Tuesday, 14 February 2017

September-February Digital Art!

It's been a long time since I last posted my digital art! The reason I haven't posted any since September is because I'm not particularly quick at drawing digitally - I find it a lot easier to draw traditionally tbh. I am, however, still practising at speeding up digitally and trying to use my Wacom and Krita more often. Below are the digital drawings I've drawn from September until now... C:

I wasn't too satisfied with my previous digital fanart of Su Wu so I decided to have another go (after learning from my mistakes) but this time lineless! That's right, there's no lineart, which makes it look a little more realistic/professional I think? I've never done lineless digital art before so I was unsure of the outcome but overall I think it turned out pretty cool even though there are some improvements I could have made.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon definitely inspired this. And just when I thought drawing the details on the Green Destiny sword (in CTHD) was extremely difficult, the Sword of Heroes (KFP) was an absolute nightmare. I had to re-draw that spirit dragon several times and to make it worse I had to draw it upside down and make it fit with the size of the sword. The result is not absolutely precise but it's close enough! And speaking of the sword, I really wish Po would wield it like he did in the anime sequence at the beginning of the first movie but DreamWorks clearly have other ideas~ xD
(the line of action in his pose could have been better but I didn't know that at the time lol)
Surprisingly I drew this background in just about half an hour or less? I was having a really tough time trying to sync Po in with the background (a common artist problem) but as I was thinking of possible backgrounds I remembered this one scene in Secrets of the Masters that has a beautiful cherry blossom panel in 2D and I decided to draw this inspired from it using various different brushes. I think it turned out interesting and my mum even asked me if I could make prints out of it to make cards. ^^'
Happy Lunar New Year! <3
This is an idea for a digital drawing that's been circulating in my head for quite a while now! I decided to save it until Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year because the concept of this is "red letter day", a common expression used to describe a memorable day. Moreover, in China on the new year they are given red letters with money in them (in China red is considered a lucky colour, which I'm sure most people have heard?). It's a combination of both! On the left reads 福/Fú which means "good fortune" in Chinese and on the right is, of course, 新年快乐/Xīnnián kuàilè meaning "happy new year". It's all in my own handwriting and gosh it was hard! xD
I did this as a mixed Kung Fu Panda 3 day (Jan. 29th) and Chinese New Year picture since they were only a day apart! (I can't believe it was already released a year ago?) A good tip I've learned is that it's a good idea to put the sun or the moon or even clouds behind a character to draw attention to them than rather on another aspect of the drawing! I'm also really trying to work hard on the perspective in my backgrounds and a good way to achieve that is by drawing the viewer's eye line - it's like deciding which position of the drawing you want the horizon to appear on. C:

A quick Fariza for Valentine's day! Yes, she's playing Cupid. >8) ("jouer les cupidons" is a French phrase meaning to play Cupid) She'd obviously celebrate since she's a descendant of the Love and Beauty Poweress~ *-*

What's the matter, Shams? Don't you want to be a chibi? 8D
Dear chauffeur Shams is mad because somebody (I wonder who) gave him his coffee in a heart mug and he has to create a good impression in front of the little princess's daddy.
(I still can't draw his hair how it really is and yes I know the anatomy is cheap, I was too lazy to bother with accuracy lol~) 
Asides from in the first and last two pictures, the colour schemes I've been using (as y'all have probably noticed now) is fiery-looking (and I don't think it's because of BTS Fire xD) so I'm thinking I should work on new colour schemes... What do you guys think? I'll create a poll to find out! Thanks for viewing! <3

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Happy New Year!~

My new year's resolution? To post more obviously! And of course organise my schedules in a better manner... we'll have to see how that works out though. xD Anyway, happy belated new year to y'all! (Although 2016 had some brief highlights it was a pretty tough year imo so I'm glad to finally be able to start over a new leaf tbh.) Here in this post I'm just dumping some artwork that I did both before and after Inktober and additionally the original sketches for some of the pieces. 
On another note, I haven't forgotten about the poll I conducted a while back! I do have some artwork, DIY, and tons of photography I planned to share during the summer but didn't have the chance. Adding on top of my new year's resolution, I think I need to find ways of not wasting time, which is what I've been doing a lot lately unfortunately due to not managing my schedules properly. >.<
(I've decided I'm not going to share all of my KFP fanart (finished drawings as well as scraps and WIPs) after this since I mainly do it just for Tumblr/myself and I think I'm going pretty overboard on here haha~ C:)

Note: I will get round to commenting on everyone else's posts soon - I'm just super busy at the moment! I thought I'd share this post now since most of these pictures are becoming outdated. :)
Sugar skull Fariza for Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos! I started this straight after Inktober ended (I was so done and exhausted by then but I still persevered! xD) and since Day of the Dead lasts two days I took advantage of that and posted it on the last day. Usually you'll find artwork of sugar skulls themselves but I thought, well, why not combine that with Fariza so it's face paint instead? I used both Prismacolor pencils and glitter pens for the colouring and I think I like the overall effect. :D (Also, speaking of face paint, I think this is the kind of thing Fariza would canonically do for special events in my story since her dad owns the beauty salon after all?)

This is what happens when you don't plan out where you want to draw the special effects first! I totally messed this up which was a shame since I liked the concept of this picture and it looked 1000x better in my head. xD On the bright side, at least I learned something from it! This was done back in September straight after watching KFP3 a second time at the cinema and since I've improved so much over the last few months I can just tell how flawed this is now ahaha~
I am so bad at drawing spirit dragons... let alone ordinary dragons. ;-;

Quick art tip: I would personally absolutely avoid using blue/red/whichever coloured pencils for your main sketch that you're planning to colour later on because it just doesn't work. A lot of artists either trace the red/blue sketch onto a new material in pencil/pen or scan it and trace it digitally but I didn't do that here so it ended up messing with the colours as a result. I was so frustrated I immediately went over to Amazon and purchased Prismacolor pencils (I had to wait days for them to arrive though ;-;) and they helped a ton although I still couldn't get rid of some of the red underneath unfortunately.

I scanned this sketch and made a digital picture in Krita which I'll share in another post!
There are some flawed, abandoned Tigress expression practise doodles underneath (the paper was thin).


This is the main sketch for Poppy down below which I did straight after watching Trolls... yes, I watched it at the cinema and I absolutely loved it! It's such a cute, colourful, glittery movie! Every scene was eye candy! I especially loved Poppy... she's super crazy and confident and cute. :D

I coloured this with Prismacolor pencils obviously and speaking of which, I'd opened my tin and thought, ugh how can I not have a pink when Poppy has so much pink on her... and as if in reply, my finger accidentally tipped the top row to reveal a hidden row beneath that happened to have a pink and it was the most strangest revelation ever. I also used glitter pens because if Trolls is a film with tons of glitter in it and I have glitter pens then it'd be practically wrong not to use them in the making of this. xD To add topping to the cake, it was a little difficult coming up with the pose because I don't really understand the anatomy of the characters in this movie yet!

I was trying to resist drawing this sassy sinnamon roll but I re-watched the Infiltration short again and I developed an idea in my head and couldn't resist. On top of that everyone's been drawing Sombra so why not? I was dead excited when Blizzard released her and I played her a lot but now I main Genji haha. She's super fun to play when you get the hang of her abilities though tbh (especially on Volskaya Industries)! And I love her design because it's all purple and that's my favourite colour. xD
(Yes I play Overwatch a ton now, it's too addictive welp. ;-;)

I had some trouble with the colouring since it needed tons of blending and I'm not yet experienced at that with Prismacolor pencils but I'm happy with the result overall. C:
Boop. >8)

Believe it or not I still haven't had the chance to watch Moana yet and having to wait longer is killing me from the inside. But ahh it looks like such a BEAUTIFUL movie and I just had to draw Moana! For this picture I looked up Polynesian girls on Pinterest for inspiration! :D

I think I still need tons of practise with watercolours because they seem to quickly sink in through the page and make a huge mess. But despite that I think I like how this turned out?

I was inspired to draw Fariza in a winter outfit since it's been absolutely freezing here in the UK and there's been plenty of frost. It even snowed once but it was thin so it only lasted a day. ;-; (Edit: it snowed a ton today actually but it melted as soon as it hit the ground.)

The beginning of an Elena picture I'm working on which I'm planning to colour with Prismacolor pencils! (I don't know when I'm actually going to get round to it since I have so much on my endless to-do list lol.)

Some Su Wu doodles I did without WiFi... because why not? I like the one on the left most. Actually now I wish I could make some quick digital pictures from these poses. She's a total sass queen and I wish she was in the movies, she'd make the best villain ever. ;-;
(This is so faint omg. xD) It's the beginning sketch of a Sonic-themed card I gave to my friend irl (on dA) for Christmas of her Sonic OC, Nightshade. ^^
I actually really like how the line of action in her pose turned out.
wow I can actually draw hands

Coloured with Prismacolor pencils once again and augh I made a mistake by gluing the top border upside down. ;-;

冬至快乐/Dōngzhì kuàilè?
 I don't actually remember what I was going to say about this... probably nothing important. xD Other than I'm about 99% sure chi can't turn into frost. And I gave them alt outfits because why not? I looked up Hanfu outfits for Tigress's design although I don't know if KFP is set in the Han dynasty? I love playing with the fabric on their outfits. C:

I think it was a good idea that I actually decided to outline where I wanted the swirling snow effect thing. Even though I have Prismacolor pencils I discovered that they still won't be able to create that special effect on top of other colours, so.

This is actually a picture I took with my phone since my friend irl sent me a DM on Instagram asking what I was drawing (we were messaging each other while I drew this) but I'll take advantage of the fact I took this to show you guys how I started off! The initial sketch on the thin paper on the left was deliberately flawed but just as practise for the final one... and in case anyone was wondering, yes, those are Sombra practise sketches on the previous page in the thin paper art book. B)

The sketch in better lighting...

And here we have cinnamon roll dumpling bae Mei (with the swirling snow again). The line of action here is a bit odd. xD Also this is her "Mei-rry" skin! Also, her new Lunar New Year skins are A-MEI-ZING! (Got the "Luna" one in a loot box finally. xD)

So I was on a ferry (back during the holidays) and I was rather bored, but I had WiFi on my phone so I looked up some quick refs of D.Va (Hana Song) and quickly doodled this in about five minutes. (If I ever have to play a tank in OW I always pick her obviously.) I wonder if I should re-do this properly?

Ya I had a cold and I was watching this Moroccan channel where they have tons of cooking shows, reality TV, dramas and whatnot and I was just doodling this randomly but I was agonising over how to draw the hair so I ended up drawing one of the ladies' pretty hairstyle from the drama. And the drama wasn't even that good, I barely understood it. It was set in Morocco (obviously) and there was something about this important suitcase and a mean lady and these two boys that smashed a mirror near the end and got shouted at I mean idk man.

Pencil sketch for the picture below...

It was my b'day and new year too shortly afterwards, so I kind of combined the too. This is chibi me apparently. C:

This is old but I kind of figured out how to draw Selina? (I've improved since though obviously.) I've been thinking I should draw Selina more since, after all, she's the main character in my story although I've been completely rejecting her since I favourite Fariza so much. While I was at it I quickly sketched that doodle of converse shoes from a picture on Pinterest because Selina always wears them. Also Selina doesn't actually have her hair in a high ponytail (maybe occasionally though) since it's always in a braid/braids but I was too lazy to draw that haha~

WIP of a Lunar New Year picture I've been working on! (The girl I've drawn is wearing a qipao.)

(I just realised I accidentally drew her too thin augh. >.<) Just practising drawing with a reference. I honestly can't remember why I doodled Po's face in the corner there.
Sharing because I nailed it on the line of action for once and my mum liked this one. C:

below are the initial sketches for some of my Inktober drawings...
This is how I started off with the Inktober piece (this was in my scrap artbook as practise). I ruined Tigress obviously but I honestly prefer Po in this version before I messed him up in the final version. ;-; I wonder if I'll ever re-do the picture.

I definitely prefer this version of Su Wu rather than the final result - her eyes look a lot better here.

This is definitely better than the final version imo except for Shams's hair still being way too high. >.<

Here's how I started Taylor Swift!

And here's the lineart in pen! You can see Taylor's hair in the breeze a lot better in this version I think. ^^

Fariza started off really well straight from the beginning since I had a perfect facial reference. :D (I accidentally started drawing her eye in pencil before taking the picture whoops~)

And I started in pen already here too haha.

Po looked better at this stage I think? (Except for the proportions still looking so flawed.) The version in ink pens was ruined for sure~ xD

Hiccup and Astrid before I added shading and everything. :D

That's all! Once again, please don't feel obliged to have to comment (or if you decide you want to, please don't comment on all of them!) since I totally understand if you're busy as I am too. C: Also, thank you all SO much for your lovely comments, I'm so overwhelmed by all of them! I promise I'll get round to replying to them all one day, it's just I'm super busy and there's so many of them! xD <3
I've been thinking of making a post dedicated to book fanart soon - any thoughts? And speaking of which, I'd love to know what books you guys love! :D
On top of that, I'm hoping to draw some original Jasmine (Aladdin) fanart as I promised I'd do before but just didn't get round to it. (I haven't forgotten about the Disney Princess collab btw!)
I think another one of my resolutions should be to draw guys more lol. Who's up for a man post? xD