Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Inktober 2016

Annyeong! C: This girl hasn't posted for two months goodness me.

A year ago, back in October, I did a couple of ink drawings for Inktober 2015! (If you're interested, you can find both posts by clicking here!) Unfortunately, last year, I couldn't do that many because 1) I was too slow and 2) I was super stressed and busy with school that year (and *cough* spending way too much of my free time on Tumblr fangirling about KFP3's release *cough*). But for this year, Inktober 2016, I decided to change: I set myself a goal, completing one for every day, and drew a mix of all sorts of different ideas (not just fanart which I did for most of the drawings last year and yes that wasn't very interesting xD). I feel like I improved so much from the first day throughout until the last!

Inktober is an international art challenge that arrives every October set up by Jake Parker in 2009. I think it's by far my favourite art challenge because not only does it motivate artists and avoid procrastination, it's also great encouragement for artists to use ink pens more often and learn new techniques. During the other months of the year I've noticed digital art, Prismacolor/blending pencils and copics/promarkers have taken over, especially... Which is perfectly fine of course (I use those tools most myself) but it's awesome that there exists a month dedicated to inking as well! It's also been interesting seeing that most of the artists I follow (that is, a lot!) all participated this year too! :D

Not to mention, this year was a wonderfully motivating year because I got to participate with Megan via Megans Mega Blog! It was really intriguing posting my Inktober drawings whilst also looking at what Megan up to throughout the month! Her ideas were truly inspiring and I really liked how she drew Halloween-themed pictures, beautiful designs she had created and also combining Inktober with her school project! Please do take a look at/comment on her Inktober post by clicking here! <3

Off we go! :D

Day 1: Shams
I completely disregard the fact that this is supposed to be Shams though, because this honestly doesn't look anything like how I imagine him. For one thing, he looks like a chibi here with the short-looking arm (initially he was going to have a shirt with his sleeves rolled up as in the red sketch I did, which I'll share later hopefully, but I ruined it when I changed that) and for another thing, his hair is very exaggerated - it doesn't go up that high.
In a nutshell, I hope I didn't destroy anyone's image of what they think he looks like because this just isn't him, trust me. xD #kenza rants

Day 2: Marinette Cosplay Fanart
 Absolutely loved the Marinette cosplay by steakpresident (on Instagram) that I found whilst scrolling through the Spree Picky Facebook page! I decided to draw it for Inktober day 2. :D

Day 3: Kei
Kei in the Lovelyz For You MV! :D She looks super cute in the dungarees and striped top so I thought I'd draw her for the third day. <3 

Day 4: Tigress
I really had to rush this one because I'd been agonising too long over an idea and then what pose to draw Tigress in and gosh she looks more like her teen self in SotS here. xD I think I like the concept of this one though so I might redraw it: either colour it digitally or colour it traditionally using my Prismacolor pencils... opinions?

Day 5: Taylor Swift
 Really wanted to draw Taylor because her fashion sense is fabulous! The shading in this one was so intense though and umbrellas are my enemy. xD But I think I really like how it turned out considering how stuck I was.

Day 6: Fariza
Since I drew Fariza last year for Inktober 2015, I thought I'd draw her again this year too. And looking back at the old one, I think I've made progress. C: (I used to draw hibiscus flowers a ton, since they're my favourite flowers, but haven't been drawing them a lot lately so I decided to draw one in her hair.)

Day 7: Caracals
Because I love felines. :3

Day 8: Po
This is based on an old drawing I did a while back, after purchasing The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3, that I'm not even going to share because it's flawed. So I decided to re-draw it, but granted it's improved, I don't think I like it that much anymore now I've improved further. xD (I drew his shoes, like, six times too big and his eyes are off so it doesn't look Po-ish enough and his cape doesn't swing in the breeze too accurately. ;-;)

Day 9: Hiccup and Astrid
Since I drew these two dorks last year, for Inktober 2015, I thought I'd draw them again just to see where my improvement has gone this past year. C:

Day 10: Elena 
This was meant to be just a super quick one but I think I like how it turned out!

Day 11: Lila Rossi (Miraculous Ladybug)
This wins the award for the one I dislike the most. I honestly wanted to tear it up and not post it but Inktober made me, so. Gosh I can't stress enough how awful this turned out. O.O" Also I really like Lila and didn't do her any justice here, so more fanart of her soon!

Day 12: Mulan
Her hair swinging in the breeze turned out top-notch here if I do say so myself. xD

Day 13: Princess Jasmine
It might look like I copied this from an official image but nope, it's original. :'D 

Day 14: Black cat with witch hat and pumpkin
Because I'm no good at titles. xD

Day 15: Su Wu
Her eyes looked much better in the practise sketch.

Day 16: Fariza
The only thing I like about this is the fire lily albeit it's barely visible. I could have done better on her facial features. ;-; (Cover up the left eye and it looks a lot better!)

Day 17: Poppy
Poppy is SO cute btw and I drew this before I watched Trolls. (It's a super beautiful movie but I'll save that talk for the next post. xD)

Day 18: Fariza
I love how this turned out? (I think I'm neglecting my other OCs whoops. C':)

Day 19: Moroccan Date Tree
I can't access my photos from Morocco atm because they're on a different memory so I sketched this from a photo I've already posted a while back (click here to see the post!).

Day 20: Chibi Witch and her Kawaii Black Cat
Since I suck at titles. C: 

Day 21: Blossom
I remember a while back +Fatima Salman asked if it were possible to draw with a fountain pen so I decided to try it out. And I have some wonderful news: test successful, it worked!! :D The fountain pen worked better on the blossom here than any of my proper art ink pens would! Thanks for the idea, Fatima! <3 
(I'm also hoping to add some colour to this using my watercolours soon!)

Day 22: Yeti's gift
Indeed this is *supposed to be* +Captain Nathat's OC, fabulous-cinnamon-roll-first-elite Rance! C': I didn't even do him any justice at all. ;-; It doesn't look anything near as good as how the yeti draws him, trust me. Also I think I accidentally turned him into dude from a shounen manga... my apologies!! D: I think his eyes are off and his hair is too short? ;-; Ahh I need to draw you more fanart of your characters because gosh this doesn't do Rance any justice. (Also haven't forgotten the note on dA btw! which you absolutely did not have to give me. gosh too kind u_u)
Rance belongs to +Captain Nathat <3

Day 23: Lotuses
They're actually super relaxing flowers to draw. xD

Day 24: Yein
I absolutely loved the gymnastics performance by Lovelyz's Yein so I decided to draw her for the 24th day! (You can see the video of the performance by clicking here.)

Day 25: Naeun 
Quick drawing of Naeun in Apink's Only One MV (which is very inspiring btw)!

Day 26: Po and Tigress
(Po looked 1000x better in the original sketch which I'll probably also share just because.) This piece also wins the award for art that has caused me the most anxiety and pain in my drawing history since it took me about 7 hours non-stop work until my bed time just to get it finished that day. o.o' For this one I decided I wanted to enhance the blossom concept I used in the one of Tigress for day #4.
I'm also going to add some colour with my Prismacolor pencils. :D 
(Oh hey the shading worked well on the cape - I totally thought I'd wrecked it. xD)

Day 27: Kei
I drew this right after seeing the new Beautiful MV by Kei (Lovelyz) and The Solutions. (The MV is SO good. <3)
Day 28: Jen Yu
Yup, I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and decided to draw Jen (Yu Jiaolong) with the Green Destiny sword! Tbh I prefer Yu Shu Lien to Jen because Jen's character was a little bit rebellious for my liking but that's just me. xD It is SUCH a beautiful movie though, I loved the action and fighting montages, the soundtrack and the plot (so emotional ;-;). I especially liked that scene where Jen walked into this pub dressed up as a man (*cough* Mulan *cough*) and it was as if the whole Imperial Army followed her in but she destroyed all the guys (woo!!). xD I also finally understand why Mulan's haircomb in Mulan was so significant because I didn't get that at all before. C:
Hopefully I'll get to watch more wuxia films soon!~ xD

Day 29: Mijoo
This one is Mijoo in Lovelyz's Candy Jelly Love MV which really inspired me and is totally worth the watch! <3

Day 30: Fariza
(She is so my favourite.) I like mostly everything about this picture except for the pleats in the skirt.

Day 31: Fariza
I had planned in advance that I wanted to draw a Halloween-themed picture for the last day so I did! Initially, it was going to be a poster for my latest excerpts (I still know what it looks like in my head haha xD) but I decided I would complicate things if I had to draw both Shams and the Dark Villain with Fariza, however, so I drew this instead. This one was fun! 

Overall, my first drawing of Kei (44 likes), Yein (28 likes) and my last drawing (29 likes) proved to be the most popular on Instagram. :D I had so much fun with Inktober this year and I feel like I improved so much, so I highly recommend giving it a go if you can! I was, however, so relieved when it was over because I needed a break! 8D

What was your favourite? :D (Please don't feel obliged to comment on all of these because I know it would take up a lot of your time and there are a lot here that aren't worth commenting on that I don't particularly like myself but had to share because of the challenge!) Thanks for viewing!! <3


  1. This post took me longer to put together than it should have haha. xD Also if you're interested in having a look at my Instagram, it's !

  2. Hey, all these ink drawings are awesome Kenza! You've really got a talent for working with ink!(I always fail to do well with ink-it is SO smudgy!)I love the way you have shaded using ink, especially all that highlights in the hair and coats! I also like the way you have used the hatching technique in several places(like in Fariza's tights). You have also done the creases in clothes wonderfully.
    The flowers and the date tree are great too! I love the blossom especially. You have done all the intricate details SO perfectly!
    Happy drawing!

    1. Hey Zainab, thank you SO muccch!! :D I love reading your comments! <3 About ink being smudgy it's true that there are lots of types of ink pens that do that but there are some you can get that don't actually smudge! One of them I have doesn't smudge at all (it says so on the casing) which is about 0.3 I think? The others are 0.1 and two 0.5s which have such thin nibs that they're hard to make a mess out of. xD Oh thanks! :D I had a lot of fun doing the cross-hatching on some of these drawings since it's such an easy yet effective technique! I'm flattered - thanks again!! <3

  3. Sorry I haven't commented for a while! I enjoyed reading this post because it felt like going back in time to October when I really enjoyed drawing alongside you! Thank you so much for the mention, I found it motivating to drawing at the sane time as you too! I shan't comment one each drawing individually since I did that on Instagram but they are all amazing! Your skill with ink is is immense, each drawing has so much gorgeous detail and charm within it. I live how some of them have pops of colour on them because it makes them look really fun! It's hard to pick a favourite piece of art that you did during Inktober but I 'll try to pick 5 ha-ha! Here they are: day 5, day 14, day 20, day 24 and day 31! But there are some other amazing ones that you did in this challenge that I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into such as day 26 and day 28! I hope that we both take part in it next year since this was such a great first year of Inktober for me! Your art was stunning! :)

    1. That's absolutely fine Megan! You're most welcome! I loved receiving your lovely comments on each on of them on Instagram, it was so motivating! <3 Ahh thank you so much!! :D I'm so glad you liked the one of Taylor best since I really enjoyed drawing her and she was super fun to draw! Haha yes, Jen Yu was such a hard one since I had to put so much effort into drawing the details on the sword! xD Agreed! I'd love to have another go next year with you too! <3

  4. I'm 50,000000000000000 years late commenting on this omg sorry, I've been far too lazy far too long, ALRIGHT I'm going to finally comment! ;-;
    I feel bad because I wanted to comment on this back in 2016 but whoop, it's already too late. ._. sorrrryyyy I feel like such a terrible jerk.
    ANYWAY without further ado:

    Btw I also looked at your older inktober art again, and wow man, I never made any justiful comments on those. ;-; Just wanted to tell you, they're all heck awesome
    okay?? I practically was like "whoa ok, these are WAY too good, I must have been blind, because
    they deserve way more than the comment I gave!" But yeah, Ill adress this post now though, cause it's about darn time.
    I've been dying to comment on these, and while I may be slow, I'll try my best <:D
    First of all, I'm super jealous that you did Inktober. Because on top of keeping
    track of every single day, you also had super amazing art every time, and it'll all
    wonderfully colored and shaded and with its emotion and everything! ;-;

    1: SHAMMMSS OH MY GOSHH HE'S SO FLIPPIN HARR MAN. And haha, bro, I don't think his arm's short, I mean
    one is tilted towards us and the other is tilted outwards, so no, I think the proportions are pretty good!
    :D Annd wow darn he looks so mad. Like.. like I'd just want to lean into that
    window and steal his glasses and see him storm, because I'm sure that's just his regular expression. xD cute.
    I love the way you drew him. I mean he just looks so chill and cool and everything (LOL although now I'm just imagining
    him impatiently waiting for Fariza and swearing at her for being slow. xD) He's such a cute dude.
    And hey, about the hair, let me tell you, hair is the hardest thing to draw and the proportions always gets out out of hand. ._.
    BUT this still doesn't mean that Shams doesn't look incredibly harr here! And omg you should post the red sketch!! Actually by now I've pretty mch run out of words to describe your art, so Im just going to say that I love this so much, the shading and
    coloring and his pose/expression, beautiful!! xD mad shams.But ye, he's so dapper. And he stylish. I love this harr man, man. But, you need to update
    us with more excerpts and stuff on your writing blog, I miss those a lot! ;-; It's been a long
    timmmmeee, please?? OR I'll hide in the limo's backseat and STEAL SHAMS FROM U!! >8( AND ILL HANG HIM IN MY CLOSET BY THE SLEEVES, AND YOU
    CANT EVER FIND HIM! SO! What's more important here?? >8[] (LOL jk, but still, you DO need to update us! <:D If you're not so busy, of course!)
    and ye, he's so handsome. I wish I could hire him. Fariza is so lucky. (btw, I find their relationship very cute, like he's always so mad that Daddy's little Princess is
    dragging him places and she's too slow for him, and he mad. xD) cute.

    2: AH MaRINETTE YES. So cute! I say man, you got the anatomy ust right, like the limbs and clothes and everything! And I love your shading so much, like, the light hits it all in the right
    places and it's all just so?? GOOD. AND HER BOOTS oh gosh so pretty, with those details and everything! So beautiful man, I love your art!! I'm also
    still jealous that you did all that on paper, like no resizing or anything. so good. You're officially one of my inspirational artists, btw, just saying.
    ;-; ok

    3: OH gosh she's so prettty! I noticed ou used her a lot in gifs, and I didn't know who she was until I saw this xD But ye, she's super stylish and she's
    got class!:D I think you captured her super well her, she looks so realistic, and the braids and stripes! The detaiiills, all of them! And you're really good at hands too, wow.
    Kenza, you're awesome. And I can't get enough of the shading, it's all super realistic, almost like a stylized greyscale picture! <3 SO GOOD.


    1. 4:OMG Tigress is so cute here! I guessed she was younger though, because here she looks like she's got that childhood innocence (and she wasn't that firey yet, although she was
      still flippin cool and an awesome gal!) AND YES, color it!! I can't imagine how good the details would be, you always get the clothes (they look so loose, which is realistic!!) and proportions/poses really
      accurately. And I don't think Tigress's markings are easy either, but you got them all really good too. ;-;

      5: WHOO YEAH! :D Dapper! I love the overall pose and feel here, she's so cool and chill! xD And the umbrella is really well-shaded, like everything else! I also love how you drew the clothes, and also the little things like the coffee and purse (it's got good depth and looks so realistic, btw!) I'm so jealous, you're awesome at humans.

    2. (btw i'll be back, I gtg now ;-; but I'll be back and finish this, it's WAY overdue gosh) <:D

    3. *cries* oh Hana no I told you not to why- ;-;

    4. sir your comment is this long how am I supposed to reply to it?
      *chokes* boy. listen, I don't even know what to tell you anymore okay bc my job here is done
      *headdesk* I made a very important note in this post not to feel obliged to comment on all of these, let alone give me several mile long comments. ;-;
      I JUST? Omigosh thank you so much you made my month. ;-; I was super hyper reading this omg ahhhhh!! gosh this is longer than an ESSAY missy! O.O
      I'm so overwhelmed where do I start? First, I NEVER want you to comment this long again Hana this is just too much! This took you days to write, heck! ;-; (for some art that doesn't even look good x'D)
      jk I mean thank you SO muccchhh!! C':> (how did you even find the time to write this man?)
      NO omg my Inktober drawings from last year were trash, don't even mention them please!! xD but thanksss omigosh! ;-;
      ahem. you did more than your best, that's enough madam. u_u"
      okay I'm going to try to reply to all of this but omg I'm so sorry it probably won't do it any justice since I don't have much time ;-; I just want to tell you I'm eternally grateful but I just can't describe that in a comment. <3 ...

      eh well I'm sharing the wip. ;-; omg no, don't steal his sunglasses!! xD "I mean he just looks so chill and cool and everything (LOL although now I'm just imagining him impatiently waiting for Fariza and swearing at her for being slow. xD)" <-- I can confirm. ;-; but the hair is bad. okay bud I'm going to be working on an excerpt pretty soon lol. "OR I'll hide in the limo's backseat and STEAL SHAMS FROM U!! >8( AND ILL HANG HIM IN MY CLOSET BY THE SLEEVES, AND YOU CANT EVER FIND HIM! SO! What's more important here?? >8[]" <-- LOLOLLLOOLLOLL!!! THIS! perfection!! x"D i wouldn't hire him personally. yuss that's a perfect description, dragging the princess around and she's too slow for him. 8'D lol.
      hnnng it's so hard not to reply to all of this properly!! ;-; <3!!
      thaanksss!! ;-; haha and actually I've given you gifs of other kpop idols like the mustache Mijoo one x'D <3!
      ahaha omg I didn't actually intend her to look like her teen self at first but then it got out of hand and I was like "eh ok whatever" x'D and gosh you're right teen!Tigress looks less firey than her adult self. C:> oh boy you have no idea man, Tigress's markings are a heck of a lot easier to draw and get the proportions right twenty times than drawing one Po. xD (or maybe that's just bc I draw her too much ;-;)
      yeeeeee thanks!! *-* <3 the umbrella was so complicated ahh~ WHOA no how can you be jealous when clearly you're the one who's the best at drawing humans? O.O" I used a ref for that one anyway. u_u

      you should never have done this comment but omg I should have stopped you before you did the rest ;-;

    ok moooovving onnnn

    6: FARIZA YES! Man, she's so pretty.;-; I think the hibiscus fits her so much!
    Also, superb shading, as usual, and her face structure looks so realistic and pretty and ahh so good. ;-;
    I love your ideas! (also, super cute siggy! xD You have such good handwriting, it makes me feel bad. LOL.)

    7:OOH NICE! I've never even heard of caracals before? xD I think I've seen them in pictures though, but I thought they were
    lynx or something. Okay, but you're really good at like EVERYTHING, not just humans and anthropomorphic (if that's what KFP art is? xD) BUT also animals! It looks really realistic too, with the fur and all! ;-; and the lashes. this is awesome man.

    8: Love the shading on thiiiiisss! AUGH it looks so realistic, all the tint and shade is in the right spots, and I love Po's expression oo!
    xD And the details on his hat and shoes. It all looks super Chinese and traditional. Also accurate, like
    you even shaded the small down side of the hat! So many details. ;-; Ohh wait, maybe your art is so good
    because you have a good eye for details? Like Ghibli? :O That's probably it, but gosh this is amazing talent. I'm still
    jealous that you can draw everything. You make it look easy (xD I know it isn't though!)

    9: Oh gosh I haven't even watched that movie yet. ._. But after seeing all those gifs and spoilers, I must say I at least ship them. lol
    This is amaze, like again, all the details (at this point I don't think there's anything I can say about your art
    that does it justice?? BUT, you're improving super fast, and the clothes and expressions and shading and everything!!) Even those little things, like
    the small skulls Astrid wears. Deep man. So good. ;-; Also, I love how you did the braids in their hair. so cute.

    10: xD Ahh I also still didn't watch this, but judging by art and clips, Elena is amazing! :D And you captured her just perfectly! And I love the
    proportions of her face and just the overall texture in general (paper texture is awesome!) awesome. Also those little flowers in her hair are so cute. :')

    1. gosh.

      yaaaaaa thank yooouu!! <33 I think this one of Fariza was the first drawing where I officially stopped drawing references as they actually are so I'm kind of proud of it lol xD <3!!
      ahh I didn't really know what caracals were before either but I saw some pictures on Pinterest and couldn't resist! C: (yup KFP is anthropomorphic) but I can't draw a single animal yet without copying a reference exactly as it is but YOU can! ;-; You draw horses amazingly so shush that's enough. u_u <3
      eep. ;-; but nooo Po looks awful there, I want to throw that one in the trash. ._. oooh omigosh you're super super kind! (ahhh working for Ghibli would be extremely fun!! :'D ... only I doubt my parents will let me go into animation anyway so idk. ;-;) I'm flattered omigosh! <3
      ahhhh you've got to watch HTTYD (1/2), you'd love it!! C:> oh dear I hope you haven't seen certain spoilers-! xD haha that would work fine, I'm sure you'd ship them anyway if you watched it! :P (shush you have done everything more than justice u_u)
      Yeah she is! :D I think the show is aimed at a younger audience but Elena is 16 (I think?) anyway and it's so good that fact doesn't bother me. xD <3

  6. 11: Oh drat, I also didn't watch enough ML to know who Lila is. ._. yay for being so behind on everything.
    But I think this is really good, no man, you've no right to say this is awful! ITS SO GOOD. Like, her glasses and pose, it makes me think that she's
    cool and stylish? xD And her clothes and hair too. Her overall style is really cool, and I think you nailed it. ;-;
    love this!
    and the HANDS omg how are they so good?? WAH

    12:MULAN YEEEE I LOVE THIS GAL. And yes, the first thing I noticed was the hair actually xD it's so flow-y and realsitic!
    Also, Mulan has got to be one of my favorite fictional characters, so I love seeing art of her, espeically if it's by you, because
    you nail it every time! :D I love how you got the nose and the eyes in the same way Disney draws them - which is accurate and

    NOTCH OK THIS IS IT MISSY, YOU BEST) And the details, again! Her hairbands and necklace and earrings and headband, all so well drawn, it's like actual Disney concept art! ;-; Love it.

    14: omg so cute! xD That pumpkin looks so darn realistic. And it gets me in the kicks for halloween again, even now. xD AWESOMEEE. And the cat is adorable, with the witch's hat! >:D YE
    so furry and mysterious. >_>

    15: Su Wu is so sassy man! >:D I LOVE THIS. She's just so pretty and sly and cool, and her expression says it all! So good and accurate. Also, yeah, this might as well be DW concept art too, cause it's
    really good! If DW saw this, I'm sure they'de love it and idk maybe follow you even, cause it's really good!! :'D
    so much sass. and you must have spent so much time on the markings! They're so neat and small and well thought out and everything! whoa dang man, I don't even know what to say anymore I just
    *throws laptop out the window*
    I'll never be this good. ;-; you awesome man.

    16: *gets laptop back* wait I need to finish commenting on these first then I can throw out the laptop. It's Fariza again! She's so pretttty omg. And I love the collerbone/neck structure! :D So realsitic!
    And also just her face in general tbh, like really man, it's so good. That flower is so realistic too, like with the specks and shading and everything!
    gosssshh I cant even, MAN YOU ARE TOO SKILLED I CANT *dies*

    1. but you still watched it so that counts. ;-; but oh gosh she's in the episode at the end of the season. xD omg noooo ;-; <3
      YES. My favourite Disney heroine! ;-; ahh I've been wanting to draw more fanart of her but I just don't get round to it. xD thankkkss!! ;-;
      hnnnggg staahpp!! actually the guidelines show way too much there but I was too lazy to re-draw it onto another material. ;-; idek now ur too kind y u do dis to me.
      yes your halloween kicks really kick hard don't they ma'am? xD too kind. ;-;
      i know omg one day I'll make an army of paper aeroplanes and send them to DreamWorks for having scrapped Su Wu. ;-; the original sketch was better though! nooooooo pls stahhp man you've said enough! D8< noo! xD *retrieves laptop* don't smash it just over my drawing! >8(
      LOLOLOLOL!!! "*gets laptop back*" I'm laughing in real actually. 8'D how dare you abuse your poor laptop (wait I just realised, you were commenting on a laptop? xD ok dumb question bye) but that one was awful! ;-;

  7. 17: xD I didn't watch Trolls either. But dang yeah, Poppy DOES look cute! ;-; Your art of her does show her personality and everything, she's super adorable and nice-looking! It reminds
    me of those little troll toys I used to have as a kid, only they were much much uglier. xD But yeah, love the details here, like the teeth and nose and eyes and everything. See, you can even
    draw TROLLS for heaven's sake, and you still nail it. I dont' even know how you can draw such a wide range of stuff so accurately while I struggle to draw only two. LOL.

    18: YEA stylish Fariza! She looks like she's going shopping or on a walk or something xD But yes man, she's super pretty here, and also stylish! I love her so much (AND SHAMS >:() I also love how
    you got the folds of the clothes all really good, and the shaddinng again. I don't think I can ever get enough of your art (PLEASE POST MOREEEE THIS WAS AGES AGO ;-;) please

    19: Ooh boy, this is super realistic! Actually I've seen a date tree in this place we go to, and it looks just like that too, only a bit different! But yeah, super realistic. ;-;

    20:OMG KAWAIIIIII ;-; Okay, I just love how you can draw in all styles and all forms and it just turns out so good??? LIKE? She's just so cute?? And the kitty? Oh gosh, I love everything about this, the
    costume, the art style, the braid, cute broom, postures, everything! SO GOOD OMG YOU'RE like a godess man I'm serious.
    I love this. ;-; and the little buckle on the hat is so cute. also the hat style too, and the witch's costume and overall taste! :D LOVE it!

    (btw I gtg again, I'll finish commenting on the rest soon! <:D)

    1. hahaha I'm not so sure Trolls would be your thing though. xD (but you can of course watch it if you want to! it's a DW film though so it's kind of dark at points like um something about Branch ahh so sad the feels ;-; also Poppy and Branch is a really good ship tbh) haha it's funny you mention that bc I was briefly looking at this written interview with the directors and they called the trolls "ugly cute", it was kind of funny. xD that's untrue missy and you know it. u_u (what about your bgs? D8<)
      gosh way too kind omg. <3 i'm trying. okay I'll spoil it, I was going to do a manga drawing of Fariza and also something for Valentine's Day for obvious reasons. 8)
      You have date trees?? Omg so lucky ahhh! ;-; here in the UK if you plant a date tree it will die. xD
      yeeeeeee!!! you're too kind! lol you seem to like kawaii stuff ammirite? 8) <3!!

  8. (back again!)

    21: Ooh these are so good!! ;-; They look so realistic and the details are so life-like! i can even see the little pollen thingies. Omg. And with pens (so lucky, you have a fountain pen! ;-;)
    so jealous bye.

    22: LOL Okay, first of all, I LOVELOVELOVE how you titled this "Yeti's gift". Thank you, I love this. 8'D Im SO HAPPY SOMEONE FINALLY BELIEVES THAT I AM A YETI!! YES! (LOL no, it cracked me up
    because you actually did it!! x'D Thank you! LOL.) So fitting. So good. And nope, Ranciodo looks PERFECT! :D I LOVE THIS SO MUCH OKAY? And haha no man, if he WAS from a shounen manga, he'd rule it (idk
    wht i'm saying sorry, i'm stupid as usual) so no, your style SO fits him! In fact, you made him look more harr than I ever can make him, and it fits so much ok end of discussion. ;-; You made him look too harr and
    with a real nice jawline, and no, his hair is good! xD Besides, when you turn your ponytail over your shoulder it looks shorter automatically, right? So no, this is super accurate! :D STILL LOVE THIS SO MUCH.
    he looks so good my gosh. And no man, you don't have to and you don't have to. this is perfect bye. Too nice. :')

    23: Prettty! Again the details! ;-; Makes me wanna draw fowers. I wish i were this good at

    24: Oh man so pretty! ;-; I love how you did her hair! And her clothes!And just everything in general. (those clothes details though, the pattern and texture all look so realistic!!) and the hair strands. so good. And I watchd the video,
    she's so stinking cool oh my gosh! :O WHOA. awesome. (wait, she's Korean right? xD Sorry I suck at these
    things. ._. but yeah, super cool omg.)

    25: Omg I have that sam sketchbook. xD And oho man, you can draw sitting poses and flowly clothes all too well. wat. like how. EVERYTHING. This has such a peaceful look to it, and the shading and details and shoes and everything (anatomy!!)
    so darn accurate. I can't even say anything anymore, because this is all beyond me. ;-;

    26: hmm sorry but I ship. 8) And no, I think they look perfect and really in character, with they clothing and colors and shading and everything! (actually, I know those red lines are guidelines, but they look like a pink tint, which
    looks nice here. xD too good.) love clothes and shoes/wrappings. ;-;

    27: Ooh I saw that MV when you first posted this (do you know I saw this post a lot, I just was too lazy to comment on it? ;- ; im stupido) but yeah gosh, so pretty. You captured Kei here just perfectly!

    28: At first I thought this was Mulan. xD But I remember you had some gifs on Tumblr? They looked super cool, and just my favorite kind of plot! >:D And LOL wlking into a pub dressed like a dude xD Sounds fun! Did they find out
    though? :O and YEESS, "destroyed all the guys" <-- how everything SHOULD be! LOL. this character seems so awesome man. ;-; And I love how you drew her (so realistic and you kept the Chinese look too!) and the sword (so detailed omg how)
    I swear I can never know how you're this good.


    1. yes the pollen thingies! ;-;
      WHAT. NO. YOU ALREADY COMMENTED ON THAT. No!! D8< you sent me an extremely long note about that one picture on dA, surely that's more than enough? ;-; goodness you're WAY too kind! <3 of course I did it. ;-; and omg you're an abominable snowman! xD so tell me, how did you become a yeti sir? u_u YOoooooo Rance should ABSOLUTELY be a shounen manga character, everybody would love him to death. (maybe you should draw up a manga comic so that can officially happen? ;-; lol jk omg.) Imma draw more shounen Rance then. u_u hm. well I don't ever wear my hair in a ponytail, only in a braid (they're pretty much the same though) so it kind of goes shorter just a little bit over the shoulder? but not much tbh. This one is wrong because Rance's hair would still look longer over the shoulder but I noticed that too late. ;-; hngggg I've run out of words to say already thank you ahhhh!! <3
      listen up girl. You can already draw plants. in your bgs. so that's a lie. >8(
      Ahhhhh thank yooouu!! <3 this comment just-!! ;-; ikr? And yes she's Korean! xD Lovelys is a kpop band, so. :)
      wait you have that same sketchbook?? :O then if you have a sketchbook why don't you share your traditional art? ;-; auauuuughh I don't know how to reply to that, your kindness is too pure I'm done. <3
      NO wait they look really bad in that drawing now I've looked back at it please shield your eyes. ;-; so kind though goodness me. I'll probably re-draw it sometime (idk if I'll post it here though bc I already post too much kfp here hhhhhh xD)
      LOL how can you be "stupid" when I'm always so lazy in the same way too? xD (*cough* not that I've done that about any of your new posts *cough* yes probably wait no) yesss Kei is so cute in that MV. *-* <3
      Hahaha omg she is a bit like Mulan! xD yes I did. ;-; (but wait don't watch the trailer pls I'm actually serious) yes it is your kind of plot. xD oh yes definitely. >8) I think she got away with it actually? yesss!! >8D girls rule. u_u <3!


  9. 29: This makes me feel so good inside for some reason xD and the cute color blotches all over, so pretty. :') (i'll go watch the mv) okay back, oh FIGURES those are candy! xD
    but omg the mv is so bubbly and cute and (LOL so THAT'S where that gif of the mustache picture guy comes from. xD so funny!) but yeah, love this!

    30: Farizaaaa! And no the pleats look so good and realistic, like the folds and everything! :D
    I love Fariza. ;-; She's always so happy-go-lucky and rich (OPPOSITE OF SHAMS >8() lol

    31: YES Fariza! (you started with Shamsey, and ended with Fariza, woot!) And I love this, it looks totally halloween-y and the cobblestone is so detailed and realistic (i love cobblestone ;-;) and Fariza looks like the cold is coming in! xD (well in october here we have it real hot,
    so I had to remember that she doesn't live in florida. lol) but yee, so good! AND MAN, you SHOULD'VE drawn shams and the dark villain and everything ;-; or at least sometime. I don't think I ever saw the villain before. You should so do it, please!! <:D

    Anyway yeah I finally got to this (<-- late. no excuses I'm sorry! ;-; i'm terrible) but yeah, keep up this OUTSTANDING work buddy! Love your art so much. :')
    ps: don't feel obliged to reply to this at all. xD it's super tall and dumb.

    1. I know omg that MV makes me want to eat candy even though I don't because it's too sugary and ahh it's totally my kind of aesthetic! ;-; LOL! and yes ur right ma'am 8)
      "OPPOSITE OF SHAMS >8(" <-- LOL true 100% and you're so kind thank u
      I need to draw Shamsey more though but I'm so bad at drawing guys that I rarely ever draw them. ;-; alas maybe sometime!! yaaaayyy thanks ma'am! <3 LOL! Here in October it starts to get super cold. xD What's it like in Florida now? (asides from trumpet that is) I WILL try to draw that poster sometime yes! I still have the image in my head. But I'll never be able to draw it as good I bet. xD okie thx u da best.

      CONGRATULATIONS YOU SURVIVED! YOU WIN AN AWARD! *fireworks crackling in distance* YOU DID IT! *claps you on the back* and really you shouldn't have I'm absolutely serious this time. I mean gosh this is too much and you don't have much free time right? So why waste it all on me? ;-; you have every excuse not to comment, I promise!! and you're terrible not because you didn't comment but because you did comment. >8( BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH and yes indeed it is very tall you're right. I don't know what to say anymore! <3 just imagine you're a super magical unicorn or something that made my month.

  10. Hi Kenza! Sorry I got so late in commenting on this post. I had seen it ages ago when you posted it, but couldn't get around to commenting on it, (and I am pretty lazy in this matter!) so sorry about it. And since this is quite a long post, it should have a long comment, and so I did procrastinate a bit.

    All of the drawings you did for Inktober are brilliant! I can't possibly comment about all of them, but I'll try to address some of the ones I liked best. :)

    I really liked the first drawing you did of Shams! He looks so... kind of cool and unperturbed. His dark glasses and stylish hairstyle looks fantastic. Though I hadn't imagined him like that... he looks like a teenager or something... I had expected a more, um maybe, dignified chauffeur. Haha! XD But I absolutely love the way you've drawn him!

    Drawing 27 of Kei is also a really beautiful one. Closed eyes always give a lovely impression, and make the subject look calm and peaceful. I think that drawing closed eyes are also easier than drawing open eyes, because eyes are usually quite complicated for me (perhaps you don't find them so difficult though idk).
    I also like the way you've made creases on her clothes. They give so much more texture and an overall 3D look to the whole picture. Not to mention the hair you've drawn! It's so beautiful and lifelike. (And Mulan's hair is really good!)

    I also like the drawings you did on day 24, 25 and 28. I'd like to comment on them as well, but it's pretty late now, and I have to go to bed.
    (life is so busy at times - I just can't help it)
    I'll try to get back soon. Keep posting more if you can. :D

    1. *speaking of Shams* ahem! I think I meant mature when I said that I had imagined him to be a 'dignified' chauffeur.

    2. Hey Fatima, that's absolutely fine, I totally understand! :D And I can relate to that so much haha! xD Aww thank you so much! You shouldn't have, I'm flattered!! <3

      I didn't know you'd all like Shams so much! But it was one of the drawings that took a lot of time and effort so I guess that must be why! xD Yay, thank you!! <3 LOL you're totally right! He does look a lot like that tbh! I think that's the kind of look young men like this go for haha! 8D
      Ahh I'm so glad you liked drawing 27/Kei! I really liked how that one turned out myself and it's one of my favourites too. :D I also really appreciate how you mentioned the closed-eyes theme since I really like drawing that kind of mood! (Maybe it's the kind of feeling I have myself when drawing after a long, hectic day. xD) You're right! It's much easier to draw them closed and in fact I had that in mind when drawing some of these! Thank you! C: <3 Gosh I personally find hair so hard to draw - I'm so glad to hear you like how I've done it! 8D
      That makes me so happy! And it's funny because your favourite drawings here seem to be mine too. Maybe we have similar tastes? xD
      That's fine, in fact I have to go now too! I've barely been able to reply to a few comments on my blog myself LOL! Thank you so much! I love reading your comments!! :D
      I think both mature and dignified work there haha!

  11. And in case I didn't mention it properly, I absolutely love ALL of the drawings you've shared in this post. I just couldn't get around to commenting on all of them, but they are all brilliant. And you've improved a lot over an year, I think! :)

    1. I got that message actually! I know that kind of feeling when you're commenting on someone's work and you just really want to say it's good, the kind of thing you think in your head but it's so hard to describe in a comment! xD Thanks so much Fatima! <3