Tuesday, 14 February 2017

September-February Digital Art!

It's been a long time since I last posted my digital art! The reason I haven't posted any since September is because I'm not particularly quick at drawing digitally - I find it a lot easier to draw traditionally tbh. I am, however, still practising at speeding up digitally and trying to use my Wacom and Krita more often. Below are the digital drawings I've drawn from September until now... C:

I wasn't too satisfied with my previous digital fanart of Su Wu so I decided to have another go (after learning from my mistakes) but this time lineless! That's right, there's no lineart, which makes it look a little more realistic/professional I think? I've never done lineless digital art before so I was unsure of the outcome but overall I think it turned out pretty cool even though there are some improvements I could have made.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon definitely inspired this. And just when I thought drawing the details on the Green Destiny sword (in CTHD) was extremely difficult, the Sword of Heroes (KFP) was an absolute nightmare. I had to re-draw that spirit dragon several times and to make it worse I had to draw it upside down and make it fit with the size of the sword. The result is not absolutely precise but it's close enough! And speaking of the sword, I really wish Po would wield it like he did in the anime sequence at the beginning of the first movie but DreamWorks clearly have other ideas~ xD
(the line of action in his pose could have been better but I didn't know that at the time lol)
Surprisingly I drew this background in just about half an hour or less? I was having a really tough time trying to sync Po in with the background (a common artist problem) but as I was thinking of possible backgrounds I remembered this one scene in Secrets of the Masters that has a beautiful cherry blossom panel in 2D and I decided to draw this inspired from it using various different brushes. I think it turned out interesting and my mum even asked me if I could make prints out of it to make cards. ^^'
Happy Lunar New Year! <3
This is an idea for a digital drawing that's been circulating in my head for quite a while now! I decided to save it until Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year because the concept of this is "red letter day", a common expression used to describe a memorable day. Moreover, in China on the new year they are given red letters with money in them (in China red is considered a lucky colour, which I'm sure most people have heard?). It's a combination of both! On the left reads 福/Fú which means "good fortune" in Chinese and on the right is, of course, 新年快乐/Xīnnián kuàilè meaning "happy new year". It's all in my own handwriting and gosh it was hard! xD
I did this as a mixed Kung Fu Panda 3 day (Jan. 29th) and Chinese New Year picture since they were only a day apart! (I can't believe it was already released a year ago?) A good tip I've learned is that it's a good idea to put the sun or the moon or even clouds behind a character to draw attention to them than rather on another aspect of the drawing! I'm also really trying to work hard on the perspective in my backgrounds and a good way to achieve that is by drawing the viewer's eye line - it's like deciding which position of the drawing you want the horizon to appear on. C:

A quick Fariza for Valentine's day! Yes, she's playing Cupid. >8) ("jouer les cupidons" is a French phrase meaning to play Cupid) She'd obviously celebrate since she's a descendant of the Love and Beauty Poweress~ *-*

What's the matter, Shams? Don't you want to be a chibi? 8D
Dear chauffeur Shams is mad because somebody (I wonder who) gave him his coffee in a heart mug and he has to create a good impression in front of the little princess's daddy.
(I still can't draw his hair how it really is and yes I know the anatomy is cheap, I was too lazy to bother with accuracy lol~) 
Asides from in the first and last two pictures, the colour schemes I've been using (as y'all have probably noticed now) is fiery-looking (and I don't think it's because of BTS Fire xD) so I'm thinking I should work on new colour schemes... What do you guys think? I'll create a poll to find out! Thanks for viewing! <3


  1. asldshfljsdhlfsdhl OMG SHAMSS!! LOL *dies*
    so done

  2. and... what you draw one digital picture a month? ;-; whoaa gosh i feel like i draw too much then. but then ours have awesome quality, and so flow-y and the colors! ;-; I'll comment on this in full

  3. Hey Kenza! I'll try not to make this comment as long as the one on your last post teehee! Oops! Anyway, these drawings are SO gorgeous! I really should experiment more with digital art since I've only done a very small amount and I should probably make more use of my drawing tablet!

    Firstly, I love how smooth the first artwork is! Making st lineless makes it look so neat. It would eb great as a logo! Infact, I've just realised that you DO use it as a profile picture. xD

    Wow! I adore the background on the second and third pictures! The colours of the background as so soft and I love how you've created the blossom! I think this is one of my favourite drawings of yours in this post!

    I love the artwork for Chinese New year! You've done the anatomy very well, I don't think I could have drawn it as accurately as you have! Oooh the writing is gorgeous too! I love how fluid it looks (do you understand what I mean?It swishes along the page nicely). The dress is gorgeous too! It's lucky for me that red is a lucky colour because red is my favourite colour!

    I love the background again in the next piece of artwork. The sunset looks lovely and warm, so vibrant and magical! The shading looks great too!

    The next drawing is so cute! I love that you've drawn something for the celebration, I enjoy celebrating anything and everything so it was nice to see that you create art for occasions too!

    Awww. It's fun to see you experimenting with different styles like chibi! I think it's a really cute style. How many times have I said cute now haha?!

    I actually love 'fiery looking' colour schemes (if you mean warm colours like red, orange and yellow) but it would be nice to see some cooler colours schemes-perhaps drawings with a water theme would be nice? Anyway, I loved seeing your digital art! Stunning as always! :D <3

  4. I'm so late commenting on thiiiisss ;-; I'll get to the other one too, promise! <33

    And ma'am you don't draw much digital at all, even though they're SO darn good!! ;-;
    It ain't fair madam, there must be more art. u_u


    1: AHH THIS IS AWESSSOMME! ;-; LINELESS, dang man! It looks so professional and in order?? Like, I admire that shading. Y'now
    I've seen a lot of lineless art, and what keeps them lookin' good lineless is the shading and colors, and I'd say you nailed it! Hey eyebrows are just in line with each other, and so are her eyes! eee
    this is so smooth man, it's like water. ;-; and the markings make it even better, cause they just further set the perspective. It's so 3D!
    ;-; so good omg. Also, Su Wu is awesome.

    2: YESSSS PO! I love the colors here omg so vibrant ;-; Like, idk how you got the sword so detailed and the shine on it and the shading!
    Also, Po's expression and the details on the hat. It looks so straw-y and good xD Did I mention his sleeves look so golden and realistic? Like, that looks like actual gold man no kidding. And the clothes folds are esquite and I love how the ribbon gives off a nice flare with the wind! ;-; also cute sketchy toes. <3 eee background is awesome too man too good ok bye

    3: LOLOL tell me about the background sync!! xD YES. and ye, I agree with your mom, I mean just lookit the nice warm colors and motion, it looks so peaceful! I especially love the mountains in the back, like that shade of pink and misty-hazy look is so realistic and warm?? I love ;-; you're awesome at mountains man I wish I could draw like that how now.

  5. Hey I'm back after 10 years, sorry for being a bratty jerk who never comments on your wonderful posts! :'D
    (OH GOD I FEEL SO DARN TERRIBLE. I SUCK. sorry!! D8 AHH) BUT OKAY here we go

    4: WHOA first thing I thought when I saw this was "did she actually write that Chinese?? :O) WHOA. Like, I wouldn't be able to write anything
    like that. lol. how. ;-; It's so pretty! And I love how you drew the girl, man, you are the BEST at girls. respect. ;-; She's so pretty! And she actually LOOKS
    Chinese, like, with the skin color and eyes and everything, with outfit to match! Btw the patterns on the dress are so pretty, and they remind me of the patterns on the clothes
    in KFP (hm??) And your anatomy is spot on (your hands are so accurate?? like, all the fingers are there and everything! You're a master. ;-;)
    Love this!!

    5: Hm, I didn't even know KFP had a day! ;-; COOL. And I agree, I was immediately drawn towards Po, so you did pretty awesome! :D
    Also, loving the colors and flow-y ness of this piece! Your backgrounds are very well thought out, and they match the subject very well. And I think you got the perspective spot-on!
    Po is awesome. ;-;

    6: HAHA YES DANG. FARIZA. >8D YAAS. Who'll she go for? xD I dunno, I don't really ship Shams with anyone because idk any characters that may fit with him. Or wait.. I ship him with his coffee cup!! >:D
    MUAHAHA. but then again he's already in love with coffee, so idk. xD cute. BUT anyway, Fariza is so dang pretty, and thank you for this because now I get a picture to ref off next time I draw her for you! ;-;
    (wait does she speak French too? ;-; im dumb I didn' tread enough excerpts. Actually, you're not posting enough excerpts too, I mean it's been about a year son, you gotta get those stuff up u_u pls and thx.)
    I love her pose, and she looks so confident >:) She's gonna get her prey! YES. Go Fariza!!
    seriously, love this gal!! Please draw more of herrrr ;-;

    7: Okay I CANT. I just cant. Yes, give him the chocolate Fariza (that is chocolate right? I hope I'm not embarrassing myself lol) I love the paradox. Fariza is so cheerful and kind, but ol grumpy Shams is like "no. get away. wat is this. torture."
    LOL. Aw c'mon Shamsey, can't you stand a little fun? xD you little cutie
    lol. adorable. I love this, ok. I'm going to draw you shams with his heart coffee mug, because cute. ok
    I love Shamsey. ;-; Btw you should post more stuff, you really should, I miss your art so much, and I also missed talking to you it's been forever! (okay, granted it's my fault, because I didn't reply to your messages yet over on ykw xD) I WILL get to them!!
    but ye. ;-;

    And no I think your color schemes are just fine! :D I mean it's good to experiment and stuff, but just do whatever you want to, and it will turn out awesome, because everything you post is already awesome, if you didn't know. u_u of course.
    I don't mind changing your color schemes, but they're good as they are. ;)
    But ye, keep on drawing awesomes, and please post morrrre you're not posting enough. ;-; I know I'm not commenting like I should, so I'm not one to talk, but please, anyway! <3
    Keep up the awesome work!