
I was also listening to Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley) and got inspired I guess? xD (It actually fits well with the theme of this picture, so.)

(With the palette I used.)
i tried

Thanks for viewing! <3 (Constructive criticism is allowed if you have any! :D)